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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bump Watch: Michele Reis' Growing Belly!

It's said the all time beauty Michele Reis is pregnant with daughter. Although she and husband didn't deny or admit the rumor, readers can judge by her growing belly! Last night, the rumored new mom arrived at a well-known restaurant with husband, dining with relatives to celebrate Autumn Festival early. Wearing a black loose dress and 3-inch heels, she got off the car carefully with the help of husband. She appeared leisurely and had smiles on her face all the time.

Holding husband's hands tightly while walking inside the restaurant, Michele only replied to reporters' pregnancy questions with a smile. Perhaps she would officially announce the good news soon in a Sina Microblog (Weibo) event she will be attending today. In the mean time, congratulations!

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB Anniversary Series Battle Between High Executives Catherine Tsang and Tommy Leung

Every year's TVB anniversary series are the fight between executives Catherine Tsang and Tommy Leung, the two powerful directors/producers in the production unit. Both have their wins and loses these years, however, series produced by Catherine has been winning over those produced by Tommy. Recent example include "Heart of Greed," "Moonlight Resonance," "Rosy Business," and "Beyond the Realm of Conscience," which are all very well-known series and did well in ratings, popularity, word of mouth, and TVB anniversary awards. In contrast, besides "E.U." was more outstanding, Tommy's other series didn't do so well. Last year, Tommy's "Born Rich" and Catherine's "BTROC" were selected as anniversary series. The final result: "BTROC" receives average ratings of 35 points and peaked 50 points; but "BR" was dissed by viewers as "Born Boring."

This month, Tommy's "Growing Through Life" is competing Catherine's "Can't Buy Me Love." "GTL" received mediocre ratings of 27 points but "CBML" receive average 33 points so far. Knowing he can't lose again for this year's anniversary series fight, Tommy purposely replaced "Relic of an Emissary" (洪武三十二) who was originally selected as one of the anniversary series, with police drama "Gun Metal Grey" (刑警). It's known the reason "ROAE" is out because its setting is similar to "Rosy Business 2: No Regrets," both sets in the ancient/prepublic series. Also, the duo of Michael Miu and Felix Wong in "GMG" is more interesting to watch, since they haven't collaborated in a long time. Reporters contacted Tommy and he explained the selection is decided by drama unit. "Heard it was going to be 'ROAE,' but they would decide based on the background and after production of the series. 'ROAE' just finished shooting. I watched 'GMG,' and think it's very good."

As for the female lead of "GMG" Jessica Hsuan, she expressed she didn't know "GMG" is releasing as an anniversary series. "Two of my series 'A Pillowcase of Mystery 2' and 'Sisters of Pearl' are released this year. Can't believe 'GMG' would release this year, too. I believe cops drama is guaranteed to have good ratings. Plus it's starring Michael and Felix, who hasn't shoot series in HK for a long time, definitely giving a fresh feeling to viewers. In fact, whether it's 'RB2: No Regrets' or 'GMG,' they're both by TVB, it would be good if both series do well in ratings." The competitors of "GMG,"  male lead and producer of "No Regrets" Wayne Lai and Lee Tim Sing both hope the two series can receive good ratings

Source: Mingpao Weekly  / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Fala Chen Can Eat 3 McDonald's Sandwiches At Once

Fala Chen attended to a McDonald's event last night. It was the 79th anniversary of the 9.18 Mukden Incident and it was a day Chinese around the world protest against Japan. She used her experience of studying abroad in Japan to talk about Japanese food culture, introducing McDonald's new sandwich Sakana Supreme. But when being interviewed, she changed her position and cleared up, "As a Chinese, should pay attention to anti-Japan protests. Of course I'm on China's side!" Whether afraid netizens would criticize her? "I don't think my event today is related to the 9.18 incident. Just sharing food around the world."

Fala admitted loving to eat fish and can eat a lot; she can eat 3 Sakana Supreme sandwiches at once. She denied enlarging her appetite by eating the buffect in boyfriends company, "It's just I don't get weight, no need to be too strict on food." She expressed she loves cooking at free time. But she didn't do well in making Chinese foods and once made stinky fish. She disclosed she is busy shooting series <<女拳>> (Female Fist, rough translation) and plan to visit parents in the US in October. Asked whether getting married on vacation? "No," she said. She got embarrassed when asked whether it's because she is married already and didn't reply clearly.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Kiki Sheung Lost 23lbs So Far For Wedding

The bride-to-be Kiki Sheung attended to the promotion of TVB's new series "The Comeback Clan" (翻叮一族) yesterday. During the event, cast member Sammul Chan suddenly took out flowers and celebration card from the cast and gave them to Kiki, congratulating her wedding day on October 3. Her fiance was invited onto the stage and kissed her on the request of the actors. She expressed feeling very surprised during interviews, "Can't believe he is willing to be on the stage. If I knew this earlier, I would ask him to wear a tie! But he is just as cute as I am, it's okay."

Kiki disclosed they would hold 40 tables at their wedding dinner and arranging seats is bothering her now. "I invited cast from 'Can't Buy Me Love' to be my sisters and Louis Yuen as the MC. But that day is the finale of 'CBML' and would hold an event for it. I hope producer Mui Siu Ching can understand and let Louis leave early so he can come to the dinner party earlier." Been on a weight-loss plan, she has lost about 23lbs so far, trying to be a pretty bride on her important day.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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