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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bosco Wong: Myolie is Not Mad

TVB's new series "Every Move You Make" (讀心神探) will premier this Monday and actors from the series Bosco Wong, Bowie Lam, Samantha Ko, Vivien Yeo, etc. attended to a promotion event yesterday. It's rumored Bosco was flirting with Fala Chen on Weibo (Sina Microblog) and yesterday Bosco expressed the rumor is super untrue, but girlfriend Myolie didn't mind. "She is not mad, but she hopes next time they will publish prettier photos of her," he said with a laugh. "It doesn't matter though, because Fala has boyfriend already." When reporters said he has girlfriend, too, he pretended he didn't hear it, but said, "I will announce marriage, but not who I'm dating. If we break up, then it would be embarrassing for both of us." Asked he and Myolie share the same thought, he didn't reply directly, "It's better to keep this type of thing half in the light and half in the dark."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Raymond Lam Needs 'Linda Chung'

Raymond Lam attended to an event together last night. As if he was holding his concert, Raymond sang two songs and interacted with fans off the stage. Bought a new house last year, he still hasn't picked furniture. "Don't know when I will move in. After I finish shooting scenes for new series tonight, I'll go to film in Hubei," he said. Asked whether the most important thing in the house is bedroom? "Yes, but pillow is also important, because I hurt my neck, so I need to bring my own pillow and neckbrace when I sleep in other places. (Missing a hostess to help decorate new house?) I said this already, at this moment I need 'Ah Sey' (maid)." He didn't know rumored girlfriend Linda Chung's name in series "Can't Buy Me Love" is 'Ah Sey' as well, and sighed, "Really?...You guys can relate her like this?"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Leehom Wang Not Suprised At Receiving Only 1 Nomination

Leehom Wang held a celebration autograph signing for his album "The 18 Martial Arts" yesterday. Talked about this year's Golden Horse Awards, his "Love in Disguise," the first film he directed, received only 1 nomination---"Best Original Film Song," he expressed it's as expected and it's more important that the audience like the film. "Just disappointed that Chen Han Dian didn't get nominated," he sighed.

Leehom said comedy is always hard to receive recognition from judges. He used Stephen Chow, the king of comedy, as an example, stressing it's hard for comedy to receive awards but if the audience like it, it's fine.

Although received only 1 nomination, however, Leehom is still very confident. "About 70% sure that I'll win," he said with a laugh. He is currently planning his next film but only disclosed it's something completely different than comedy.

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Underage Miley Cyrus Hits Up 21+ Hollywood Nightclub

Party in the USA! When an underage Miley Cyrus hit up Hollywood hotspot Voyeur just before midnight Thursday, the 17-year-old singer proved she really can't be tamed.

"She was constantly smiling and seemed to be in great spirits," an onlooker says, adding that Cyrus "waved her hands in the air and danced seductively while shaking her hips" to songs by David Guetta and DJ Khaled.

Still, Cyrus -- clad in tight denim shorts and a black crop top -- remained on her best behavior throughout the evening.

"It was clear she knew she was being watched by others," the source says, adding that Cyrus and her girlfriends were flanked by a security guard at all times. "No alcohol was in her presence the entire night."

By 1:30 Friday morning, the Last Song actress and her friends decided to call it a night.

"Miley looked care-free and let loose with the girls," the source tells Us. "She looked happy and seemed to be taking advantage of her time out in the club."

From: UsWeekly


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