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Monday, March 22, 2010

Daniel Wu Is Ready To Be A Dad, Will Marry Lisa S. Once She's Pregnant

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
Daniel Wu's new movie "Like A Dream" held a premier yesterday. His mother and sisters came back to Hong Kong to support him. Asked did she urge him to get married, Daniel said his mother would want him to soon, but just didn't openly admit it. He is not preventing pregnancy and will get married if she's pregnant. He will rest for a year to accompany with her and take care of the baby. Asked is he worried Lisa will become an older mother, he said: "No worries. My two sisters gave birth at 43. Brigitte Lin also gave birth at 40 something." Worry about a generation gap between him and his child? "My father had me when he was 45. We have good conversations even until now. Actually I am not in a rush. Maybe will happened this year and be a dad the next."

Miriam Yeung also came to support him. Asked even Daniel's ready to have a baby, will she try harder to prevent him having kids earlier than her? she said: "It's not that I don't want to have kids, but I have concerts coming in October. It would be dangerous to get pregnant now at this age and singing fast songs at the same time." She said she's definitely not having kids this year.

Fala Chen Transform Into A Red Hot Eve

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
Fala Chen wore a red hot mini shorts and a bra top exposing her back to film the OSIM's print ad "This summer, transform into Eva." She exposed long legs and skinny waist and posed many sexy and attractive poses. It took nearly 9 hours to film the ad but it wasn't hard for Fala at all. She is happy to pose as Eve because she represents the first beautiful woman in the world and is a perfect model. Fala looks after her health and exercises often. It's not easy to keep a perfect body.

Miss HK Pageant Relaxes Age Restriction; 27-Years-Old Can Participate

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
A press conference for the new Miss Hong Kong oversea recruitment was held yesterday. Winners from the past such as Skye Chan, Sandy Lau, Germaine Li, Shirley Yeung attended to the event. High executive Ho Lai Chuen expressed the age restriction this year would be under 28-years-old instead of the usual 25-years-old. Participants don't have to be permanent residents, as long as they have IDs; even those who signed contracts with model agencies can participate as well.

Asked is it because the quality is declining every year that's why they're relaxing the restriction, Ho said: "Just want to attract more beautiful women to participate. Also it can let them have more time to finish their education and have several years of working experience before they participate."

Truth Behind Ah Sa & Ronald Cheng's Breakup: Bikini In The Room

Source: Oriental Sunday
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
38-years-old Ronald Cheng and 27-years-old Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) announced their split recently. But according to sources, the two already split for more than 6 months. Ah Sa knew Ronald is always a player but still keeps her eyes half shut. Last year, she found a bikini in his room that didn't belong to her and it triggered the breakup. She lost confidence in him and although he tried to win back her heart by purposing, she still decided to end their 6 years relationship.

Ronald is one of the hosts in "Beautiful Cooking" and is close to the hot angels in the show. It's reported that when they were filming in Macau, they went to dine and shop together at night. It's said the bikini piece could belong to one of the girls from the show.

Taiwanese Idol Drama Ratings (Sunday 03/21/2010)

(haha it was on my BDAY xD)

所謂風水輪流轉, The #1 spot changed again! Really, the difference is again less than 0.5, I just know it's hard to determine the eternal winner based on the plot and performance.
  1. Down With Love (3.35)
  2. P.S Man (3.31)
  3. Because of You (0.39)
Yesterday's P.S Man talked about Xiao Qian is forced to go back home/countryside. Seriously just because of her grandma? The plot yesterday really isn't as "exciting" as "Down with Love," where Liu Li Yang appears and serves as a "rival" to Ella. It was fun to watch them, especially when Ella sang 中國話 and degraded 'Ella'. No wonder the drama regained its #1 spot this week.


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