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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Not Yet To Deliver Second Son

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
It's rumored Cecilia Cheung would deliver her second child on Mother's Day. Many reporters have been waiting outside of her apartment the whole day but didn't see her. It's said Cecilia moved to another place to stay in order to prevent being followed by reporters and to welcome her new baby at ease.

Lately Nicolas Tse's sister Jennifer Tse expressed Cecilia would deliver the baby in around May 14. Last night around 7PM, Nicolas and maid drove to the direction of Repulse Bay. It's known that he would celebrate Mother's Day with mom Deborah, but Cecilia wasn't with him. When Nicolas saw reporters, he was smiling and he waved to reporters.

When reporters asked Nicolas' manager Mani Fok about Cecilia's delivery, she said she didn't receive any news about Nicolas being a dad again; everyone is looking forward to it, too.

Rainie Yang Drinks Milk, Grows Height But Not Chest

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by: KAY
Rainie Yang attended to an album signing event yesterday afternoon. Fans gave her a G-cup shaped cake to celebrate good sales in concert and album. But she said: "Isn't it enough?" Because since her debut, she already received many G-cup shaped cake.

Rainie said she received a G-cup shaped cake before she was 16 and felt it was alright: "It's still in time." When she received one at 18, she felt there's still chances to grow. But when she's 20-something, she felt: "Wah! Still?!" When she was in middle school, she once drank lots of milk, wanting to grow her chest. But in the end her chest stayed the same but grew 10CM taller in just one summer; it was a accidental surprise to her.

Vicki Zhao Appears After Giving Bith, Refuses To Be Interviewed

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY
After went missing for half-year and gave birth to daughter, Vicki Zhao appeared in good friend's gallery opening ceremony. She showed up in low-profile for about 15 minutes. Media asked about her latest, she only said: "I'm very good, but I'm sorry, I don't accept interviews." It seemed she didn't want to steal her friend's limelight.

Vicki stopped all her work after getting pregnant last year. Her last public appearance was for the premier of "Hua Mulan" in Guangzhou last November. After she delivered her daughter on the April 11, she still kept a low-profile until yesterday when she appeared for Kim Robinson's gallery opening ceremony. It's said Vicki didn't receive any pay for yesterday's appearance; it was merely to support a good friend. Her manager said Vicki doesn't usually appear for business event. She was willing to show up in the opening ceremony for her friendship with Robins.

Kenix Kwok Is Afraid People Secretly Taking Pictures of Her Breast-feeding

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
Kenix Kwok made her comeback after giving birth. She disclosed her 3-months-old daughter Tania Lam weights 18lbs. It's said she and her husband haven't worked for more than half-year and they have to spend 14 thousand HKD every month. Kenix stressed: "Everyone no need to worry or guess randomly. We're financially stable. We aren't those people who just keep spending money. No problem in money. Although I haven't work for more than half-year, but today's job is planned already. Don't really want to reply, they can write whatever they want. But it's not good to take pictures inside the house, because I'm still breast-feeding and formula-feeding my baby. I thought home is safe, but people can still take pictures of us. I can only close my curtains."

Kenix said before she left for work, her daughter kissed her many times. This Mother's Day is different than before. Did Frankie Lam give her present to celebrate her first Mother's Day, Kenix said: "I'm blessed already, because my baby is easy to take care of, her personality is like me." First time resuming work, Kenix is satisfied with her pay. She expressed she won't consider filming series temporialy because she wants to have more time to take care daugheter. Frankie would also choose jobs that don't require him to leave HK too long.

Ella Invites Jerry Yan To The Bed

Source: ON.CC/Takungpao
Translated by: KAY
S.H.E held an album signing event in Tsuen Wan yesterday and about thousands of fans came to support. But the girls were late and didn't show up until 45 minutes after. They used Cantonese to greet and comfort fans. During interviewing, the three apologized for being late, but Selina said she didn't feel fans were complaning. They also expressed they would return to Taiwan later and felt disappointed that they couldn't shop.

Ella and Jerry Yan's idol drama "Down With Love" will start to air in Hong Kong soon. Ella said it was hard to film and she hopes this drama would be popular in HK. She also said she can't wait to promote it in Hong Kong along with Jerry. As for earlier Jerry's fans got jealous because Jerry hugged Rainie Yang passionately in her concert, Ella said: "We french kissed in the drama. If he comes to my concert as performing guest, I would prepare a bed and wait for him to come. (Jerry's fans didn't get jealous?) So far, no. All our fans want us to be together and they send blessings to us."

Ella also said she brought boyfriend home to meet her parents before, but she stressed she doesn't have a boyfriend right now. She and Jerry are just friends and she feels they don't have feelings toward each other. Selina said her dad won't admit his daughter will get married and he never wanted to meet her boyfriends. Once she didn't tell her family that she was dating but her dad encountered the couple on the streets.


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