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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fala Chen Reveals Her Face Transformation Mystery

A magazine recently reported some TVB fa dans might have had plastic surgery to fix parts of their faces. Fala Chen is one of them. She was said her chin is sharper compared to before and her face is not big anymore. Yesterday she arrived TV city to film series "Female Fist" and she denied the plastic surgery rumor: "The photo was taken 8 years ago. I won't get mad because the person in the photo really is me. At that time, I was eating well and living well, of course I was fatter than I am now." She disclosed she examined herself in front of the mirror because of the report and said: "I found out my face is big when I don't smile, it won't be when I smile." Asked whether she would consider plastic surgery? She said: "I only accept orthodontic."

Fala Chen several years ago
Source: ON.CC, Sudden Weekly / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Xiao S and Cai Kangyong Are Hosting the 47th Golden Horse Awards

After Kevin Cai Kangyong was confirmed to host this year's Golden Horse Awards, his partner was set to be his co-host of "Kangxi Laile" -- Xiao S. The 47th Golden Horse Awards is held in November 20. Xiao S just co-hosted Golden Melody Awards with Harlem Yu and it would be her first time hosting Golden Horse Awards. She worried and said: "I think music people are very happy. Television people are very cooperative. Movie people are very calm. That's why among the 3 Golden, Golden Horse is the hardest to host."

But Cai Kangyong, who has been co-hosting with Xiao S for 6 years, said: "She loves to act when she gets a chance. She loves to act out different emotions, hateful, bitter, etc. I hope this time hosting this award ceremony can satisfy her wish of unleashing acting skills!"

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Michelle Yim: It's Not Time to Love Again

Michelle Yim and Elisa Chan once lost their beloved and they shared their feelings about it during a television interview. When host asked the two whether would find another person again in the future? Michelle expressed: "Let it be. At this stage, I think Wan Lo (Wan Chi Keung) is still around me. If I can meet a new love, I won't reject him, but not right now." Elisa said: "I always treat love as the priority. I still want to love even at 80 years old. If someone likes me, I would hold this chance."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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