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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Charmaine Sheh Focuses on Treating Her Arm

Although facing changes at work, but Charmaine Sheh promises to continue to work hard.

The actress was injured earlier, forcing her to temporarily stop working to treat her forearm. She has returned Hong Kong and yesterday was spotted going to the doctors for treatment. She seemed to be in good spirits, but was being very careful to avoid hurting her forearm again. When asked about her injury, she disclosed it got a little better.

Other artists might be busy attending to different celebration shows during Chinese New Year, but Charmaine has to rest.

"No big plans on Chinese New Year, must rest for a while," she said.

As for new boss Chan Kwok Keung to be in control of her company, Charmaine did not say much, stressing it is more important for her to rest at this moment.

"As actors, we should do our job well, and film more good dramas," she said. "But now I must take some time off to treat my injury first."

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

New TVB Sitcom Starring Kristal Tin & Stephen Au

Although current TVB sitcom "Show Me the Happy" will air until April, a new sitcom is already planned.

The sitcom taking over "Show Me the Happy" will be <誰家灶頭無煙火> (Official name: Be Home For Dinner) starring Kristal Tin, Stephen Au, Ngok Wah Elly Leung, and Katy Kung. A costume fitting for this 120-episodes sitcom (tentative number of episodes) was held yesterday. Producer of the sitcom Tsui Yu On expressed he will add in more actors soon.

Leading the sitcom this time, Kristal will play a professional cook "cooking goddess." She joked the nickname was originally "beautiful cooking goddess," but the word "beautiful" was removed when she was assigned to the role.

"I'm actually beautiful wife cooking goddess," she said.

Source: ON.CC, Wenweipo / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Tavia Yeung Wants to be China's Evilest

Her new drama "The Rippling Blossom" is airing soon, but Tavia Yeung is filming in Mainland China now. The drama is airing during Chinese New Year, but she is not worried: "Ratings might be affected, but I'm not too worried. As long as it gets to release!"

After "The Mysteries of Love," Tavia already filmed four dramas, so she can go to Mainland now and earn more money: "This time I'm filming an ancient drama with Patrick Tam. I'm playing a villain, an evil female lead. This is my first time filming a Mainland drama. Renminbi [China's currency] here I come!"

Tavia once played a villain in "Beyond the Realm of Conscience," and this time she is playing a similar role. She said: "I want to see whether I can be eviler. Already that evil last time in Hong Kong, maybe there won't be another chance like this, haha! I want to be China's evilest!" She worried viewers would see her as a villain from now on, but after she saw Ron Ng plays a villain earlier in a Mainland drama, she understands Mainland viewers are quite reasonable on this.

First time invading the Mainland market, Tavia knows this is an important opportunity for her; she does not want to play plain roles anymore. However, she will not leave her 'home' TVB: "I'm very loyal to my company. I signed TVB forever!"

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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