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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stephy Tang Has Pressure Singing Fast Songs

Stephy Tang, William Chan, and Sherman Chung appeared to the press conference of "30 Hour Famine 2010" as ambassadors, announcing there are upcoming events on April 17 and 18. Stephy seems to have lost some weight. She expressed she will focus on singing this year and felt pressured in order to prepare singing fast songs. Asked is she affected by out-of-tune criticism, she said: "No! It's been a while. I have more stage experience now. My confidence returned, but I'm still pressured to sing fast songs. Dancing while singing, I need to practice more by running."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jeremy Renner Denies Hitting on Singer Jessica Simpson

The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner is squashing a report that he recently made the moves on singer Jessica Simpson.

People.com reported that at a recent cocktail party for his movie at the L.A. home of Madonna's manager Guy Oseary, Renner, 39, "spent the night hitting on Jessica like crazy. They were really flirting up a storm."
But Renner - who brought his mom to the Oscars Sunday - said Sunday at the Governor's Ball that he only met Simpson, 29, for "three minutes."

"Her hair stylist [Ken Paves] did my mom's hair so we were talking about that -- and then all of a sudden we're dating!" he told Us.

Asked if he's seeing anyone, he told Us, "I’m single -- and looking!"

But that doesn't mean he's a Hollywood player.

"I'm not a ladies man!" Renner told Us. "I'm a working man! That's all."

From UsWeekly

Perhaps The Most Handsome Beggar In The History

A group of photos made a normal beggar famous in seconds.

He is given the name "犀利哥" (Xi Li Ge) by netizens (real name: 程國榮 Cheng Guo Rong). A normal beggar walking down on the streets of Ningbo with a cigarette in the mouth. He is somewhat special, something's unique in him. A photographer wanted to test his new camera, so he randomly captured shots of things, including this beggar, and posted them on the internet---that was the beginning of Xi Li Ge's fame. Netizens praised him for being a "stylish, handsome beggar." Take a look at him, you gotta praise the photography skill.

He got famous and is well-known in Mainland, HK,and Taiwan. People are aware of him, evening director Johnny To---he even wants to film a movie based on him!   Xi Li Ge is now back with his family. He is 33-years-old and actually has some mental problems. He got married in the early 90s and had 2 kids. He went to Ningbo to work and went missing until now. Netizens are disappointed at his "new" look--no more stylish, but somewhat how a real beggar looks:

Life is back to normal.

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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