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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guess who is singing with Eason Chan in this song?

Universal music posted a preview of Eason Chan's new Cantonese single, and is asking everyone to guess who is the female singing with Eason? It would be someone unexpected! Who do you think it is?

Han Geng Caught Lip-Syncing At Press Event

After leaving Super Junior, former SJ Chinese member Han Geng is currently focusing his career in Mainland and recently released his first album "Geng Xin." Yesterday he went to Taiwan to promote for his new album and held a press conference. He started the press conference with fast song "My Logo." But it was obvious that he lip-synced. He explained because he got a cold: "I got septic throat because of my cold, always have to carry lots of medicine with me." But later his slow song "Heartache Notebook" was a live performance.

From working with 12 other people to now solo, Han Geng said: "In the beginning it was a little stressful, but my adaptability is good, and I like it better (solo)." Asked now he left, whether he has less fans? He said: "About the same, plus fans treat me very well. I didn't have many chances to meet them the first half the year, but they still donated money as a group to charity, motivating me I have to be better." Better salary? He indirectly admitted: "13 people before, now only me."

In addition, he disclosed he lost 7kg in 2 weeks for this album and admitted he lost weight on purpose: "I got fatter before because I ate a lot at home. My mom would make many delicious food for me. My weight increased to 75kg, even I couldn't stand it."

Source: Apple Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Kevin Cheng 'Jumps Off Building' On His Birthday

Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu, and Raymond Cho were filming a jump off building scene yesterday for series "Home Troopers"(居家兵團). It was also Kevin's 41th birthday. He received birthday cake from staff and fans plus lucky money from Ah Jeh (Liza Wang) and text message from rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh, it shouldn't be a problem for Kevin to jump off a 28FL building on his birthday.

As for filming a dangerous scene on his birthday, Kevin said: "Can't say I'm being played. It's a good thing to work on my birthday. But I hope I don't have to film this type of scene every year during my birthday. (What is your birthday wish?) Less rumor, earn more money. But I understand it's impossible to have no rumor in this field. I'm very happy Ah Jeh gave me lucky money. (Thought of getting married?) Ah Jeh asked me, too. But she told me to work harder to earn money and wait 5 more years. When I said 5 years is too long, Ah Jeh then told me to just date less seriously. (Anything from rumored girlfriend Charmaine?) She text me. I text her back politely."

Source: Mingpao; TVB Channel / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Sammi Cheng Refuses to Listen to Birthday Song

Sammi Cheng held a concert in Fushan two nights ago and invited Denise Ho and MC Chan as performing guests. This Thursday (August 19) is Sammi's birthday and Denise suggested the audience to sing a birthday song together, but Sammi teased: "I'm almost 50, don't sing!" However, Denise expressed they won't know when to come to Fushan again, and she persisted her decision to celebrate birthday for Sammi.

When Hanjin was performing with Sammi, because Hanjin is one of the judges in "The Voice 2," Sammi said: "Recently, you've been scoring people!" Hanjin replied: "Need me to score you? Five is the highest, but I will give you a six." Because she has go to church on Sunday, Sammi returned to HK overnight after the show and staff prepared all kinds of delicious food for her to eat during the car ride.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Stephy Tang Lets Alex Fong Borrow Her Personal Toilet

Stephy Tang returned Hong Kong yesterday to attend to a children event. After it was over, she went back to Kunming to continue filming a TV series and planned to stay there 3 more months. Stephy expressed weather there is nice and the living environment isn't too bad; it's not too hard during work. She said: "Originally we had to use the sewer as toilet. Fortunately the crew is very nice that they prepared a personal toilet for me. When Alex Fong needs to poop, I will let him borrow it."

Supports it's normal for Cookies to sing out-of-tune

Cookies members reunited and held a concert earlier. Stephy wasn't there and didn't send any gift as well. She expressed she forgot and sent messages to apologize. As for Cookies members sang out-of-tune and lip-synched, Stephy believed they haven't perform for many years and everyone shouldn't criticize; this is only fan meeting. It's said this meeting caused her to get involve in a dispute with Theresa Fu, Stephy said helplessly: "Fortunately I wasn't in HK. It was a rare meeting, hope everyone don't focus on disputes, should support them."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jolin Tsai Won't Talk About Her New Pursuers

Yesterday Jolin Tsai held an album signing for her new album "Myself" and danced her voguing dance. Jolin expressed she would spend Chinese Valentine's Day at work, filming a new MV. However, she disclosed she has several pursuers recently and hopes to be with someone half year later, then they can celebrate western Valentine's Day together. Asked whether they are in the showbiz or not, Jolin keeps it a secret: "Hehe, I won't talk about it."

In a recent report, it's known Jolin admitted she once hated Jay Chou in a radio show and it angered fans from both sides. Jolin is very helpless: "They just exaggerated the report. I hope they can talk about my album more, because they talked enough of Jay Chou earlier."

Source: Liberty Times; Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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