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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stephy Tang will boost daughter to learn ballet

Stephy Tang attended to a Christmas event yesterday and expressed wanted to learn ballet when she was little, "I think the skirt is very pretty. I can only place hopes on my daughter in the future. I already planned to boost her to become an elite child -- learn how to dance, play piano, draw, etc. I want her to have an abundant childhood, but I won't force her."

Lately, she was tested by fingerprint to predict inner talents. The result showed she has talent in languages. If she were to learn when she was little, she might already mastered in many languages. The result also showed she has talents in calligraphy and piano. She said, "Too bad I didn't learn any of them. But I've been trying to learn how to play piano these years and will try composing."


Nick Cheung won Golden Horse, TV King Bobby kneels down

Nick Cheung and Bobby Au-Yeung once worked together in TVB's "The Legendary Four Aces". Although as movie king and TV king, but the two haven't contact each other for a while. The two met at the airport yesterday and Bobby dramatized his appearance by shouting out, "Hail to the Emperor!", and kneeled down. Then he teased Nick, "You won again? You took everything pretty much. When should I invite you to dine?" Nick replied, "This is what we call friends!" Bobby kept on teasing, "Hold on, I almost forgot about you if 'The Legendary Four Aces' didn't rebroadcast again! You were blocking the road!"

EEG Movies also sent people to pick up Nick and brought flowers. People nearby also shouted out, "What a handsome movie king!" Foreign visitors also shouted out, "Congratulations! I love you so much!"

Nick said in an interview that he was very worried during the announcement of the new movie king. He watched the movies where his competitors are in and didn't dare to think of winning. He expressed winning the award is the best birthday gift and it's the most valuable thing than anything. Nick also said right now he wants to film Ang Lee's movies and work with his look-alike, Jacky Cheung.

[Oriental Daily]

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The 46th Golden Horse Awards Winners 2009

Best Film

"No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti" / 《不能沒有你》

Best Director
Leon Dai - "No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti" / 戴立忍 《不能沒有你》

Best Actor
Nick Cheung - "The Beast Stalker" / 張家輝 《證人》
Huang Bo - "Cow" / 黃渤 《鬥牛》

Best Actress
Li Bingbing - "The Message" / 李冰冰 《風聲》

Best Supporting Actor
Wang Xueqi - "Forever Enthralled" / 王學圻 《梅蘭芳》

Best Supporting Actress
Wai Ying-hung - "At the End of Daybreak" / 惠英紅 《心魔》

Best Newcomer
Yu Shaoqun - "Forever Enthralled" / 余少群 《梅蘭芳》


Kate Tsui is most admired by middle school students

Kate Tsui appeared in Metro's "Metro New Stars Show 2009" as a newcomer in the music industry. She won in the category of "Most Admired Newcomer by Middle School Students 2009" and took first place. The result surprised her and she said will keep on working hard. She then performed the classic, "明知故犯" but sang a little out of tune. She said she was pressured when all the newcomers lined up and sang one by one.

William Chan appeared as a senior and to support all the newcomers. He supports Alex Wu, who is also in EEG, and Kate Tsui. Eason Chan's junior, Keeva Mak, took second place, "Maybe I attended to many school events before so they had a chance to know me. I hope they will continue to support me!"

[Takungpao & on.cc]

G.E.M lost weight, but is upset for the decrease in cup-size

G.E.M disclosed she is finding clothes to wear in the upcoming music awards at the end of the year. She said she doesn't know whether will sexy dress up, "Shouldn't be that sexy. I didn't lose all the weight yet." Asked whether she will continue to lose weight, she expresses now she weights 93lbs only, "The number sounds scary, but I still cannot take off my legging yet!" (Cup-size decreased?) "Probably." (Have to buy new bras?) "Don't have time right now. If only my legs can get thinner."


Friday, November 27, 2009

Ron Ng expresses new series won't be victimized

TVB's new series, "A Chip Off the Old Block" will air after "Beyond the Realm of Conscience". Actors including Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Sunny Chan, Shirley Yeung, Louis Yuen, Nancy Wu, etc. went to promote in an ancient Cantonese restaurant in Central yesterday. Because it's broadcasting during vacation (Christmas and New Year), it was said won't have good ratings. Although pressured, but they are confident and Ron even said ratings will hit 32 points.

