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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Linda Chung Looks At Real People, No Need To Take Bed Photos

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot
Jason Chan, Linda Chung, Andy On and model Leanne Ho attended to a Sony Ericsson event. As for Francois Huyhn's sex photos are circulating on the internet, Jason stressed he won't take bed photos and said: "I don't even have a chance at all! (No sex these 10 years?) Well has to be at least once, but won't talk about when was the last time it happened. Focusing on my career right now, will work out to keep fit."

Jason also said he doesn't understand people's intention in taking sex videos: "Maybe they want to enjoy it themselves or share it with friends, but I don't agree on that, it's weird to do so!" Asked what happens if future girlfriend requests to take bed photos? Jason then said: "It depends on the situation, maybe if she is my wife, but this possible is very low!"

As for Linda Chung, she said she would only take intimate photos with boyfriend like kissing, but refused to take bed photos. She said: "If boyfriend requests, I will tell him he's crazy. I won't do it. It's not enough to look at a real person?"

Cheryl Yang Is Dating Da Mouth's Harry Chang

Cheryl Yang and Harry Chang both starred in last year's hit idol drama "My Queen." Just like her character in the drama who dates a younger guy (Ethan Ruan), Yang is currently dating 27-year-old Chang (they're 5 years apart). It's said they got to know each other more while filming "My Queen" together, and they've been dating for more than half year. Yang's step-father Mr. Mao confirmed the two's relationship, saying they've met Chang and went to have dinner together several times. He said: "Her mom and I both think he is a good guy, as long as our daughter is happy it would be fine."

Mr. Mao disclosed more that he and Yang's mom are 4 years apart, so she has no objection to her daughter dating a younger guy. Both managers of Yang & Chang neither confirmed nor denied the relationship.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Ethan Ruan Stays In A Hotel Room With A Girl For 7Hr, Girlfriend Tiffany Hsu Replies: I Believe In Him

An eyewitness exposed Ethan Ruan went to a hotel with girl at early morning and didn't leave until the afternoon. They stayed there for 7 hour in total. Reporters asked Ethan about this and he admitted frankly, but said they stayed in a room that has a living room; the girl slept in the bedroom, and he slept in the living room.

On the 28th of February, Ethan went to party with some friends until 6AM morning. He brought a long hair girl to a hotel and stayed there until about 1PM of that day. Ethan expressed that girl is a friend's girlfriend. They went to party in that friend's lounge until 5AM. Although Ethan didn't get drunk, but because it was too late already that he didn't want to wake up his mother when he go home, plus his friend couldn't bring his girlfriend home, so he decided to stay in a hotel for the night.

Ethan said the room they stayed in has a living room. He slept in the living room the whole time. His friend came soon and stayed with his girlfriend in the bedroom. He stressed that if he really did something, how could he be that stupid to use his own ID and credit card?

Reporters went to interview Ethan's girlfriend Tiffany Hsu, but she replied calmly: "I believe in Ethan forever." She said she always believe in him and she explained the incident for Ethan: "That's a friend of his friend, I know her, too. We are all friends, nothing happened."

Source: China Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment  

Francois Huynh Confirms Identity For 3 Photo, But Denies Being In Sex Video/Photos

Source: The Sun & Mingpao (selectively)
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Several bed photos were leaked online yesterday along with a 20-min sex video and it was suspected they belonged to Mr. Hong Kong Francois Huynh. Reporters contacted Francois' brother Stephen Huyunh and he confirmed the identity of his brother in three clear photos: "Francois confirmed he was in some of the photos, but he isn't involve in the video. As for why he was topless in one of the photos, he felt there's no need to explain, because in order to combine two things in one, of course someone will pick the most reasonable one out of all! [implying someone photoshoped the photos]" Stephen said they won't take further actions at the moment: "We won't do anything, no need to care about those people! We aren't worry! Everyone know it's not him!"


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