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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mike He & Janine Chang's Kissing Scene--Tongue Involved?

CTV's back to the Sunday's idol drama competition with new drama "Sunny Happiness" starring Mike He and Janine Chang.

Bed scenes seem normal to appear in idol dramas now, and leads from "Sunny Happiness" had a quite intimate bed scene in the drama. Thinking back the scene now, Mike expressed they were both super nervous.

"In the beginning, we were embarrassed. In order to ease the tension, I purposely called her 'my senior,' and said 'I welcome your advice' to the camera. Feels like filming a category III movie."

Mike was even suspected of sticking his tongue out when he kissed Janine (picture). However, the actor denied, and in contrast, complained his partner for giving him a hard time when filming the bed scene.

"According to the plot, she has to kick me off the bed. But I didn't know she's doing it for real. I got kicked on my stomach!"

As for Mike's "special" habit, Janine said she knows how to "protect" herself.

"We had a deal. Whoever sticks the tongue out, then the other person can bite on it."

Source: NowNews / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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