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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sonija Kwok in Love With Action Choreographer

Sonija Kwok seems to have found her Mr. Right.

Entered the showbiz in 1999, the 36-year-old is always caught in rumors with male leads she works with. Although she dated a few prominent male stars in the past, but it ended up hurting her career instead.

However, after years of searching, Sonija seems to have found her man recently. The TVB actress went to Mainland to shoot drama "Palace" last July. During filming, she met a Mainland action choreographer Zhu Shaojie (朱少杰), who is said to look like Nick Cheung. The 30-year-old took special care of Sonija, teaching her kungfu and spending birthday with her. He even gave support when Sonija was being affected by some negative rumors, advancing their relationship to another stage.

Sonija herself didn't deny her new relationship. She accepted a phone interview and disclosed she and Zhu are in stage of getting to know each other. But she expressed some feelings on Weibo yesterday, hinting she already sees Zhu as her marriage partner.

"Holding your hand, growing old with you. Life is like a drama. Drama is like a life. Everyone, don't gossip anymore. Watch dramas we filmed diligently! '7 Days in Life' and 'Palace'!"

After half year of dating, it's even rumored the actress would tie the knot with Zhu in April. As for their wedding news, it would be confirmed later in the future.

Source: ON.CC, Wealthy Bi-Weekly / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Myolie Wu Feels Dreaming to Be With Well-known Actors

Myolie Wu has been busy lately, filming dramas and promoting them almost everyday. Yesterday she had two jobs: radio interview and program recording. In the radio interview, she disclosed when she was filming in Mainland, she luckily invited to play in upcoming Mainland historic film "The Founding of A Party" and got to work with famous stars like Chow Yun Fat. Playing Chow's concubine in the film, she said she felt it was like a dream when she met many well-known actors during filming. Being able to collaborate with them, she said she is willing to perform even without money. Chow treated her very well and asked the director to avoid cutting her scenes.

Talked about working with rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong in Mainland for a hundred days, Myolie expressed sometimes they would have their opinions on certain things; but she is very open and would listen to others. However, Bosco is not like her and might not listen. Valentine's Day just passed and Myolie said she hoped to receive flowers but no one bought them for her; in fact, she is happy even with just one.

Later the day, Myolie went to the program recording for "Sweet Corner" with Selena Li and made desserts. She expressed: "I have an oven at home and I like to make basic stuff, then I would force my sister to eat them. I enjoy the whole process. (Did Bosco tried them?) No, I didn't ask him to try. (What does he like to eat?) From what I know, he doesn't like to eat dessert."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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