It's pressured to air right after "Beyond", which received very high ratings. Myolie pointed out the two ("A Chip" & "Beyond") are different genres of series. She doesn't worry it will be victimized because it's TVB who decide when to launch a series. Sunny Chan is also confident and said he performed the best in this series compared to the ones he filmed these years.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Myolie Wu: love first, then sex

Myolie Wu was filming MV for her new single, "靈魂伴侶" ("Soul Mate") in a hotel and appeared in a low-cut tank top. The Mandarin version of this single is penned by Myolie and she expressed want to bring up the love views of modern males and females, "For males, it's sex first, then love. I'm just like a typical female, love first, then sex." Asked has Bosco Wong comment the song, she replied embarrassingly, "No, we're both busy."

In order to present the idea from the song, Myolie invited two models to guest-appear. They were half-naked and had to hug in balcony. Myolie said they were a little embarrassed. Asked whether she will sacrifice for art like Tang Wei did, she said, "Depends on the script. But my body cannot be compared to Tang Wei's."

[Oriental Daily]

Stephy Tang loves Tuxedo Mask

Stephy appeared on a magazine cover again, but this time is for a comic magazine.

She appeared as the first cover girl for the innovated "Comic Fans". She expressed she likes manga a lot and always dream about meeting Tuxedo Mask in "Sailor Moon". On the shooting day, she received a "manga Stephy" from a manga artist. She was very happy and said will treasure it.


Stephy's bra top vs. Miki's back

Old colleagues Stephy Tang and Miki Yeung appeared in East Trim Sha Tsui for a Christmas event. The windy weather caused some awkward mess. Exposing her back, Miki stole the lime light and was attention-grabbing, but Stephy "fought back": her bra top under her shawl exposed when she raised her arms to fix her Santa hat.

Stephy expressed this sort of count as the first time they appeared in a same event after Mikki left, "We don't see each other often before. It feels special working together like this." (What about if she's Theresa?) "No problem! We're just earning money, of course there's no problem." She also expressed she always want to take a break. But since there's a chance to earn in Christmas, she will keep on receiving jobs.

[The Sun]

Elanne Kong works out and stays fit for her first concert

Eleanne Kong, who will hold her first concert next year, went to promote in the radio station. She disclosed she starts to practice and already lost 8lbs successfully due to 3 hour of running and swimming everyday. She will start her diet next week, ignoring spicy and oily foods.

She also hired Joey Yung's gym teacher and said, "By then, I can show some muscle to everyone, showing legs and arms." (Showing chest?) "Won't be too sexy. I'm afraid exposing might affect the performance."

Elanne also want to invite Show Luo as guest, but she didn't dare to ask through good friend, Rainie Yang.

[The Sun]

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Toby Leung: Dream

Toby Leung said "iDreamation" can be translated into "My dream". This is a dream she craves, but it's so far away from her.

She's into acting and is supported by the family. She's lucky that opportunities keep on coming. "I really love acting. But there are many times people ignored my effort because of my family [father is TVB's producer, mother worked in TVB before]. Just like lately they said I didn't act well in 'In The Chamber of Bliss'. I will accept criticism and do better next time." Already positioned, Toby has to accept this fact no matter what.

Although denied, Toby won't give up and understands the principle of "nothing good lasts forever." She wants to abandon herself from her parents' shade and rely solely on her own. The key to success is to be independent.

"I was inspired when my sister got married. Every bride wants to have a perfect wedding. So I worked with several friends and invest 10,000+ dollars to the business of wedding planning, helping others to achieve their dream." Once hoping to get married soon, now Toby only wishes others good luck. She hasn't find the one who can give her happiness and so she wishes to help to others to accomplish a memorable wedding.

"A step towards perfection", the 26 year old Toby tells us she will achieve this 'step' on her own.

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Anniversary Awards Ceremony to Praise Chan Hung Lit

Chan Hung Lit had been in the industry for more than 40 years. It was informed that TVB will include a section to praise Chan's contributions in next month's "Anniversary Awards Ceremony". "Thank you everyone who supports Lit Gor. TVB will consider carefully and make proper arrangements."

