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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bosco Wong's Two Nipples Are Worth Millions

Source: Singtao
Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Bosco Wong went to commercial radio yesterday to promote new album. On the album cover, he had smoky eyes and his nails were painted black. Among album photos, there are some where he went topless. But because he already signed a contract with an advertising company, one nipple worth 6-digit, two nipples worth 7-digit, within the contract period these photos exposing his nipples cannot be revealed, so those photos were taken out from the album. Bosco joked his nipples are valuable, but he doesn't mind exposing them. If his new album sells better than his last one, he hopes his company can have a talk with the advertising company to release these photos.

In addition, it's said Bosco flirt with rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu on Weibo/Sina miniblog and that caused TVB to ban its artistes from playing it. He expressed there's no such thing and never heard of the ban. He'll continue to go on Weibo. His record company thinks Weibo can pull artiste and his/her fans closer; name of Bosco's new album is voted by fans on Weibo.

William Chan Doesn't Enjoy Kissing Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung and William Chan's "Ex" (前度) will premier on June 10. Although the two play a couple in the film, but William is also in love with Michelle Wai. As for able to kiss two pretty girls, many people envy William's luck, but William stressed again that filming kissing scenes are not as enjoyable as he thought it would be.

William expressed because he's very close with Gillian, so it's quite embarrassing when the two are filming intimate scenes, plus they have to kiss in a hard and narrow antique chair, he need to accommodate the camera, prevent big movements that might hurt Gillian, and act, it's definitely doing three things at the same time. Gillian said: "There was one take that because William has to come close to me excitedly, his mouth hit mine. It hurt a lot that we had to stop filming immediately, then we continue after letting our swollen lips to relax." William said because he put support on the chair with his two arms during filming, in the end he felt numbness in his arms.

Source: Takungpao / Translated by: KAY

Cecilia Cheung Quickly Lost 30lbs, to Resume Working At the End of the Month

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
During pregnancy, Cecilia Cheung's weight increased to 170lbs, so she never wanted to be on camera. Yesterday, reporters spotted Cecilia and son Lucas in a restaurant. Cecilia's chin is sharper and seemed to have lost lots of weight in just several weeks.

Lucas was wearing t-shirt, green pants, and a pair of sneakers. Although they're accompanied by a maid, but Cecilia still took care of her son, from eating to holding him in her arms. When reporteres went up to take pictures, Cecilia's driver was worried, but Cecilia generously let reporters to take pictures. Asked about her losing weight? She said: "None, it's easy to lose weight now taking care of two kids, plus I eat lightly! (Good complexion?) I drink mother and father-in-laws' soup!"

Already lost weight and her maternity clothes don't fit anymore, so Cecilia went shopping with Lucas yesterday. It's known that she already lost 30+ pounds in not even a month. She will also resume working on the 28th, attending to a press conference of a bed product she endorsed in Shanghai. As for Cecilia lost her weight very quickly, doctor Lo Chi Lim expressed the speed is normal: "Amniotic fluid and the baby etc caused weight gain, after giving birth, of course you'll be lighter. If breastfeed, you would use more calories, losing weight even faster!" In addition, advertising agencies have been wanting to ask Cecilia and Lucas to film commercial, now even second son Quintus is very welcomed by these agencies. Lately, a baby product brand in Mainland invited Quintus to film their commercial with a 8-digit pay.

'月の恋人〜Moon Lovers〜' Ratings Finally Stopped Dropping

Japanese drama king Kimura Takuya's "月の恋人〜Moon Lovers〜" (Tsuki no Oibito) aired its fourth episode last Sunday. Ratings of this drama has been dropping from 22.4% (first episode) to 19.2% (second episode), and to 15.6% (third episode), dropping more than 3%.

Finally its fourth episode stopped the continuous drop; its average ratings is 18.18% and the drama is still number one on the chart. But "Rinjo 2" on the second place is running close to "Moon Lovers," with an average ratings of 17.76% on episode 7. If "Moon Lovers" continues to drop next week, its number one spot would most likely be replaced by "Rinjo 2.

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Linda Chung Supports Raymond Lam Doesn't Have Prince Disease

Linda Chung and Fala Chen etc attended to promotion event of new series "Ghost Writer" (蒲松齡). Linda was asked that ex-rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam is said to have prince disease, she said: "Don't talk about us two anymore, nothing happened when we worked together before. (People change?) Don't know! But prince needs be cared about others, he doesn't need to." Asked did Raymond invite her to watch concerts? Linda avoided again: "No! (He and Wong Cho Lam will open the show on the same date, who will you go to support?) If I have time, I'll watch them both. (Who are you closer with?) Both, I'm amiable, get along well with everyone!" Fala said her character in the series is naive and cute, it's said she's not like that, Fala replied embarrassingly: "Of course, I'm a human, she's a fairy."

In addition, in Raymond's "Mysteries of Love," Tavia Yeung has interest in Raymond so she searched his information online. When netizens followed and clicked on the link, they discovered the website is a adult porn website.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Gigi Leung Is the Only HK Star Who Made Into Sina Miniblog Popularity Chart Top 10

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated b: KAY

Mainland's Sina Miniblog/Microblog (微博) is very popular and many Hong Kong artists keep updating everyday to make more fans to "follow" (關注) themselves. But they still cannot beat the number of fans Mainland stars have. Up until yesterday, Miniblog's popularity top three are Yao Chen, Vicki Zhao, and Li Bin Bin--they all have millions of fans. The only Hong Kong star that made into the top ten is number ten's Gigi Leung*. Miriam Yeung, Joey Yung, and Jacky Chan all made into the top thirty. In addition, even Shawn Yue has more fans on Miniblog than superstar Aaron Kwok.

1. Yao Chen - 1,667,212
2. Vicki Zhao Wei - 1,422,023
3. Li Bin Bin - 1,078,023
4. Cai Kang Yong - 1,004,905
5. Chen Kun - 1,004,671
6. Xiao S - 977,057
7. Hu Ge - 903,184
8. Zhou Bi Chang - 897,542
9. Zhou Li Bo - 884,128
10. Gigi Leung - 736,641

16. Miriam Yeung - 705,280
18. Joey Yung - 695,428
26. Jacky Chan - 695,428

63. Shawn Yue - 242,767
68. Aaron Kwok - 228,678

*Unfortunately by now (June 1) Gigi is out from the top ten.


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