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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jolin Tsai Receives Rolex Watch From Show Luo As Birthday Gift

Jolin Tsai is turning 30 on September 15 and last night she celebrated her big day a little early with her "Tsai Gang", good friends and colleagues. Manager and record company boss each gave her diamond bracelet and Cartier gold bracelet.

It's known Jolin's "Tsai Gang" has a rule of not giving birthday gifts at celebrations; it's good to just eating with everyone. But Show Luo had something else in mind. Before giving Jolin a gift, he requested Jolin to kiss him on the cheek and she didn't understand why. After she did what Show asked for, she was presented with a Rolex watch. She was surprised that Show actually remember her joke. Earlier Show received a watch from this brand for his birthday and Jolin joked when she went to his show: "I want it too!" Show's caring totally moved Jolin's heart.

When asked about her birthday wishes? Jolin said she always wish Mr. Right to come and disputes away, but they never came true. She won't make wishes this time. But "Tsai Gang" made wishes for her, wishing this dancing queen good health.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Bernice Liu's Mr. Right Looks Like Moses Chan

Bernice Liu attended to OSIM's event in a sexy dress along with feng-shui master Mak Ling Ling yesterday. Mak was arranged to talk about Bernice's love life, wealth fortune, and career. Mak noted Bernice's eye brows are beautifully shaped; she loves to work and can control husband, plus her wealth fortune is pretty good. Mak also described the face of Bernice's Mr. Right and it actually looks like Moses Chan! However, Bernice joked it looks more like Lawrence Cheng. As for whether it looks like Moses, she said: "OK lar, in fact it looks like many people!"

As a Christian, Bernice said she never went to see feng-shui masters. She also said now she would place career as number 1 and love is a little behind. She said: "I'm planning to buy properties and want to buy once I have enough money. But the price goes up again, I really can't afford!"

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

6-Wing@FAMA Admits Dated Leila Tong Before

Once rumored with Leila Tong, yesterday 6-Wing from rap duo FAMA finally admitted dating Leila in the past. Yesterday FAMA attended to an event and when asked his feelings about Leila announced she's getting married, 6-Wing exposed they haven't contact each other for a long time since the breakup. He even lost her phone number. He explained: "I lost my phone earlier, that's why I lost all numbers!" FAMA's another member C-Kwan expressed he is surprised that 6-Wing admitted this relationship. 6-Wing said it shouldn't be a problem to open it up since Leila is getting married. Asked what would he give her, he said: "My blessing. She is not materialistic. (Know her fiance?) Know he does stage plays, but never collaborated before."

As for Leila's ex-rumored boyfriend Stephen Au, he was surprised to hear Leila's marriage announcement. He said: "Congratulations! (You don't even know about it?) Haven't contact for so long. (Would call to congratulate her?) Definitely, right now!" Then he took out his phone but couldn't find her number, he said embarrassingly: "Would definitely call her soon!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Mag Lam Yan Tung Wins 'The Voice 2'

TVB's singing competition show "The Voice 2" held its finale yesterday (HK time). Look upon by Alan Tam earlier, Mag Lam Yan Tung (林欣彤) won the competition with 171.5 points, winning 2nd place's Wu Hung Kwan (胡鴻鈞) by 0.2 points. Third place belongs to Lo Hao Yung (羅孝勇).

Mag also won the award of "Popular Super Star Online" and "My Favorite Super Voice Golden Song." Due to sickness and pressure, Mag didn't do so well in the first round.  But she still received 87.8 points, no wonder she cried when she knew her score. She said: "Never thought I can receive such score, because I wasn't in a good condition. Thank you very much for giving me strength. Thank you judges!" She, Wu (87 points), and Lo (84.5 points) made into second round together.

The competition continued with singing unplug in second round. Mag sang Elton John's "Can't You Feel The Love Tonight" against her competitors. In the end, she won against Wu's 171.3 points and Lo's 170.5 points and became this season's winner, receiving 800 thousand HKD worth rewards and gifts.

The Voice 2 Winner List:

Winner: Lam Yan Tung
Runner-up: Wu Hong Kwan
Second runner-up: Lo Hao Yung
Most Improved Super Voice: Wu Hao Kwan
Popular Super Voice Online: Lam Yan Tung
My Favorite Super Voice Golden Songs: Lam Yan Tung - 愛請問怎麼走 / Ng Yip Kwan 吳業坤 - 夢一場 / Chan Wai Man 陳慧敏 - 歲月的童話

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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