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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Linda Chung and Stephanie Cheng receive gold records, are grateful to fans

Linda Chung and Stephanie Cheng attended to a New Year's party event in Chim Sha Tsui. Their albums both certified gold record sales and they thanked fans' support. Stephanie said there are so many pressure at work and she pushed herself all the time. She relaxed herself a little now when she realized she did improve. Stephanie said she will duet with Linda in a new song and she looks forward to it, "Since Sammi Cheng duets with Sally Yeh, it has been a long time for two female singers to collaborate together. Plus this song is very pleasant to listen to, we can't wait." Linda expressed it's quite stressful to turn into a singer from an actress. She's relieved that her album received a satisfied sales, "I never thought I can continue to be a singer. I think it's harder to become a singer than to become an actor. I know it's not easy for others to accept you. Many thanks to my company, who gave me this chance, thanks a lot for my fans' support."


Bosco Wong lets model to lure him

Bosco Wong signed a glasses endorsement with Hammer. He filmed a print-ad for them with a foreign model lately. They had to get close with each, face-to-face. But it didn't meet the requirement, so they got even closer: the model took an initiative in caressing his face and putting her mouth on his ear. It's unknown whether Myolie Wu will get jealous or not.

It's actually not the first time Bosco worked with the advertising company . He's the spokesman for their HK-style restaurant in Malaysia. Said he started to film TVB's new series, "情人眼裡高一D", Bosco said, "I asked them to sponsor Wong Cho Lam, too. I'm not near-sighted actually, but glasses are useful because they can cover black-circles."

[The Sun]

Stephy locks photos in safe deposit box

Stephy attended to a computer festival event as an I.T ambassador along with Siu Fay. Stephy said, "Friends laugh at me for being a "ah por" (grandma), because I saved so many plastic bottles and old newspapers at home, also have so many CDs that stored precious photos, and I will put them in my safe deposit box at home." (Are there any intimate photo?) "There are some photos with ex-boyfriends. There are also some crazy photos taken with friends." Stephy expressed she won't throw the CDs away randomly. Reporters suggested she can destroy them by cutting them. She said, "I'm afraid people can glue the pieces back together and recover the photos inside!"

In addition, she expressed she's simple and clear in relationships, "It was a trend to take pictures in photo sticker booths, didn't use too many digital things. It's easier for me to cut them, that's why I don't even remember the faces of my ex-boyfriends."

[The Sun]

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lollipop is said to disband for dating, gets yelled in foul language

Taiwanese boy band Lollipop always attend to events all 6 together, but yesterday only Owodog, Xiao Yu/Fabien, Ah Wei/A-Wei, and William attended to a Christmas event in Hong Kong. The four had support from about 500 fans. 150 from this 500 can take pictures with them. During the event, 3 young girls arrived with a banner saying "忘恩負義" (ungrateful). Fans in the front row didn't want the four on the stage and the media to see the banner, so they blocked it with their boards. Security guards came and warned these 3 girls. But when the guards left, they leveled up their action and expressed their unsatisfactory by raising middle fingers. Fans fought back and they yelled at each other in bad words.

The four members on the stage didn't know anything and they even asked reporters about what happened. Those 3 girls said they're fans of Wang Zi/Prince and Xiao Jie/LilJay. They are not satisfied that Owdog and Xiao Yu/Fabien left ex-manager, Andy, because they focused on dating. Owdog has new "lang mo" girlfriend, Grace, and Xiao Yu has Xiao Man from Hey Girl. They want to date that's why they signed Golden Typhoon instead.

Said they're ungrateful, the four members stressed it's not true, and explained Wang Zi/Prince & Xiao Jie/LilJay missed this event due to work.

[The Sun]

Stephy doesn't invite Alex to watch ILUB's show

Stephy attended to a Boxing Day event yesterday. Asked how she celebrated Christmas, she said, "No one to accompany me. I went to have Christmas dinner with my mom, and then went to a party." (What about Alex Fong?) "He didn't invite me, maybe he has a date."

Stephy disclosed she received practical Christmas presents like handbags, scarfs, and jewelries, "In the past, people brought presents based on price and brought many useless things that are harmful to the environment." (But you said you want to receive diamond.) "Of course no, no way someone will give it to me because I said so." She said she didn't attend to the award ceremony yesterday because she doesn't have any nomination; she will go to watch I Love U Boyz' show instead. Asked whether she invited Alex, she said, "No la, he watched the first show, but didn't invite me."

[The Sun]

Kiki Sheung to get married in three "10s"

Kiki Sheung attended to an event with boyfriend Patrick, who she dated for 4 years. Asked whether to get married next year, Kiki said her sworn brother picked the date, October 10, 2010 (10/10/2010), for its meaning, "perfect". She will try hard to lose weight before this day arrives, "I don't want to lose too much. I will exercise, after all, I don't want to look like a dolphin!"

