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Saturday, April 10, 2010

[Feature] Taiwanese Susan Boyle Lin Yu Chun 林育群

What are some similarities between this 22-year-old Taiwanese boy and 49-year-old Susan Boyle?

Chubby appearance, both competed in singing contests, and definitely their amazing voice.

Because of his excellent performance in singing Whitney Huston's "I Will Always Love You," Lin Yu Chun is now known as the Taiwanese Susan Boyle to many. Videos of him singing "I Will Always Love You" has been flowing around the internet and got more than 20000000+ hits on YouTube! As a boy, you can't tell his gender if you only listen to his voice when he sings. He's truly a talent and is known solely in his singing skills, not his looks like most known singers now. He's so popular that many foreign medias are reporting on him. ABC's talk show "Lopez Tonight" even invited him as guest! Expects to see him on TV soon in the US!

How does he feel about this instant fame?

"I didn't know what to do, so excited, so nervous. I kept saying, slap me till I'm awake! But this dream seems never end."

Whether it's just fame of a day, Lin's voice is now heard by many around the world. At least that's something colorful in his life. Check out his performance if you haven't had a chance to, you'll be touched.

Members of "Stephen Chan Gang" Are At Risk

After Stephen Chan was arrested, members of "Stephen Chan Gang" have less jobs than before Chan was arrested.

Patrick Tang: He's out from hosting "Jade Solid Gold," April 1st is his last time as the host. Currently filming upcoming series "Quarantined 7 Days of Romance." As for producer Poon Yu Kai is fired, Tang asked reporters back: "Is it Ah Kai? First of all I didn't know he got fired. Secondly I don't know him at all, shouldn't reply too much. (Do you think you're affected since you're out of 'JSG'?) I told reporters many times that I'm just a temporary replacement for the show. I'm busy filming new series, Universal record will release an album for me. (Universal record releasing albums for you, are you embarrassed?) Just want to do the best for my job, don't want to think too much."

Natalie Tong: She was invited to dinner by Chan after he was released. Although she has an important role in 'A Fistful of Stances,' but she's not important during promotions. Asked as a member of 'Stephen Chan Gang," is she affected? She said: "I am closed to Mr. Chan, but it doesn't affect me much. I still have a decent amount of work. After 'AFOS' would have "翻叮一族," will to film new series in June/July. (Less attention during promotion?) OK lar, it's good that it will continue to have more promotion."

Louis Cheung: He had more jobs after leveled up as one of Chan's favorites. After Chan's jobs are cut off, Cheung is out from "The Voice," second season of "正識第一," and "博愛歡樂傳萬家."

Amigo Chui: Stopped working after the assault case, only went to volunteer in Africa. It was expected to resume working but it was put on hold due to Chan's investigation.

Steven Ma: Renewed contract with TVB because of Chan. After Chan's arrested, no second season for his own show "Apprentice Chef." Currently filming "Quarantined 7 Days of Romance."

Sharon Chan: Invited to Chan's dinner. Not center of attention during promotion of "Suspects In Love." Fortunately she's still able to film new series "Can't Buy My Love."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB Is Wiping Out 'Stephen Chan Gang'

Stephen Chan's bribery case angered TVB's GM Mona Fong a lot. Besides putting Stephen and Wilson Chin's jobs on hold, the "Stephen Chan gang" (people who benefit or mentor by Stephen) has no luck at all. After wiping out Amigo Chui, Patrick Tang, and Louis Cheung, Sharon Chan and Natalie Tong, who dined with Chan last month, are at risk as well. TVB continues to wipe out others behind the scene. Producer of "Jade Singers for TVB" Poon Yu Kai, who is closed to Chan, was fired lately. It's known that he received the notice on April 8th from Ho Lai Chun and it took effect immediately. When Fong was checking accounts, she found out that the account of "JSFTVB" was too messy and as the producer of the show, Poon had to be blamed. He also said he assisted ICAC for the bribery case but ICAC never contact him again. Plus he was criticized by Fong for last year's "Miss Hong Kong," it might be one of the reasons why he got fired.

P: Poon / R: Reporter

R: It's said you're fired.

P: Yes! I received the letter two days ago. TVB's reason is that the company has not other projects to do. Then let's congratulate them to have better business! Personally I disheartened. No problem firing me. But their reason is very implausible! I can't accept it! It's a big company. Every producer in variety show department are so busy, how can there be nothing else to do? I was working on "My Story In Songs," they actually used this ridiculous reason, I don't even want to argue with them. They also told me that they will keep firing people!

R: It's said you got fired is because ICAC's investigation of "Jade Stars for TVB"?

P: There's no problem with the account for the show. But didn't know how messy it is behind the scene. I had to sign a recommendation contract in order to work. Everything is fine, instead it was under budget!

R: Related to ICAC's investigation?

P: I don't think so. I have no problem even if Ms. Fong check on me.

R: This time "Stephen Chan gang" is being wiped out, are you part of the gang?

P: (laughed bitterly) Then I'm part of the gang, because Philip Chan used me a lot, and he's often appointed by Stephen, I guess that counts. But actually I don't have any personal relationship with him!

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Amigo Chui Once Thought of Committing Suicide, Saved By Stephan Chan's Phone Call

After his assault case was exposed, Amigo Chui was forced to stop working and stayed at home all the time. The end of last month, he went to volunteer in Africa with charity organizations and openly faced the media. Lately he accepted an interview and he expressed that the day of the incident, he once thought of committing suicide, but after he received a phone call from Stephen Chan, saying he didn't blame him, he then gave up the thought. After the incident, ex-girlfriend Elizabete Kwong publicized their photos and love letters. Amigo said everyone did things with certain reasons; he didn't blame her. This is their personal matter and as a man, he chose not to say anything to avoid causing bigger harm to both of them.

Cable TV's new show "絲路.千年一嘆" is hosted by Ken Chan and two mixed-race artistes including Elizabete. Chan praised Elizabete for being very hardworking and her understanding and pronunciation of Chinese is pretty good as well, couldn't tell she only stayed in Hong Kong for two years.

Elizabete said: "I only learned Brazilian history when I was in Brazil. I didn't know much about Chinese history. I feel worried because it's my first time hosting."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Identity of Vanness Wu's New Girlfriend Reveals

(Cast photo of Arissa Cheo and Lee Wei in "Toast Boy's Kiss 2")
Vanness Wu was seen shopping sweetly with a girl in Hong Kong recently and he confirmed that the girl is someone he's dating right now. He also said she's not in the showbiz and hopes reporters don't bother her. But now some media reported that Vanness' girlfriend is actually an actress and her name is Arissa Cheo (姚之寧). Arissa once filmed Taiwanese idol dramas "Toast Boy's Kiss 2" and "Sweet Lemon." She is the daughter of a media high executive in Singapore.

Other media reported that Arissa abandoned her previous relationship for Vanness. It was reported that a month ago she was still hanging out with a male in clubs and she introduced others generously that he was her boyfriend. But she and Vaness just dated for a month (says Vanness himself), seems like she broke-up with her ex in order to be with Vanness.

Source: NowNews, UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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