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Saturday, May 8, 2010

[Review] Fun With Liza and Gods Episode 7

Overall it's an average episode, it's sad that Sat In The City ends in this episode :-(
 The 3 Gods continue to impersonate classic characters from TV series. First we have Johnson Lee as Chow Yun Fat's character in 上海灘. They replaced the gun with blow dryer and the funny part is where Johnson blows off that guy's wig LOL
Then we have Louis Yuen as Dae Jang Geum. I think the "My Father, My Mother" is quite funny HAHA!
Lastly we have Wong Cho Lam as Chung King Fai in "A Fistful of Stances." Honestly, OMG!! He did a very good job, especially mimicking Chung Sir's voice!! At least 85% alike! Close to 98%!

Gag Father this week is OK, the first one is not really a typical joke, the second one is the usual 'lan gag'
I like Raymond Lam, in my opinion he's the only TVB actor that can consider to be a SINGER; he is good and smooth. Liza Wang just...couldn't handle high pitch, she would be off-key by then.
 The climax in the entertainment reporting show is Da X meeting Michelle Lo! They really are look-a-likes! Da X gave Michelle 2 pairs of chopsticks, signifying they're chopsticks sisters haha!
Then Sat in The City airport version! Nothing to mock, but more like a farewell segment. Sayonara yo!
Then Fookies aka Cookies! The 3 Gods totally caught Stephy, Theresa, and Kary's characteristics and exaggerated them LOL. And they sang “心急人上”, can't believe I knew it......I didn't know it was by Cookies, or perhaps I just forgot, it has been a long time.....
Introducing EEG new singer Alex Hung Kit (洪杰). He impersonated William So in the impersonating segment. He did a good job, voice and gestures. He's the one who did a good job overall since the show started. Without the wig, he gives me a Khalil Fong feeling.
In the end....OH GOSH Liza singing again. She wore the Nefertiti-inspired hat again (it looks Nefertiti to me LOL). This time singing a Mandarin song, and I think it's better than Cantonese songs..still a little out-of-tune when she reached high notes.

[Interview] 'Three Gods': I Like To Impersonate!

Johnson Lee Practices His Skills By Singing Karaoke

Part 1: Johnson Lee
The Sun / Translated by: KAY
 Everyone knows about him impersonating the four heavenly kings, it's an easy job for Johnson Lee to impersonate all Hong Kong singers. Unfortunately Hong Kong is a strange market and can't fit this type of artiste. Although his excellent performances are already hits on YouTube, but he is still not so lucky. Fortunately "Fun With Liza and Gods" made a change in Johnson's life---he is now popular. News relating to his family and romance life are exposed to the public. He didn't worry nor panic, and sees everything like usual, because he didn't think he ever has any bad luck: "This half year, I'm offered with many jobs, really, never thought it would be successful when company shaped me as an impersonate expert. To be honest, now I perform on stage more than acting, of course I earned more money this way than before."

Many people keep having dreams of becoming super stars. But the optimistic Johnson knows it's stupid to think too much: "Won't be stupid to set a time that I have to be popular by tomorrow. There are only 24 hours in one day, it's not enough to use! Don't be stupid. Instead of thinking unnecessary things, why not plan how to do better tomorrow! I don't daydream." It's not hard to learn Jacky Cheung's expressions nor Leslie Cheung's tender sentiments, but Johnson even learned their voices. He said it's because of karaoke: "When I was 14, there weren't too many entertainment living abroad. Family bought a karaoke machine to home, and I kept singing everyday! Different songs released and I would practice all songs. Don't know why, when I have the mic in my hand, I would be like that singer when I sing."

But actually Johnson never won any singing contest: "I sang like Leslie Cheung when I compete in singing contest, of course it didn't work! Didn't have my own style, so never won any contest! But never thought that this can become the way to earn money 20 years later." Now Johnson also have to impersonate different subjective people. He thinks there's only one way to do it well: "In order to impersonate well, you have to be ten times exaggerated in that person's movement and voice, of course some singers' voice aren't too special, then I can never portray them. But won't have a chance to portray them neither, because they won't get popular!"

Louis Yuen Relies On Big Contrast When Impersonating

Part 2: Louis Yuen

 Louis Yuen blames himself for being deficient. Thick lips, big waist, curvy body, he couldn't be like Wong Cho Lam, who can handle the feminism of a small woman. In order to impersonate well, he has do extra work before the show: "Every time I impersonate, really have to do more research before hand, have to watch all shows and singing technique of that person, then go for the main part, it's all about experiences."