[The Sun]

Stephy picks the best for "Music Cafe"

Stephy just launched her "Heart Sweet" dessert cookbook, then she released her new album "Music Cafe" immediately. She picked a Continental style cafe to fit the theme of "Music Cafe". There are many ancient products inside the cafe, like an ancient piano and phonograph. As for her new album (new songs+best selections), Stephy expressed she picked all the "best" ones by herself, "They are my favorites. They include some of my own works. It's hard to pick 27 out of all. I hope to share my favorites with my fans and hope they will understand me more."


Friday, December 25, 2009

"Taste of Angels" break into the music industry on their own

"Taste of Angels" Blueberry (Kibby Lau), Mandarin Orange (Yuri Chan), Banana (Vanko Wong), and Melon (Kimmy Kwan) attended to a Christmas event yesterday. They performed "Nobody" and played games with the audience. Mandarin Orange said, "We practiced this song for a month, and we learned very quickly. We will create a brand new MV on our own. Everyone is aware of 'Beautiful Cooking', so we want more people to know about us. In addition, we also want to try singing and dancing." They disclosed they don't have a name for the group yet. The MV will be low-budgeted and will be uploaded to the internet to share with fans.


Prudence Liew is out from "The Voice"

TVB's royalty fee conflict with HKRIA isn't resolved and more and more singers are victimized. Earlier, singers under HKRIA missed TVB's "Jade Solid Gold Seasonal Rounds" and "TVB8 Golden Song Chart Awards Ceremony." Then, Fiona Sit and Jason Chan were suddenly out from a performance for Po Leung Kuk. Lately, Prudence Liew, who belongs to Universal, is notified that she doesn't have to come to film "The Voice" anymore (two episodes on January 3, and finale on January 23). Louis Cheung will host on his own on January 3 and Gary Chaw will co-host with him on the finale.

It's known that TVB leveled up its action: besides variety shows involve in singing, don't invite singers to film series until additional notification.

Said Prudence is just hosting, not singing at all, the producer of the show said, "This is a decision made by the company. Staffs from her record company will come into TVB with her. Under this circumstance, we shouldn't work together as much as possible."


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stephy Tang stifles Theresa for being late

Stephy attended to "Poker King"s DVD signing. Said she left immediately when she was asked to take a photo with Theresa Fu, she said, "I told them I had to leave early before the show. I didn't know Theresa will come. Also, it was a mess when I left. I didn't see her nor hear someone asked me to take a picture with her. The showbiz is small, I don't mind taking pictures with Theresa when we meet." As for Theresa was late, Stephy stifled, "Yes, I can't do anything." Asked whether she will film a movie with her, Stephy said, "Depends on the role, I think no one wants the film to be overshadowed by news."

Stephy expressed her new book and CD+DVD are the best Christmas presents. Asked whether she wants rumored boyfriend, Alex Fong, to give her a diamond ring as a Christmas present, she said, "I don't mind accepting it, depends on how many carats." Stephy also talked about the difference between Alex and Louis Ku. She described Louis is very cool, and Alex is like glutinous rice balls, easier to social with.


Amigo Chui is accused of beating girlfriend, Elizabete Kwong

TVB's Amigo Chui is suspected of hitting his girlfriend, Chinese-Brazilian model, Elizabete Kwong. The two never admit dating each other, but their relationship exposed when this case broke out.

Source said, Elizabete proposed to break up because she's disappointed at Amigo for being unfaithful and he always lie. Amigo proposed to delete SMS sent and photos taken the past months, afraid of leaking to the public. But Elizabete refused, saying they're to keep as souvenirs. Suddenly, someone was too emotional, grabbed Elizabete's neck and hit her head, then took away her phone immediately and deleted the photos and SMS. Elizabete went back to her company and cried, then she called the police and went for a check-up accompanied by staff from her company.

Elizabete explained to media after she went to the police department:


[R: Reporter, E: Elizabeth]

R: Where did you get hurt?

E: My neck hurts a lot, it was strangled by him, my hands and legs are in pain, too.

R: Did you guys argue?

E: A little with boyfriend. (Argue about what?) About relationship. (When?) This afternoon.

R: Was it at boyfriend's house?

E: Yes

R: Is your boyfriend Amigo Chui?

E: Yes

R: What did you talk about?

E: Break up.

R: Who told who?

(The interview was interrupted by her boss and it restarted when she left the police department)

E: We argued this afternoon. I wanted to leave, but he wanted photos and SMS back.

