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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sonija Kwok Denies Flirting With Michael Miu

Oh boy! Sonija Kwok is once again accused of flirting with cast members during filming!

The TVB actress is currently filming new series <抉宅男女> and she plays the wife of Michael Miu. It has only been two months and already rumored the actress is flirting with Miu. The two hold hands during and outside of filming, causing Miu's wife Jaime Chik to check on them at the filming set.

As for rumored with male leads again, Kwok did not even want to clear it up: "It's too fake. I don't want to promote for the magazine."

Later the day, the 35 year old vented out her anger on Weibo: "As for the recent magazine story, I have nothing to say."

Her newest rumored partner Miu replied to Kwok's message: "A Team from 'Gun Metal Grey' needs to come out and solve this case. Have to bring the forensics people to the company to search evidence...haha! Just treat it as free promotion. Don't affect your mood. You know, I know, even my wife knows, just for a laugh."

Miu later expressed in a phone interview that his wife is not mad at all: "But we are worried about Sonija. We play a couple in the series. She told me she is quite stressed about working with me because there are always negative news when she worked with other male actors in the past, so she isn't dared to come near me during break. But I told her to just relax."

Miu's wife also supports Kwok: "I've known her for more than 10 years. She endorsed for our eye-glasses store when she just made her debut to the showbiz. It's bad how she is quiet and nice, but other people still write negative things about her."

Miu's wife also exposed her husband likes to hold hands with others: "He would even do that with hairstylists. I hold hands with other actors during filming, so he should be angry at me, too?"

Kwok always have rumors with actors she works with. Notably with Michael Tao, which was rumored to have caused Tao's marriage to fall apart. For a list of Kwok's rumors, check here.

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Cecilia Cheung is At Risk of Info Leaks

Cecilia Cheung's management company was robbed yesterday and three computers were stolen. Many of Cecilia's photos and personal information are saved in those computers, including family photos and film contracts. These files are now at risk of leaking out and being used for illegal purposes.

The actress has been busy filming in Mainland and Hong Kong and did not know about the incident until police notified her manager. Her manager expressed other offices and nearby units also received a visit from burglars. As for whether Cecilia worries these criminals would sell her personal photos and info in the computers to media, her manager said the busy actress is not worried at all and believes it will actually help police in solving the case more quickly.

Not only that, the mother of two also got sick due to busy working. She is filming two films at the same time: <楊門女將> (direct translation: Yang's Female Warriors) in Mainland and <最強囍事> (direct translation: The Strongest Happy Thing) in Hong Kong. After she finished her parts in <最強囍事>, she will go to Mongolia for <楊門女將>.

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB's Anniversary Gala Receives 6 Complaints

TVB's 43rd Anniversary Gala was aired last Friday and received a good average rating of 35 points. Its humorous skit "Super Beauty Salon" scored a high rating of 38 points (about 2.4 million viewers). However, TVB and Broadcast Authority received six complaints regarding to the show. Three of them noted TVB should not ask Eric Tsang and Chan to be one of the hosts. The other two complaints noted female artistes were too sexily dressed. Broadcast Authority received one complaint, noting Tsang's taping on people's faces and spinning artistes around are inappropriate.

In addition, TVB's two anniversary series "No Regrets" and "Gun Metal Grey" received a slightly better ratings, respectively 34 and 31 points. As for "Gun Metal Grey" is less promoted compared to other anniversary series, TVB's External Affairs Director Tsang Sing Ming stressed promotion events for the series are being held in different periods according to the planned schedule. High executive Virginia Lok and producer Leung Kar Shu will personally contact Felix Wong, who accused at TVB recently for not being serious enough with "Gun Metal Grey," to explain and will also invite him to attend to this year's Anniversary Awards Ceremony.

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Baby No.2 For Actress Ryoko Hirosue

Ryoko Hirosue's agency announced on Monday that the actress is pregnant. According to the company's statement, the 30 year old had not been feeling well, so she visited a hospital at the start of this month, where it was confirmed that she is in her 16th week of pregnancy.

Hirosue unexpectedly got married to candle artist Candle JUNE in early October, after dating for only seven months. It was widely suspected at the time that she might be pregnant, though nothing was officially announced until now. Hirosue already has a son from her previous marriage to designer Takahiro Okazawa, which ended in 2008.

Hirosue reportedly plans to continue working after the new child is born.

Source: Sankei Sports / From: Tokyograph

TVB Ratings Report (11/15-11/21/2010)

No Regrets - 巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 (EPS 21-24) - 34 PTS (Peaking at 37 PTS)

Gun Metal Grey - 刑警 (EPS 11-14) - 31 PTS

Some Day - 天天天晴 (EPS 107-111) - 27 PTS

Rooms to Let - 有房出租 (EP 07) (TUESDAY) - 17 PTS

TVB Anniversary Gala 2010 - 萬千星輝賀台慶 (FRIDAY) - 35 PTS (Peaking at 38 PTS)

Variety Shows
Super Trio Game Master - 超級遊戲獎門人 (EP 28 END) - 27 PTS
Kitchen Diva So - 和味蘇 (EP 05) - 23 PTS
Liza and Gods Anniversary Charade - 荃加福祿壽玩轉台慶 (EP 02) - 22 PTS

(CSM Media Research: 1 point represents 63,740 viewers)

Taiwanese Idol Drama Ratings (Sundays 11/21/2010)

Another drop for 4 Gifts...Zhong Wu Yen back to the 2s.
  1. Zhong Wu Yen 鐘無艷 (TTV) - 2.28
  2. Personal Taste 個人取向 (FTV) - 1.28
  3. Endless Love 愛∞無限(CTS) - 1.07 
  4. 4 Gifts 女王不下班 (CTV) - 0.56


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