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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Wants To Have 8 Kids In Total

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
30-year-old Cecilia Cheung gave birth to a second son yesterday and already planned to have more babies. Her next plan is to carry fraternal twins for husband Nicholas Tse. Her ultimate goal is to have at least 8 kids for the Tse family. She would give birth to 6 more kids in the next 10 years until she's 40.

Mother-in-law Deborah was still excited becoming a grandma again. She praised her daughter-in-law to be very great. Last night she didn't forget to tell first son Lucas to go home and swim. Deborah said the newborn baby has a chubby face, not like his brother Lucas. They have to wait several days to see whether he looks like his dad or mom.

Yesterday Patrick Tse accepted an interview by Cha Siu Yan. He said because it's not his first time being a grandpa, so he wasn't that nervous but he was very happy. When the nurse brought the baby out from the delivery room. The first person to hold the baby was mother-in-law Deborah; Patrick was the second person to hold him. There were 20 people in the room at that time so everyone just took a look and then the nurse brought the baby away. Patrick said the baby looks different than when Lucas was born. Baby is chubby and has smooth skin. In contrast, Lucas looked like a lemon. Patrick was happy that the baby inherited the indispensable Tse family nose.

Patrick praised Cecilia: "My daughter-in-law is great, she is in very good spirit. Her bottom half of the body was injected with a local anesthetic so when I asked her did she see her baby coming out, she said no." He was more concern whether Cecilia felt pain or tired? She said no problem and said would continue to have kids. Patrick joked: "Who likes to have kids that much? I think she's silly. It would be good if she has fraternal twins next, or she can take fertility drug, it's good that she can just give birth to 6 or 7 babies at once." Wouldn't Nicholas have to work super hard to earn money? Patrick said: "I don't care, in this world, it's father supporting children, then the children supporting their children." Now he respects Nicholas as the head of the household.

Although Cecilia said she wants to have 8 kids, but this is her second time giving birth through c-section, her wish is less likely to be accomplished.

Baby's aunt Jennifer Tse praised the baby to be very handsome. Because he's sleeping so it's hard to see which parent he resembles. They haven't name him yet, but would call him "BB" and "second young master" She said her cool brother (Nicholas Tse) was very happy and kept on smiling. Jennifer was responsible of taking care of Lucas to prevent  him feeling left out. Asked now she saw the baby, would she want to be a mother now? She said no and said she and her boyfriend aren't prepared yet.

Stephy Tang, Theresa Fu, and Other Cookies Members Might Reunite For Summer Show

Source: ON.CC
Translated by: KAY
Once called the Hong Kong version of Morning Musume, 9-member girl group Cookies disbanded for nearly 7 years but lately an organization intends to hold an outdoor concert for the 5-members who were out from the group. They would also invite the other 4 well-known members Stephy Tang, Theresa Fu, Kary Ng, and Miki Yeung to watch the show. Sworn enemies Stephy and Theresa might have a chance to duet together on the stage.

'Cookie bits' Angel Ko admitted she was approached by them: "Nothing is confirmed so far. Right now we planned to do it in the summer. Everyone is interested!"

Stephy said she heard about this event and said: "It depends on the schedule, maybe will get on the stage and have some fun. (Not afraid you and Theresa together will become the focus?) Not afraid, everyone is professional, won't be embarrassing." Theresa said she will attend if she has time. Asked whether she's afraid that others might ask to get on the stage? She said: "Depend on the timing and environment, won't refuse."

Kary praised the organization to have good ideas, she said: "It would be fun. If this is all planned out, I would definitely go to support. After all, it would be memorable to get together again after disbanding for this long."

Suki Tsui's Cup-size Increases, Thinks It's Too Big

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Suki Tsui attended to an event yesterday and she learned how to cook with little kids. Once cooked for her husband, she failed to impress him and she said she would never cook again! After giving birth, her cup-size increased, making her 'career line' more amazing: "It's always that stunning. In contrast, I like it when it was more average. It's not good being this big. (Your husband likes the way you are now?) He likes me in any way. When I was pregnant, he got drunk once and told our dog that I got a lot fatter. I knew he was drunk so I didn't get mad." Right many beauty companies are approaching her and they want her to be their spokesperson.

Suki said she originally wanted to apply Miss Hong Kong for her older sister, but her sister rejected the idea. Talked about her husband's lawsuit, she expressed there isn't any new development.

Him Law Gains Muscle To Attract Gay Fans

Source: ON.CC
Translated by: KAY
Him Law Chung Lim gets popular after showing off his muscle on TV [Suspects In Love]. He says he is influenced by his idol Brad Pitt that's why he decided to go for the muscle man look. He wants his chest to go beyond 40inches so he keep working out two to four hours everyday. He doesn't mind wearing men panties on the screen and his bottom line is exposing his butt. Once a movie company asks him to film nude scenes. He says he only accept exposing his button, no way exposing his private part.

Him talks about his experience: "I don't go on diet, I love to eat fatty pork. I would eat chicken fillet before and after working out in gym. I would eat eggs every several days, and also drink protein shakes and soy milk."

Been single for three years, he stresses he likes females 100% and is trying hard to find his Miss Right. But he's happier to have male and gay fans: "It's hard for male fans to like me. Once a male fan praises me that I have a fit body. It feels very amiable."

Myolie Wu Kisses Kevin Cheng, Doesn't Think About Bosco Wong

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu were filming a kissing scene for new series "怒火街頭" in Shum Shui Po. The plot was about Myolie, who plays a lawyer, gets frustrated because she lost a case. Kevin comes to comfort her and they kiss after the two drink some alcohol. They got very embarrassed before filming when they were testing. Myolie said they have to develop some emotions first then finally lips on lips. Kevin expressed he had a kissing scene with Myolie in "Burning Flames 2." Asked when he kissed Myolie, did he think about Bosco Wong? He said: "No, why? (Overlooking him?) No such thing, just doing it for work." He disclosed he would have bed scenes with Myolie soon.

Asked did Myolie think about Bosco when she films kissing scenes, she said embarrassingly: "What does this have to do with him? No." Myolie expressed she filmed kissing scenes with Kevin before. This time is to review the feeling. Asked is she happy? She joked: "Yeah!"

Fan Zhi Wei Refuses To Apologize To Cyndi Wang In Person

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY
CTV's new idol drama "就是要香戀" went to Vietnam to shoot opening and final scenes. Fan Zhi Wei, who started the whole "first night" virginity chaos, made his first public appearance to the media. He said he apologizes for disrespecting women, but refused to apologize to ex-girlfriend Cyndi Wang in person.

Reporters asked him the why? Within the 8 minute interview, he stressed 5 times that "at this moment, I have to do well in current projects." He also said it was until Mother's Day that he finally realized "the greatness of women being able to produce lives." He is willing to apologize to women around the world.

His attitude was humble and he seemed remorseful. He put his head down and closed his eyes when he was answering questions. It seemed like he was reading scripts and someone asked him: "Are you reading off from scripts?"

Fan pretended he didn't hear anything and continue to repeat what he said previously. Then he said: "In the past, my personality is too straightforward. Answering to all sorts of question is my weakness, I didn't expose anything. Hope I can have a chance to explain and apologize."

He only replied to questions he wanted to reply. Then he left earlier with the help of the crew. After reporters waited outside for 58 minutes, Fan showed up again but still refused to apologize to Cyndi in person.

Later he said: "I apologized to her in my first public apologizing letter. I just hope outsiders would give me a fair opportunity to view me again, it's also okay too do it through dramas." As for did he go to see a psychiatrist due to emotional problems, Fan just posed a X on his mouth with his fingers and left in a hurry.


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