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Thursday, April 21, 2011

MC Jin Composes Song to Make Wife Happy

MC Jin accepted an interview after marriage yesterday. He said he needs to rush back to Hong Kong for work and he misses his wife Carol a lot: "We met in Puerto Rico, so we went back there to hold a white wedding. But I'm very busy in Hong Kong, so I let her did everything. We will hold a wedding party later in Hong Kong and I'll handle it this time!"

MC Jin said he will focus more on his wife after marriage: "She is not in the showbiz. I won't openly talk about her that much anymore. I'm a type of man who is afraid of wife, so I'll be rich! Haha!" MC Jin disclosed he will release two albums this year. There is a song in his new Cantonese album that he personally composed for his wife, like a memorial song.

Source: Oriental Daily  / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Stefanie Sun Getting Married on May 8th?

Earlier it's confirmed Stefanie Sun applied to get married with boyfriend of 5 years Nadim Van Der Ros. Now it's rumored the couple is holding wedding on May 8th!

It's known the applicant must hold a wedding ceremony 21 days to 3 months after they applied. Although the couple has yet confirm their big date, but it's rumored it would be on Mother's Day next month. It would be a small wedding, inviting family and friends from both families and colleagues Stefanie once worked with.

As for the rumor, Stefanie's manager didn't deny or confirm. However, the singer's company expressed no jobs will be arranged for her in May, hinting the May 8th wedding date?

Source: Mingpao  / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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