Knowing he is fat and it's hard to impersonate certain people: "I can never impersonate So Gai Mao [掃街茂], he's so skinny, just can't do it in any way. But I feel it's because I can't resemble him, so there would be a contrast, viewers would be happy watching it." He continued: "But usually I would pick people who have similar body type like me, because I don't dare to risk. I want to be confident before impersonating, like impersonating Chan Cheng Cong, Sammo Hung, and Tiger Woods, I feel I impersonated them well. Like Tiger Woods, just have to blacken my face, thicken my lips, then put on some make-up cotton and I'm done!"

As for the old days in "Enjoy Yourself Tonight," there are fewer good impersonators in Hong Kong. Lo Hoi Pang, Lo Ho Kai, Adam Cheng aged now. Mui Siu Wai and Kingdom Yuen seem to be taking a break. Responsibility of '3 Gods'  is not just to entertain everyone, but also to keep this type of performing art. Louis said: "I think we cannot lack comedian stars. If no one impersonate and entertain, everyone would be stressed out to the max! I think we three are 3 cobblers, all have different comedy talent. We have different strong points. When we get together, we would be the strongest group."

Talked about strong points of every 'God,' Louis said: "We three are all different. Johnson is careful and detailed when impersonating, he handle every gesture and laugh very well. Besides good at impersonating, Cho Lam is also good at writing lyrics. Lyrics in many songs are written by him, he's great. As for me, I'm better at controlling the atmosphere and timing, making the audience more enjoyable. Plus Ah Jeh, we can complement each other's deficiency."

Source: The Sun / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Wong Cho Lam Is Proud To Be A Woman

Part 3: Wong Cho Lam

Wong Cho Lam has an advantage of portraying women and he said he can do it effortlessly. He doesn't have to do as much research like Louis and Johnson did, but the feedback is the most uproarious: "When I impersonate, I would impersonate the person that's alike to me. It's like there's no reason to ask Louis to impersonate a skinny girl. Because the performance only lasts 2 or 3 minutes, only have to find 1 or 2 main points then it would be OK." Talked about impersonating women, Cho Lam can talk a lot about it: "Just like impersonating Lisa S., I have to speak like her, high pitch when speaking English. As for Lynne Xiong, I would have to make my eyes as big as hers. When answering questions, just have to make my eyes big and I would look like her! How come I look taller when impersonating her? Thanks to the director, he focused on my waist then plan down to my legs, in the end brought the camera from bottom to the top, making me seem taller. But in fact, I'm still a shortie...Anyways, I don't just look at the person I'm impersonating, but to look at his/her playfulness."

But Cho Lam once thought it would be super disgusting to portray women: "Before going out to the streets, I'm afraid others would throw tomatoes at me. Looking at myself in a female look, oh gosh! I can actually be this pretty!" Out of thousands of his female looks, Cho Lam believes 'Handelababy' is his proudest work: "It's successful because I can create a character, because creation is better than impersonation." Cho Lam doesn't just earn money from impersonating: "I think we actually earned a group memory. Just like Adam Cheng impersonating 4 heavenly kings, Ah Jeh dances hot coffee, Fei Jeh steps on eggs, these are all group memories of after-70s and 80s [people born between 1970 - 1979, and 1980 - 1989], but it seems everything is gone these past 10 years. I hope after 20 years some people still remember us! What I want to get is not money, I didn't even accept job opportunities in the mall lately, I have to do well for this show, use a long line to catch a big fish."

Source: The Sun / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang Express Love With Their Eyes

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang's new series "Rosy Business 2" (巾幗梟雄之義海豪情) held a blessing ceremony yesterday. This time the two's characters have a complicated relationship. Sheren plays the head of a gang and is often taken care by Wayne, who plays a police. Asked whether the two would have intimate scenes? Sheren joked there're many extreme action scenes; no intimate scenes at the moment, only hugging and a scene where the two spend a night together. But she told everyone don't think too much about the night scene, nothing would happened. She felt feelings are most important when filming love scenes and can express with eyes. It can also send a message that to love doesn't necessarily have to possess it; man and woman spending a night together don't necessarily have to have sex.

