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Friday, April 9, 2010

Rain's New Song MV Is Banned

Korean pop king Rain (Jung Ji Hoon)'s new song MV "Song To Catch You" and Kim Jang Hoon & PSY's MV are banned to play by KBS. The reason is because they ran and screamed loudly on the roads in the MV, which violated Korea's traffic policies. Rain was surprised to hear about the ban, and expressed that he's willing to cut out relevant scenes that had violated the policies.

Although his MV got banned, but this new song is still very popular that it's in the number spot in MCountdown.

'Best Actress' Nominees Group Photo, Missing Pregnant Vicki Zhao

Vicki Zhao is in the race of "Best Actress" of the 29th HK Film Awards. It's still unknown whether she would attend to the award ceremony, which is hold in April 18. Yesterday Kara Hui, Zhang Jinchu, Fala Chen, and Oceane Zhu attended to the opening for the release of the award's magazine. As for "Best Actress" nominees group photo is missing Vicki, chairman of HK Film Awards Association Gordon Chan explains that Vicki rejected the shooting with personal reason. Asked whether they would consider flying to Singapore to shoot the photo? He said: "We don't have that much money. (Will she attend to the award ceremony?) Didn't confirm yet." This year's "Life Achievement Award" goes to kung fu film director and choreographer Lau Kar Leung. Chairman Chan said: "He added in so much elements into martial arts movies and contributed a lot. He's in good health and will attend to the ceremony." As one of Lau's disciples, Kara said: "He contributed a lot into the industry and made kung fu movies big. I haven't contact him for three years. Maybe he doesn't want to have any contact to the industry, wants to rest, I won't bother him, as long as he's in good health!"

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

Source: Elizabeth Taylor, 78, to Wed for 9th Time -- to 49-Year-Old!

9 times a charm?

A source close to the 78-year-old actress tells UsWeekly exclusively that Taylor recently got engaged to 49-year-old Jason Winters of Sterling Winters Management, who recently became Janet Jackson's manager.

Others said: "It's no secret that they've been together forever and are in love, so it wouldn't be a surprise if they were engaged. Right now they're keeping it between them."

In 2007, British paper Evening Standard reported Taylor and Winters took a romantic vacation together at a Hawaiian resort. "She didn't think she'd fall in love again, but since Jason came into her life that has all changed," says a source.

Neither Taylor nor Winters have yet to confirm the news.

Sandra Bullock: 'There Is No Sex Tape'

Sandra Bullock denied reports of husband (or soon to be ex-husband) Jesse James owning sex tapes with him and her to People Magazine lately.

"There is no sex tape," she says in a statement on Tuesday. "There never has been one and there never will be one."

James also denied a report saying he's in at least a dozen sex tapes with other women featuring Nazi-themed paraphernalia.

"The claims of sex tapes are untrue and completely fabricated," says James' rep in a statement to People Magazine.

Joe Chen's Tears Fall In 3 Seconds, Claire Kuo Praises

Claire Kuo invited "Idol Drama Queen" Joe Chen Qiao En to film MV for her new song "聊天" (Chating). Qiao En's tears fell in 3 seconds as she was filming a break-up scene, making Claire amazed and grateful that she invited Qiao En. Yesterday's MV filming would be Qiao En's last job in Taiwan. She will go to Mainland to film movies and will return at the end of the year.

Although it's their first time working together, during break Qiao En took out her phone and shared funny clips on YouTube with Claire. She disclosed she went to sing karaoke with Claire once, but Claire didn't sing at all. Claire said: "Because I was off from work!" As for working with Qiao En, Claire said she's not worried about acting but her new haircut. She kept asking: "Now my hair is this short, will I look very manly standing next to Qiao En?" Qiao En then praised her new haircut as very youthful.

When the director of MV asked Qiao En to cry in one scenes, her tears immediately fell within 3 seconds and did it two more times for close-up shots. The fact her tears fell that easily make others curious whether it was related to the rumors of her breaking-up with Roy Chiu. Qiao En denied immediately: "Crying when you're asked to is a profession of actors, don't think too much."

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment   

Elanne Kong Complains Being Teased By Michael Tse

Elanne Kong attended to the costume fitting for new TVB series "洪武三十二." She will play a princess and there will be romance between her and Michael Tse. She expressed she's not afraid of rumors: "Michael always try to make me laugh and tease me. I just worry that I might not be able to hold my laughter and cause too many NG." She disclosed Michael has three girl companions: "Besides me, he will also be in a relationship with Kate Tsui and Jessie Shum. I'll have romance with Benjamin Yuen and Joe Ma. It's complicated, but Michael will end up being with me."

Michael said himself that his version of imperial guard isn't as good as Donnie Yen's in "14 Blades." He said: "Talking about actions, of course I can't compare with him. Besides, I don't have too many action scenes, neither I will have bathing scenes like him." It's said Elanne attracts rumors easily, he said: "Rumors aren't real. Sometimes you'll have rumors even carpooling with others. Just treat it like a promotion!"

After the event, Sammul Chan uploaded photos of him and other actors from the series on Sina Miniblog. He said: "I don't like to write too many words, a picture and a sentence are good." As for he's said that he belongs to the "Stephan Chan Group," he said: "I don't have Stephen Chan's phone number nor e-mail, but I ask others to send him my greetings."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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