"Dai Yim Shan" will leave due to heart attack

"Off Pedder" will broadcast its final episode in January 2010. "Dai Yim Shan" is supposed to go to prison for his daughter, Florence Kwok; but he will come back after serving his sentence. However, because of Chan's sudden death, "Off Pedder" producer announced the following after an urgent meeting, "Lit Gor already filmed about 10 episodes for his part. Including other episodes, it can broadcast safely for another month. TVB decided to make 'Dai Yim Shan' to pass away due to heart attack. It will be explained by others in their scripts." (Is it too cruel to let actors to experience Chan's death once again?) "I believe TVB actors are all professional. It's tough for screen writers to write this scene. It's tough for everyone. But this arrangement won't affect much as a whole."

Chan's wife, his children, and sister appeared in the hospital around 2:30pm. They didn't answer any questions from the reporters. Chan's sister said, "Won't answer anything. Please leave us alone after you're done taking pictures."

[The Sun]

Anita Yuen to save ratings by turning on more TVs

Anita Yuen and other "Born Rich" actors, Ray Liu, Jamie Chik, etc. attended to a charity event. They passed out rice to seniors and played games with them.

Anita expressed she couldn't do anything to help "BR"s rating and joked she needs to turn on more TVs at home to help ratings. She also said hoping her death in the series will help. But she admitted it's hard for the plot to stay interesting and rich from the beginning to the end.

Jamie Chik pointed out she doesn't really mind about ratings. She's satisfied as long as it received good feedback from the audience and most importantly, good feedback from her picky husband, Michael Miu.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Monday, November 23, 2009

Magazine releases "intimate photo"; Kay Tse is humiliated and upset

Kay Tse, Vinci Yeung, Jason Chan, and HotCha appeared as the award receipients of last year to the press conference of "Hong Kong Music Awards 2009" (Metro, CRHK, JSG, and RTHK). Kay, who has been in trouble for almost a year, is troubled again. A magazine released an intimate photo featuring a couple, who look like Eason Chan and Kay, on the bed. Kay was very upset and said she is definitely being attacked, "I've been attacked by many this year and this is humiliating. The news upsets me and I think someone is purposely attacking me. A reporter tried to show me the picture, but I refused, because I know that's not me...my personal life is very healthy."

[wenweipo, K]


Charlene Choi & William Chan's Rock N' Roll Birthday Party

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and William Chan, who turned 27 and 24 on the 21st and 22nd of November, held a birthday together in Central with a 'Rock' theme. Colleagues from EEG and friends from the showbiz business attended including, Gillian Chung (Ah Gill), Kenny Kwan, Joey Yung, Yumiko Cheng, HotCha, etc. Most of them dressed up with Rock elements like it required. Some are quite impressive like Ah Gill's Lady Gaga, Kenny Kwan's visual rocker, and William's pirate/rocker look. This starry party attracted many residents to watch on the roads.

Bernice Liu says Moses Chan is too thin, not that huggable

Bernice Liu attended to fashion event yesterday and demonstrated wearing two winter wear, which have Swarovski crystal on. She expressed want to become a mother, but it's not the right time at the moment. Talked about Moses Chan who lost 30lbs lately, Bernice said, "He lost too much weight and might get sick easily." She also said thin men are not that huggable; won't have the warm feeling. Later she cleared up that Moses never hug her before, and she was just commenting from the perspective of average women.

[on.cc, K]

Stephy is called "Ah So", Alex Fong: doesn't matter

Stephy Tang and Alex Fong attended to a press conference for I Love You Boyz (ILUB)' concert and was teased by ILUB. Alex was asked who does he like the most in Cookies, but he couldn't answer. Then when Stephy appeared, she was called "Ah So" (brother's wife, Alex's wife in this case). The two were also on a request to pose for photographs by exchanging glasses like a couple will do at their wedding night. After the event, Alex said in an interview that ILUB always call Stephy "Ah So" and he doesn't think it matters. But Stephy then said, "I think it matters!"

Stephy was criticized for having so many typos in her work. TVB's new variety show, "正識第一", is planning to invite her as a guest and play games that involve in finding typos in a paragraph. Stephy said she just got notified and doesn't mind appearing on the show. She also agreed there's a need for her to improve her Chinese.