Wayne said that night scene is about him helping Sheren to quit drugs and talking to each other. Intimate scenes like kissing would be decided depending on plot development, he can cooperate and doesn't mind. He agreed with Sheren that things don't have to happen when opposite sexes are spending a night together, they can have a healthy relationship. His son is 12-years-old and he was asked whether he mentioned sex education, Wayne said not yet; his son hasn't ask curiously, let it be.

"RB2" is copy editor Cheng Wah Biu's last series in TVB. Wayne said Wah Biu should leave after the screenplay is done writing. Whether he's confident in winning TV King again with this series? He said there are many reasons behind winning an award, as an actor he's satisfied for winning once already.

Fala Chen looked very tired in the event and she said a night before she had to film an emotional crying scene. She's stressed and very tired. Stressed because she is working with TV King and Queen? Fala denied and said everyone helps her out. Wayne would teach her techniques of acting. Asked whether the other reason is wind is too strong in boyfriend's expensive house? She said she doesn't even have time to go home, but her boyfriend supports her very much and lets her focus in working. Did boyfriend ask her to retire and become a rich wife? Fala said never, because her boyfriend knows she likes to act.

After Kara Hui won "Best Actress" in HK Film Awards, it's rumored that Lee Tim Sing gave her more scenes. As for this rumor, Kara stressed there is no such thing like that. She won't compete because every actor has his/her responsibility.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Dave Wong Becomes Grandpa At 48? Just A Disappointment

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY
Lately many media reported Dave Wong didn't know he became a grandpa for two years. Around late night on the 8th, Dave wrote on his Facebook, expressing his father is more than 80-years-old and doesn't have a good memory. His father mistaken Dave's 16-year-old son as Dave's grandson. That turned the rumor of Dave becoming a grandpa to merely a disappointment.

Dave's father Wong Hap disclosed earlier that Dave's 27-year-old daughter is married already and has a 2-year-old son. But Dave rarely contacts his daughter that's why he didn't even know he became a grandpa. When the news is out, all media are reporting how the 48-year-old Dave became a grandpa. Several days later, Dave explained his father hasn't seen his son for too long and made a mistake. As for whether his first daughter is married to a Hong Kong man or not, Dave didn't mention anything.

Joey Yung Goes To Support SD5 Xing Tang,Not A Simple Relationship?

Translated by: KAY
Earlier there were rumors of ex-Super Junior member Han Geng joining new Mainland idol group "SD5 Xing Tang," (SD5行堂) In the release event yesterday, the appearance of all 5 members wiped the rumors of Han Geng joining. The group released their first single "Secret Lover" and featuring Joey Yung. Lately this song become hits of radios and online. Clicking rate is very high and it has become DJs' most recommended song.

During the single's release event, all 5 stylish men sang two songs from their EP: "Secret Lover" and "Shy Shy." The biggest surprise that day was the arrival of secret guest, super star Joey. After hearing news of SD5 releasing albums, Joey specially came to congratulate them, even missing Twins' first regroup concert. Able to make super star Joey to be this supportive, what kind of relationship does these 5 young men have with Joey?

Kay's P.S: The relationship is...PUBLICITY! And they copied SJ's signature hand pose! boooo

Boyfriend proposed in Central Park (NY), Mandy Cho is getting married!

Exclusive from Mingpao Weekly
Scans by: TVBChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse.net

Boyfriend proposes in Central Park (NY), Mandy Cho is getting married!

Mandy Cho just returned to HK from New York and announced that she'll be joining the "wealthy wife" group at the end of the year. At the end of the year, Mandy will be getting married with her 5 year businessman boyfriend Jacky Cheung (Cheung Ka Kit).

Soon to become Mrs. Cheung, Mandy said over the phone today: "We haven't decided the date yet and are not worried about the wedding invitations because we are not making it big. After marriage, I will continue with my jobs, but will need look at the schedule. I do plan to have children."

Mandy reveals her background with future husband. In 2005, when she went to the States to study jewelry, she met Jacky there. She said: "We dated for 2 years, but back then I was young and was being too bossy, so we broke up."

But after breaking up, they still kept in touched as friends and reconciled 6 months later. Earlier Mandy went to New York to see Jacky, where Jacky proposed to her at Central Park with a 3 karat diamond ring. He told all his friends, passerbyers and the media to see the whole process and take pictures.


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