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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blackie & Fan Fan Return Home Sweetly, Plan to Tie The Knot This Year

Blackie and Fan Fan returned Taiwan yesterday. The two walked out holding hands and Fan Fan showed her 1 caret Tiffany ring sweetly.

Fan Fan received a congratulating phone call from good sisters Da S and Xiao S. Xiao S couldn't stand how she  know about their engagement from TV. As for the date of marriage, the two believe they should respect elders' opinion.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Stephy Tang Gets Embarrassed During Arm Massage

Stephy Tang, Mandy Lieu and Zelia attended to a Shiseido event. A well-known Taiwanese male make-up artist was showing everyone the right way to apply skincare products. He also directed Stephy how to apply sunblock lotion. Besides massaging her hands, he also spread out sunblock all over her arm with his hands, nearly touching her armpit. Stephy got embarrassed and just laughed. She said afterwards: "I know he will massage my hands. But don't know he is this attentive, almost touching my armpit! (Was it embarrassing?) A little, but it was a comfortable massage. (Have Alex Fong massage you this careful?) He is a careless person and doesn't care about skincare."
Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

GaGa Inspired Scarecrow---It Works!

Mr Britten, 27, said: 'We were laughing at Lady GaGa's outfit and that extraordinary wig and talking about how scary she looked.

My fiancee Marti joked that I should make a scarecrow which looked like her. I laughed and then it occurred to me it was actually a very good idea.

And Mr Britten said that so far, the 7ft tall Lady GaGa scarecrow, complete with shocking white wig made from cotton wool and dress, is keeping birds off his wheat crops which are used to grow Hovis bread.


New TW Drama 'P.S. Man' Is Accused Of Copying German Film 'Rabbit Without Ears'

Written by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

SETTV's "P.S. Man" is set to release right after "Autumn's Concerto," but netizens are already attacking it online, accusing its costume and plot is copied from a 2007 German film "Rabbit Without Ears" ("Keinohrhasen"). Let's take a look at the comparison chart:

Rabbit Without Ears
  • Because he crashed an upper-class party accidentally, male lead has to do a 300hr community service at a day-care facility, where the female lead works.
  • The male lead is female lead's childhood rival that he always picks on her. She plans to make her revenge during his visit.
  • Female lead's look is composed of a big framed glasses and long hair.
P.S. Man
  • Because he crashed a movie premier event, male lead Blue Lan has to do a 158hr community service at a kindergarten, where the female lead Sonia Sui works.
  • Blue Lan is Sonia Sui's childhood rival that he always picks on her. She plans to make her revenge during his visit.
  • Sonia Sui's look is composed of a big framed glasses and long hair.
As you can see, everything is at least 90% alike. And the explanation SETTV gave to netizens?--"We never watch nor know about this German movie before when we were discussing the plot. Maybe our screen writers looked at many sources when thinking about the plot, but we didn't copy anything."


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