R: What photos?

E: Couple photos.

R: Why did he want them back?

E: Because he said he doesn't want to publicize our relationship. I was helping him before when I denied our relationship, wanted to keep his fame. I didn't know he is this inhumane and hit me. (tears)

R: Have he hit you before?

E: He has violence tendencies.

R: How did he hit you today?

(F: Frankie, Elizabete's boss)

F: Mr. Chui hit her head, and she fell to the ground, then he strangled her neck.

R: Why was he this worried? Are there any intimate photos?

F: No.

R: Were they talking about break-up?

F: It was an argument in the beginning, but now of course break-up.

R: How long had been together?

F: Since August.

R: Did she interrupt the relationship between Amigo Chui and Natalie Tong?

F: They broke up already. She [Elizabete] is feeling very dizzy right now, let her rest.

R: Is there a need to check her brain?

F: I won't talk about it at this moment.

R: Do her parents know?

F: Already notified, I'm sending her home right now.

R: Did Amigo call?

F: I told him to turn off his phone.

Reporters contacted Amigo immediately when sources said he is suspected of hitting Elizabete, even before Elizabete called the police. Amigo replied coldly, "No such thing. I stayed at home the whole day, didn't leave at all." He even joked it's probably mistaken with the person who has the same name with him. 15 minutes later, someone faxed the news of Amigo hitting Elizabete to the newspaper office. Reporters contacted Amigo again, but was transferred to his voice mailbox.

[The Sun]

Monday, December 21, 2009

Stephy avoids taking photos with Thersa, leaves immediately

Stephy Tang and Theresa Fu were invited to attend to a watch shop opening ceremony. Stephy arrived first, then Theresa arrived with a group of loyal fans, who were shouting while raising their boards. Stephy, who had zero fans, kept her smile when cutting the ribbon, and she kept some distance with Theresa. When reporters requested Stephy to pose with Theresa, Stephy shouted out "HAR?"immediately, and left with Siu Fay.

Theresa expressed generously that she didn't notice Stephy avoids taking pictures with her and she wasn't embarrassed. Asked whether she feels Stephy lacks an easy manner, Theresa moved on to another subject, "I won't answer any hypothetical question. The design of this watch is quite elegant! If everyone requests, I'll approach next time."

[The Sun]

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Isabella Leong is back in HK with son; Richard Li hopes media don't disturb

Since the 21-years-old Isabella Leong released a family photo of her boyfriend and son in the middle of April this year, her whereabouts are still mysteries. It's said she locates in San Fransisco with her son. It was reported Isabella is back in Hong Kong with her son, and the two met grandpa, Li Ka Shing, already. Richard Li replied the rumors above through an e-mail yesterday, "As for the news that Isabella is back in HK with son, Richard Li and Isabella Leong thank to everyone's concern. Richard Li replied in the follow, 'Thank you all for your concern, I wish everyone a peaceful and cheerful Christmas and New Year. I also hope everyone will let us have some privacy. Thank you very much!"

A photo of Isabella holding her 7-months old son is attached to the e-mail. Isabelle seems to lost all the weight already, back to her fittest body. Her son, Li Cheung Chi, is very cute. Perhaps there are media who hope to have more photos of the two, so Richard Li stressed in the e-mail that there isn't any new photo; he is the one who provided the photo, not Isabella.


SJ Kyu Hyun blames Han Kyung for leaving

Super Junior member Han Geng/Han Kyung suddenly requested to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment 2 days ago. The same night, SJ's other member, Kyu Hyun, wrote on his minihompy in English, saying "Even a beast won't bite the hand that feeds one..." Many fans lashed out that he mocked Han Kyung is the beast, biting back SME. Kyu Hyun then closed the website at the same night, and wrote on the first page, "Taking the right path is the
only thing that I wished for...Scary..."

In addition, member Hee-Chul posted a photo taken with Han Kyung, pointed out Han Kyung is a good friend who makes people feel very warm. Another member, Dong Hae, commented on Eun Hyuk's minihompy, expressing to be “Stifling…Depressing…(I gave) no strength…You?”

Source: allkpop & Mingpao

Fala Chen brings boyfriend to meet parents

Fala Chen went a Christmas event lately as a Christmas lady in red tube dress. Besides buying an expensive car for her father, she disclosed already ordered plane tickets for her parents to come to HK, "It will be their first time celebrating Christmas in HK, and I will show them around." Asked whether she will bring her boyfriend along to meet her parents, she said with a smile, "We will dine together." (Ask boyfriend to buy them a gift?) "Don't know if he will, but I think he knows what to do." (Did your parents push you to get married?) "No, I'm not anxious anyways. Career is more important at the moment. I don't want to talk about relationships that much."