[Mingpao, K]

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Justin Lo is booed for touching G.E.M

G.E.M's "18 LIVE 2009 Concert" attracted many fans including little kids. She showed off her skills in singing and dancing. Besides singing her own songs, she also sang songs by Jacky Cheung, Khalil Fong, etc.

Although she tried hard to get everyone moving, but the audience seemed quite dead most of the time. Several times after she talked, no one responded. She even said, "Wa, no response!" Same thing happened when said she wants to thank the person who picked her to sing in a commercial in the middle of the show. She immediately said, "Wa! No dead air please! Give me some response!" Almost to the end of the show, the audience finally seemed active and enthusiastic.

G.E.M invited Justin Lo as guest and he was booed by male fans when he kept touching G.E.M's cheeks, "Justin! Don't take advantage of her!" He sang out of tune when performing "30 Days". G.E.M supported Justin after the show, saying he was just playing with her.

[Mingpao, K]

Friday, November 20, 2009

Stephy Tang plays an AV assistant director

Because Stephy will play an AV assistant director, who just returned from Japan, in the new film "72 Tenants", her "bedroom" is full of photos of naked AV actors, AV girls posters, and sex toys. She felt embarrassed during filming because she doesn't dare to look at the posters and also, the filming staff are all males. Asked did she see the poster of AV Stephy in her "bedroom", she laughed and said, "No, but I heard the AV girl who resembles Myolie Wu would be there. The director said she (AV Stephy) recently released an album. I want to see are we this alike." She also expressed she is more nervous in playing Jacky Cheung's daughter, because he's her idol since she was little.

[Mingpao & on.cc, K]

Charmaine Sheh might win TV Queen over Sheren Tang

Although Sheren Tang is the hot favorite for TV Queen and is supported by many, however, according to the inside information from TVB, the award is decided to give to Charmaine Sheh. The reason is because compared to Sheren Tang, Tavia Yeung is still not experienced enough. So they rather let Charmaine win.

In addition, one of the angels of taste from "Foodie 2 Shoes", Pear, (GoGo Cheung) won first prize in the Anniversary gala, a total of 1 million dollars. Charmaine won second prize, 200 thousand dollars. Host Natalis Chan then teased Charmaine, "You won second prize, do you think you can win TV Queen?" But she ignored him and expressed she hopes her luck will level up next year and win first prize (she won third prize last year).

[Oriental Daily, K]

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sharon Chan falls in love with Gallen Lo

Sharon Chan is fortunately to work with Gallen Lo in "Born Rich". Although she was fooled by him, but she's still happy, "I grew up watching Gallen's series. Everyone in my family love him. I'm excited already to film with him and never thought of being in a relationship with him. We even have kissing scenes! I don't film kissing scenes much and this time is quite bold. I'm satisfied." She also pointed out Gallen was quiet in the beginning but the two started to have conversations when they know each other more. Sharon said she even fell in love with Gallen for real and almost could not pull herself out.

She's also fortunately enough to work with seniors like Ray Lui, Jaime Chik, and Anita Yuen and she said she's pressured, "I seize this chance and hope to learn more." (Have you improved?) "I'll let the audience decide. I always work hard." (Want to get 'Most Improved Award'?) Of course! But I already know I'm not going to win so I'll spend more time dressing up nicely to attend to the ceremony."

[The Sun, K]

Liza Wong exposes armpit hair?

Liza Wong was assigned to draw the Anniversary red pocket in the TVB Anniversary Gala. When she was announcing the winner (Chau Chung), the camera-man made a close-up to the card in her hand and her armpit was magnified at the same time. This quick scene created a hot discussion between netizens because they saw armpit hair on their HDTV screen.

Asked Liza whether she didn't shave off all the hair, she couldn't help and yelled, "Those netizens are ignorant. I'm very neat all the time." She said the "armpit hair" netizens saw is just a mole and shadow.

[Mingpao & The Sun, K]

Ah Sa celebrates birthday with fans

Ah Sa, who will turn 27 this Sunday, invited fans from different countries to celebrate birthday together. She expressed she is very busy that she will have to work during holidays like her birthday, Christmas, and New Year. Because of that, she greedily made 3 wishes: good health, work will go smoothly, and happy all the time.

