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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Karena Lam Gives Up Her Career and Chooses Love (Latest Photos)

32-year-old Karena Lam is confirmed pregnant for 6 months and married to advertisement director Steven Yuen. Hasn't show up in the public since March, latest photos of Karena finally exposed. In a wedding dinner photo, it's seen Karena chopped off her long hair and now has a short bob. Although it was at her wedding dinner, she didn't wear a white wedding gown but casual attire instead; however, she was still smiling happily.

Karena and Yuen got married on June 13 in Canada. Besides attendees from both families, Karena's god mother Poon Dik Wah specially flied to Canada for her god daugther's big day. Yesterday Poon accepted an interview on the phone and disclosed Karena decided to get married with great courage, because she would have to stop her showbiz career, which is her favorite. Poon said: "Karena is experiencing her happiest times now. It's fair for outsiders to judge her like that. I once suggest her to announce her marriage, but she is girl who grew up in a western culture. She forgot she is a public figure."

Poon noted Karena's husband Steve loves Karena very much, she said: "Karena made a very big decision on whether to get married or not. Because she knows she might not get back to the industry after marriage. Mr. Yuen doesn't like his wife to return to showbiz, but she likes her career a lot. In the end, between career and love, she chose love. Plus she once said she must take care her children herself, so she rather give up her career and be a full time mom."

For previous interview between Yuen and reporters, click here

Source: ON.CC, Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Leila Tong Announces She is Getting Married

Leila Tong decided to use Sina Weibo as the medium to announce she is getting married. Yesterday she posted a picture of her fiance and herself on Weibo and wrote: "Everyone, thank you all for accompanying me and seeing me grow up over these years. Now I also want to let everyone know, I'm ready to step into another stage of life! I'm here to announce to everyone that I'm getting married!"

Leila and her fiance Tang Wai Kit met each other at stage drama <<爆谷殺人狂>>. The two have been dating for three years and last year they started living together. They decided to get married because Leila's mom wants to them to account to family and friends. They don't plan to hold wedding dinner and would just celebrate with both families. They're arranged to register in November.

Source: Mingpao & Leila's Weibo / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB Fa-Dans Get Sick During Filming

Although there is always one day off every week for actors to rest, but actresses from new series <<萬鳳之王>> ("The King of 10 Thousand Phoenixes") don't seem to enjoy this day off because almost every one of them are sick. Vivien Yeo even need to go to the hospital.

Myolie Wu: Stress
Myolie Wu and Nancy are the healthiest so far, but it was very hot last week and Myolie claimed she is almost dead filming in the heat. She said: "Stress is motivation, but too much would affect performance!"

Jessica Hsuan: Lost her voice
Although Jessica lost her voice, she still needs to film 24 hours (5am to 5am the next day). She sighed: "Sigh! There are germs in our filming set!"

Jessie Shum: First to get sick
Jessie should be the first to get sick. She expressed she had sore throat on August 24 and went to doctors the next day. But she hasn't recovered these two weeks. She said: "I'm really sick this time. Sore throat and stuffy nose all together!"

Vivien Yeo: Hospitalized
Vivien expressed she wasn't feeling well on August 25 and last week she even need to go to the hospital due to gastroenteritis. She returned to work immediately, promoting "Growing Through Life."

Sire Ma: Heat stroke
Hasn't recovered from cold, Sire suspected she suffered from heat stroke after filming outdoor scene on September 6 (the day Raymond Lam was injured).

Nancy Wu: Continuous filming
Originally thought she can go home after filming 20 hours, but the midnight snack delayed filming and in the end they finished at 3am. She wrote on Weibo: "I'm tired!!! 0500 until now!"

Source: New Monday / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Bernice Liu's Hollywood Dream isn't Broken Yet

Bernice Liu attended to an UNICEF event yesterday. Talked about her movie "The King of Fighters," which is done filming last year, is only airing in Asia, Bernice said: "As an actress, of course I want my movie is able to air. But it's out of my control and I won't ask, but I'm very sure the news of the movie not airing in the US is inaccurate." She expressed the reports of her "broken Hollywood dream" only came from reporters, plus the movie is not a Hollywood movie. Bernice continued: "I'm not disappointed. I'll do my best as an actress. The contract didn't say whether the movie would air or not. The DVDs in the reports are just illegal copies."

As for TVB high executives bringing artistes to Taiwan for plastic surgery, Bernice stressed: "I still have a square face. I'm natural. I'm not interested in plastic surgery because need to spend lots of money. I rather use these money to buy houses."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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