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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

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Monday, December 6, 2010

31 Complaints About 'No Regrets' Loses 'Best Series'

Although the 43rd TVB Anniversary Awards ended Sunday night, but the audience are very unsatisfied with the results, bashing TVB for giving "Best Series" to "Can't Buy Me Love." Even well-known director Johnnie To was surprised when he was announcing the winner of "Best Series." Before announcing the winner, Johnnie seems to look highly on "No Regrets" and said: "Then it's definitely a fair game!" However, he was surprised after looking at the winner envelope: "Huh? It's not that one...Can't Buy Me Love!"

The director expressed through his secretary that he actually did not watch these 2 anniversary series. But he thought "No Regrets" was the most popular since most people at the show seem to be supporting it, that was why he did not know how to react when he saw the result. He did not prepare anything to say because he only came to present the award.

Not only "Best Series," viewers are also not satisifed with Raymond Lam winning "My Favorite Male TV Character" over the hot favorite Moses Can. They complain TVB sacrificed Moses and only let him win a consolation prize ("Best Professional Performance Award").

Broadcast Authority received 15 complaints yesterday about the result of "Best Series" is not fair. TVB received 32 different opinions towards the award ceremony: 16 about "No Regrets" should win "Best Series"; 4 about Raymond should not win "My Favorite"; 4 about appreciating actors and staff of "No Regrets"; 2 about Wayne Lai deserves winning; 5 about Charmaine Sheh had a breakthrough in "Can't Buy Me Love" and should win TV Queen; 1 about "Can't Buy Me Love" and "No Regrets should win "Best Series" together.

Producer of "Can't Buy Me Love" Mui Siu Ching expressed the two series have their own fans. She is very happy to receive congratulations from the producer of "No Regrets" Lee Tim Sing. Everyone worked hard for the series already. The award ceremony is over now and now she needs to focus in "Forensic Heroes 3."

Producer Lee frankly admitted feeling disappointed. When the result was announced, everyone was shocked a little. But since it is already decided, he can only feel helpless about it. He feels happy for Wayne and Sheren Tang winning TV King and Queen two consecutive years. Evergreen Mak is excellent and Dominic Lam, another hot favorite for "Best Supporting Actor," only lost a little bit.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

ATV's Miss Asia Scores Lowest Rating, 2.74 Million Viewers Watch Wayne Lai Wins TV King

Last Sunday night's audience did not seem to like bikini beauties that much.

ATV brought out its pageant competition Miss Asia Pageant to fight TVB's Anniversary Awards on Sunday night. The pageant usually score a decent rating like it did last year, where the show received 8 points, peaking 11 points.

Perhaps everyone was anxious about who is going to win TV King and Queen this year, while TVB's annual awards ceremony received an average rating of 38 points, ATV's Miss Asia only received 3 points on average, which is the lowest rating for the show throughout the years. The moment where the winner of TV King was announced even scored a 43 points rating, where 2.74 million viewers watched Wayne Lai won "Best Actor."

ATV expressed ratings do not necessary represent the actual feedback. This year's Miss Asia received a very good response from audience and its contestants are praised for their beautiful looks. The moment when the winner was announced received more than 5 points (320,000 viewers).

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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