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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Xiao Xiao Bin is Criticized of Kissing Too Many People

Child star Xiao Xiao Bin is seen kissing many people on TV. In <>, Jacky Wu 'angered' Xiao Xiao Bin by saying Sister Butterfly, who is Xiao Xiao Bin's love interest, is his girlfriend. Another host asked Xiao Xiao Bin to give Sister Butterfly to Jacky, and Xiao Xiao Bin said: "Unless I break up with her." Then he went to Sister Butterfly for a kiss and after the kiss he even said: "It's good smell."

Then in yesterday's recording of the show, a male artiste dressed up as Snow White and Aaron Yan from Fahrenheit, who played Prince Charming, didn't dare to kiss him. Aaron then asked Xiao Xiao Bin, who played Mini Horse, to "try it" for him. Unbelievably, Xiao Xiao Bin actually stick out his tongue and licked the male Snow White.

The executive director of Humanistic Education Foundation criticized the show is treating Xiao Xiao Bin as a tool for gimick. She points this is not a 5 year old should be learning. Children Welfare of Taipei city points out Xiao Xiao Bin 'french kissing with many salivia' might been suggesting about sex.

Xiao Xiao Bin's father didn't reply to the criticism.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Kelly Chen Quits Eating Sour Food, Wants to Have a Daughter

Kelly Chen wore Marc by Marc Jacobs' white lace dress and Jonofui black boots to attend to a LG product event. As for she's been planning to give birth to a daughter, she expressed: "Not yet, I want to get pregnant with one soon." Now she is eating less sour food and that might help getting pregnant with a daughter. She said: "Boys like to eat meat. No need to rely on husband for food, just relying on myself."

Kelly said her son "shrimp dumpling" is going to playgroup now. But he needs to sleep twice a day and sometimes misses playgroup because of that. She said happily: "My son sticks with me more than he does with my husband. Haha! What medicine did I give him? Even my husband is jealous!"

In addition, talked about younger brother appeared in a nightclub and played with girls, Kelly said she is not surprised and believes her brother knows what he is doing.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Spoiler Ending of 'Can't Buy Me Love'

Recently Hong Kongers have been upset by the hostage crisis in Philipinne. TVB's "Can't Buy Me Love" is a good series to ease out the sad mood and bring out positive energy. This comedy surrounds the five princesses and they constantly create difficulties to their husbands. Their actions actually created many funny scenes. Highest rating of this series last week even peaks 37 points.

The story is reaching climax soon. Because she is jealous of her younger sister, Sharon Chan, who plays Charmaine Sheh's older sister, will bribe Moses Chan's love interest (Elaine Yiu), trying to worsen Charmaine and Moses' relationship. Sharon even try kill Elaine and blame it to Charmaine. In the end, Elaine didn't die and testify against Sharon. The emperor's mom (Susan Tse) makes Sharon as a commoner and kicks her out of the palace. As for Charmaine and Moses, they would eventually turn into a loving couple and Charmaine would give birth to a daughter.

Source: Apple Daily HK / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Nancy Wu's Life in Reverse in 'King of 10 Thousand Phoenixes

In new series <<萬鳳之王>> (direct translation: King of 10 Thousand Phoenixes), Nancy Wu is originally a palace maid serving Jessica Hsuan. She always wanted to leave the palace one day to regain her freedom. She keeps a big secret in private but is discovered by the Queen (Myolie Wu). Since then, Nancy is being used by the Queen to cope Jessica. Because being bullied by other emperor's concubines, Nancy's personality becomes extreme. In order to reverse her miserable life, she decides to become the one in power of the harem and even lure the Emperor with her beauty. In the end, she levels up and becomes one of the concunbines. Now is one of phoenixes, she would do anything by hook or crook to revenge.

Source: TVB Weekly (scan by Gloria) / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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