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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cecilia Cheung Didn't Get A Gift From 'Best Actor' Husband

After Cecilia Cheung saw her husband Nicholas Tse won "Best Actor" at last night's Hong Kong Film Awards, she also went to the celebration event with him. But she stayed in the car and waited for Nicholas to return. She disclosed in an interview that she didn't hear her husband thank her on stage, but she heard Carina Lau sweetly thanking her husband. She said: "I told him I was kinda mad. I won 'Best Actress' at 23 from the 23rd HK Film Awards. He won 'Best Actor' at 30 from the 30th HK Film Awards. What a coincidence. Of course I want to win the awards with him."

Asked whether she heard Nicholas expressed his feelings towards his dad like he did on stage, Cecilia said: "They only know how to pose. They rarely talk. Their sunglasses like glued on their faces." She thanked Chow Yun-fat for supporting Nicholas: "Chow is always the best actor in my heart. His praises to my husband touch me and make us very happy."

Cecilia said she is working on having babies again: "I really want another son to be with my two sons. Then another daughter. I want four kids at least. (What did you give Nicholas as a congratulation present?) I told him to give me something if he wins. There are two designer stores near by the arena. I was hinting, but he said, 'You said those, but I didn't promise.' Haha!"

Source: ON.CC  / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

'Grace Under Fire' Finale Receives 31 Complaints

There is always something viewers can complain about.

TVB aired the finale of "Grace Under Fire" on Sunday to compete against ATV's 30th Hong Kong Film Awards. Average rating of the finale is 32 points, peaking 34 points. However, the Broadcast Authority received 28 complaints regarding to the drama, saying the bloody scenes are unpleasant to watch. TVB also received 3 related complaints from viewers. They complained scenes like when Dominic Lam is being hit on the head and people burning to death are too violent.

As for rating of the annual Hong Kong Film Awards, this year it was aired by ATV and average rating is 7 points, peaking 11 points. The spots when "Best Actor" and "Best Film" were announced received the highest rating.

However, ATV disagreed with the results announced by TVB. They said the newest number will be announced next week.

Source: Mingpao  / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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