Fans from Hong Kong, Mainland, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, etc. came to this celebration. Because they know Ah Sa loves rock-style outfits and accessories, so they decided to hold this party with a “Rock” theme. Everyone has to appear in a Rock outfit.

Fans also gave Ah Sa a cake that looks like her puppy. This made Ah Sa doesn’t want to “kill” (slice) it.

[singtao, K]

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Michael Tse is confident in winning two awards

"Laughing Gor" Michael Tse went to try on accessories yesterday for next month's Anniversary Awards. In the end, he picked a total of 4,800,000HKD diamond accessories.

Asked he's the hot favorites for "My Favorite TV Male Character" and "Best Supporting Actor", he expressed, "The award I won recently from a magazine boosts my confidence." Some said he will definitely win those two awards, and Michael said, "Of course not, but I'm confident."

[on.cc, K]

Wayne Lai prepares himself to win TV King

TVB artistes are all preparing for the Anniversary Awards, including Wayne Lai, the hot favorite for TV King. He hired two stylists and has been working out and doing facials in beauty salon to prepare himself for the show. "I lost 16lbs in total and now I weight 145lbs. Waist measurement is down to 30in from 33in. I also have chest muscle now!"

In addition, he expressed if he wins, he will definitely thank Catherine Tsang, "People think thanking her is flattering, but it's not true. She cared about me a lot. It was Catherine that made me return to TVB when I left in 1998." When he attended to an event for the Anniversary Awards, seniors Liza Wong, Eric Tsang, and Natalis Chan all came to Wayne for group photos. This should make Wayne very confident in winning TV King.

[on.cc, K]

Leon Lai breaks Jill Vidal's comeback dream

Leon Lai will guest appear in a new film, "Frozen", starring "double Js", Janice Man and Janice Vidal. He is assigned with the role of beggar and he said he won't teach "double Js" how to act, because they have their own talents and ways to express themselves.

Jill Vidal is praised recently by many and Leon was asked whether he will give her a chance, he said, "I told you many times. If your occupation is a special agent, you cannot be an agent anymore once you are exposed. One can work in many different industries like behind-the-scene and sing. But one must be responsible for the thing one did. Some media believe should give one a chance, but some might disagree. Don't talk about whether to make a comeback all the time. Once exposed, there's no turning back."

[Singtao, K]

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gillian Chung's never give up spirit is praised

Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) attended to the awards ceremony of "TOUGH Jeansmith 15周年紀念─15強人" and received an award for her toughness and her spirit of not giving up in tough situations. The 15 award recipients are from different industries such as music, sports, and politics.

Ah Gill said she experienced many things these 9 years in the showbiz business; different things happened everyday with lots of pressure. The photo scandal last year is the most significant and sensational incident. Asked whether this incident has completely become the past, she said 'No', but she won't think about it on purpose because she won't give up for just one thing. She has to move on so she must face everything with bravery.

[on.cc, K]

Ah Sa avoids Ronald Cheng smartly

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) attended to the press conference for "The 32rd Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award" and her relationship with Ronald Cheng was teased again. When she appeared, the character "中" ("Chung", the middle character of Ronald's name, 鄭中基) showed up on the screen immediately. Ah Sa said smartly, "It's Gillian Chung ("鍾" is the homophone of "中"/"Chung"). 2010 will be TWINS' ten year anniversary and we will unite again." She is very confident in her song, "二缺一", because the lyrics talk about her feelings these two years.

The "Female Singer Award" is very competitive. Ah Sa she supports Joey Yung and praised Joey is very hardworking. As for the rumor TVB's Mona Fong won't let Joey to break Anita Mui's record of winning the "Favorite Female Singer" award 5 times in a row. Ah Sa pointed out Joey is the best HK singer in her heart and she believes many things are fated. She is also confident in her future and thanked for EGG's support. "Although one of my songs this year isn't liked by the company, but they still let me try."

In addition, Khalil Fong didn't notice the competition between singers and he will support Eason Chan, since he knows his chance of winning is low.

[Singtao, K]


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