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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Show Luo Fights to Give Happiness to Cyndi Wang

Cyndi Wang has been encountering many "peach blossoms" [romance] recently. In this past 2 weeks, besides Lee Wei and Gold Typhoon's Pang Wai Yan, it's known Show Luo would duet a new song with Cyndi in Cyndi's new album. Show fulfilled the promised he made at the concert: "I need to bring her to a happy place!"

Cyndi seems very happy when she attends to public events recently. A magazine exposed she has been dating Lee Wei for 6 months. The two flirt on Weibo often and also used the same luggage. They are also business partners--they both invested in Little Peach Sister's douhua restaurant.

Yesterday Lee Wei attended to the opening ceremony of the douhua restaurant and admitted Cyndi is his cup of tea. But Lee Wei has many enemies to take down. Besides Cyndi's boss Pang Wai Yan, Show in her company also cares her a lot. It seems Lee Wei can't just win Cyndi's heart with his mouth only.

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Moses Supports Charmaine Sheh Doesn't Have Princess Disease

Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, and Fala Chen, etc attended to promotion event of "Can't Buy Me Love." Although its premier encountered the hostage crisis in Philippine, and yesterday's promotion was the same day as the march to mourn the dead, but the actors expressed they aren't worried it will affect ratings. Moses believe this incident affects all Hong Kongers and  everyone should relax; thinking about it too much would affect health and now everyone needs to be happy. He also hopes related departments can account for victims. Charmaine believe the incident would have some effects on the ratings of "CBML." but she hopes this series can encourage survivors and victims' family, hoping everyone can face this incident bravely. Fala hopes this series can bring more happiness to everyone and believe this series brings out an optimistic message, which is a very positive adjustment.

In order to promote for series, Moses didn't mind carry rumored-girlfriend Charmaine on his back. Asked whether Charmaine was being herself in the series when she made those hateful faces? Charmaine expressed she relied on her acting. Whether she's afraid others would think she really does have princess disease? She stressed she doesn't and she just hopes to try different things by playing this character. Moses also supports Charmaine. He didn't think she has princess disease and praised she did a good job. Fala expressed boyfriend also watched this series, but only praised Moses and Louis Yuen are funny.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Leo Ku Donates 100 Thousand HKD to Families Suffered in the Hostage Crisis

Leo Ku, Joey Yung, and 30 other singers attended to a Solar Project 2010 event yesterday. The organization also announced Leo donated 100 thousand HKD to Tung Wah Group Hospitals, helping families who suffered in the hostage crisis tragedy.

Leo said this tragedy is painful, but after being sad and angry, it's more important to give the biggest encouragement and support to survivors. He hopes the dead can rest in peace. If he didn't have work, he would also participate in the march because it's one of the ways to express support.

Joey also said: "Love can win over everything. When encounter unhappy things, everyone need to gather together. Everything would turn better. Hope this can let foreigners know: Can't bully Hong Kongers!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Twins Can't Forget Lip-syncing Out of Thin Air

Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, and Twins went to show in Macau earlier. Twins' Gillian Chung had a little accident that her mic didn't work all of a sudden. She got another one but it still won't work. In the end, she shared a mic with Charlene Choi and the two sang using one mic, which was a warm moment. Gillian said: "It was scary! Don't know how come there are always some accidents, thank god it was fine in the end." Twins expressed it's not the first time little accidents happened. They disclosed something about the first time they performed in Macau. They weren't popular at that time and Charlene said: "We need to lip-sync out of thin air. We didn't even have a group name. The MC introduced us as "The Most Popular Group in Hong Kong." Even I couldn't help to laugh."

In addition, Alan and Hacken teased Fala, who was the MC of the night. Hacken said: "We asked Fala what's her bottom line, she said doesn't matter. (Talk about Marie Zhuge next time?) No way, who is that? I don't know those things!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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