Monday, August 30, 2010

Hebe Tien Has 5 Relationships, Refuses to Clear Up Whether She Loves Male or Female

Because preorder sales of her first album "To Hebe" is doing well, Hebe Tien held a celebration event yesterday. Her romantic life is still media's focus. She admitted dating 5 people before. Whether she's single now? She replied: "You don't need to be with that someone when you're dating. Reporters asked again whether people she dated have male and female? She avoided answering it directly, only said: "I've dated pretty nice people."

Hebe expressed she enjoys being alone. There's no need to have other half but she values spirit communication with her partner. Then she admitted generously that she has a status of in love, whether it's a female good friend? Hebe laughed and didn't answer.

Ex-rumored boyfriend Jay Chou didn't write a song for Hebe but did write one for Yao Yao. Hebe's company said: "Hebe's music style in this album is different than Jay's usual style. We didn't push him to write a song for Hebe."

Releasing her personal album, Hebe said she is not used to it. When asked to pose in front of cameras, she was nervous that she faced the cameras with her butt. She said: "I'm not used to posing!"  When posing with male model from her MV, she had zero interaction with him. She explained she is "afraid of strangers" and sighed that it's hard being a newcomer.

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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