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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Raymond Lam Pairs With 'Mentally Retarded Charmaine Sheh,' Trying to Win TV King and Queen

This year TVB is pushing Raymond Lam's popularity: his series and films are releasing one after another. After "Mysteries of Love," his "Growing Through Life" (摘星之旅) is arranged as anniversary series. Four shows of his "Come 2 Me" concert to be held at the end of this month. As for his film "The Emerald and the Pearl" with Ah Sa Charlene Choi, Joey Yung, and Wong Cho Lam, it's set to release on August 5. Although Raymond is having high popularity this summer, but in order to keep it going until TVB Anniversary Awards, TVB would film a new series for him in the middle of August, trying to maintain his status as TVB "siu sun" and his high popularity.

After collaborating with Charmaine Sheh in "Drive of Life" (2007), this year they would collaborate again in a new series called <<花花世界花家姐>> (Flower World Flower Sister). It's know this series would start filming in the middle of August. This time Charmaine would have a break through performance, playing a mentally disabled person with IQ of a 10 year old. Raymond would play a rich spendthrift, which should be easy for him to play. Of course in the end after he experienced being poor, he would become a motivated man. In the series, the two would have a romantic relationship. In order to figure out her character, Charmaine visited a special school earlier. Roger Kwok's "Ah Wong" several year's received many good feedback. Now TVB specially created a similar character for Charmaine, she might have a high chance to win TV Queen.

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Charlene Choi Faints Again, Is Sent to the Hospital

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), who has been bothered by the cold this month, originally planned to fly to Shanghai to attend to a radio promotion event. But before she leaves, she suddenly felt uncomfortable; felt dizzy and wanted to throw up. At the end, she even fainted on the floor. Ah Sa was sent to the hospital and she felt better after being treated. She returned home to rest after getting an intravenous injection.

Yesterday afternoon, Ah Sa wrote on Weibo: "Lately I've been sick and have been taking medicines. Took too many medicines, my stomach couldn't handle it. Today I originally have to fly to Shanghai to attend to a promotion even. My stomach couldn't handle it again before leaving home. Feeling dizzy and wanting to throw up. In the end, finally felt better after taking a shot in the hospital. To the organization of today's event, fans, colleagues who went to the airport, and Mani, who I woke up six in the morning, I apologize sincerely, I'm sorry!" Ah Sa uploaded a photo of salty egg and congee, expressing she had to eat congee yesterday."

Manager Mani Fok expressed Ah Sa fainted due to overfatigue. She is fine after getting a shot in the hospital, so she returned home to rest. As for the radio event she missed, Ah Sa would participate again in September. Asked whether company would give Ah Sa a vacation for her to rest? Mani said: "No, Ah Sa has an advertisement job tomorrow. The company would make decisions depending on her health."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY@ Kay's Entertainment

Xiao S and Husband Behave Differently In Front and Behind Camera

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Xiao S and husband Mike Hsu Ya Jun always appeared sweetly in front of the media. But recently they were photographed interacting coldly with each other, but suddenly holding hands again when they saw reporters.

This Monday around 5PM, reporters spotted Da S Barbie Hsu, Xiao S, and her husband eating dinner at a restaurant in a mall. Xiao S was talking to Da S happily and didn't have much interaction with Mike. Recently the two posted ugly photos of each other on the internet, therefore this dinner might a reconciliation dinner.

After they were done with their meal, reporters approached to them. Xiao S seemed a little embarrassed and Mike held her hands immediately. Maybe because of her occupational disease, Xiao S kept looking at the camera and smiled sweetly. Da S, who was left out, pretended she is a pedestrian to avoid embarrassment. Reporters almost bumped into Da S but she said: "No problem, go take pictures of them quickly!"

Asked how come Xiao S didn't bring her children out? She answered: "I accompanied with them the whole morning today." Then she smiled and asked reporters back: "Are you guys college students?" Asked Da S whether Mike hugging girls at pubs and not going home is a good behavior, whether she has any good advice? Once stood up for her brother-in-law, Da S got embarrassed and shouted: "Aiyou!" Mike jumped out and expressed: "This is old news! Answered many times already." Xiao S herself was looking at people walking passed by with an embarrassed look. Then Da S continued to be her sister's lightbulb, shopping with Xiao S and Mike.

[Music-DL] Summer's Desire OST (2010) FULL VERSION

01. 我記得我愛過 - 鋼琴版 (Remember Loved - Piano Version)
02. 我記得我愛過 - 宿命版 - PETER (Remember Loved - Fate Version - Peter Ho)
03. 鑽石 - 大S (Diamond - Da S Barbie Hsu)
04. 黑貓與牛奶 - 大S/沈建宏 (Black Cat and Milk - Da S & Sheng Jin Hong)
05. 泡沫美人魚 - 大S (Bubble Mermaid - Da S)
06. 假面 - PETER (Masked Face - Peter Ho)
07. 黑貓與牛奶 - 黃曉明 (Black Cat and Milk - Huang Xiao Ming)
08. 我記得我愛過 - 輕快版 (Remember Loved - Relaxed Version)
09. 鑽石 - 鋼琴版 (Diamond - Piano Version)
10. 黑貓與牛奶 - 輕鬆版 (Black Cat and Milk - Relaxed Version)
11. 泡沫美人魚 - 吉他版 (Bubble Mermaid - Guitar Version)
12. 假面 - 鋼琴版 (Masked Face - Piano Version)
13. 就是愛 - 輕快版 (It's Love - Relaxed Version)
14. 我記得我愛過 - 悲傷版 (Remember Loved - Sad Version)
15. 鑽石 - 輕快版 (Diamond - Relaxed Version)
16. 黑貓與牛奶 - 孤獨版 (Black Cat and Milk - Lonely Version)
17. 泡沫美人魚 - 悲傷版 (Bubble Mermaid - Sad Version)
18. 假面 - 抒情版 (Masked Face - Love Version)
19. 鑽石 - 悲傷版 (Diamond - Sad Version)

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