Fala said she's not disappointed in this year's "Anniversary Awards". She looks forward to next year, "I will be in several series next year. Also, I'm in a movie with Simon Yam, which will release next month." (Hope to 'level up'?) "I want to, level up myself by gaining more experiences." (What kind of role do you want to play?) "I want to try everything, I don't mind playing an ugly girl."

[The Sun]

Friday, December 18, 2009

TVB cuts off Eason Chan and Hacken Lee

TVB is unsatisfied with HKRIA's royalty fee. TVB's general manager, Steven Chan, said they won't play any song from those four record companies (Universe, Warner, EMI, and Sony). TVB enacted right away: Eason Chan and Hacken Lee (both belong to Universe) are out from "Jade Solid Gold" and "The 21st CASH Song Writers Quest."

According to a reliable source, singers from Universe (Eason, Hacken, Kay Tse, Hins Cheung, & Mr.), Warner's Khalil Fong and Fiona Sit, and Sony's Jason Chan will win nothing. Singers under HKRIA will win nothing as well in "TVB8 Chart Awards Ceremony." In contrast, Leo Ku and Joey Yung will have higher chances in winning "Most Popular Male Singer" and "Most Popular Female Singer."

Universe's vice president admitted Eason and Hacken will be missing out TVB's performance, "Nothing is negotiated. How can you attend when you cannot perform at all? We won't attend to 'JSG's Seasonal Round' press conference." Sony expressed to be uncertain whether their singers will attend to the press conference. HKRIA will explain through a press conference next week.

[The Sun]

Stephy Tang gurantees no typos in her dessert cookbook

Stephy Tang attended to a book fair opening event to promote her new dessert cookbook. Although there were many typos in her previous fiction, she didn't give up. She said she read this book over and over again, and the content is proofread by professionals. She believes there won't be any typo this time. Stephy said this book is to share her recipes and it's different than creative fiction. She's not that pressured and hopes to write more.

During the event, a reporter asked her, "Has rumored boyfriend, Alex Fong, ate you..." But the reporter wasn't done with the question and Stephy said immediately, "Wa! Eat me?! This is a sharp question." The reporter explained he/she wants to ask has Alex Fong ate her desserts before, Stephy knew she thought too much and got embarrassed. She answered, "He tried my cheesecake before. That was because we were filming MV and I shared it with everyone. He said it was delicious!" Alex wrote the prologue for her, but Stephy made fun of his handwriting. Alex praised Stephy has a very sweet heart.


Stephy teaches you how to make dessert

A bookstore conducted a survey lately, asking students which female artiste would they like to see launching dessert cookbooks. In the end, Stephy Tang won as number one. Her cookbook, which is launching tomorrow, will feature 15 dessert recipes. She went to shoot covers and photos for inner pages lately and she seemed quite good in making desserts.


Kate Tsui hopes to win music awards

Kate Tsui attended to a opening ceremony for COACH yesterday. The brand will sponsor her handbags and Kate said she hopes they will sponsor her clothes for the music awards ceremonies as well.

Kate expressed although she just made her debut in the music industry, she already spent a lot in clothes, as much as 6 figures. Her mother finally told her to stop; should save more money to buy properties. It's said her single, "HIT ME", made into "JSG's Seasonal 09", Kate said nervously, "Really? Is it confirmed? I'm happy if it's real because it's my first time." Said the chances of winning for singers in the four major music companies might be affected due to the royalty conflict, Kate said, "I heard they won't be affected." She said she doesn't want the royalty conflict to affect the music industry, hope it will resolve soon. Kate likes Eason Chan, too, so she hopes he will get the award he deserved. As whether she is likely to win, since she's the biological daughter of TVB, Kate said it depends on whether the artiste is hardworking or not.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Theresa Fu to change image next year

Theresa Fu attended to a popularity award ceremony and she accidentally said the homophone of a bad word. She was awarded with "Popular Female Artiste of the Year" but she had many negative news this year, "Popularity is determined differently by different people. I hope my news next year will be more positive." Asked whether her most unforgettable news is didn't get along with Stephy Tang, she said, "I'm used to this already. It has been going on for years. The biggest change to me is changing a new company." Reporters said her rumor with Owodog is something positive, she joked it would be good if it's real. She said every negative news upset her the past year.

Theresa is famous for her signature golden hair and big lens contacts look, but she decided to make a change, "I will appear with a different image when I release a new single next year. I might not wear big lens contacts again." She said she kept this look for 2 years and she felt it's too feminine. She hopes her new image is somewhat boyish. Asked whether she will cut her hair short and is she afraid fans won't like it, she said, "I hope fans like who I am." (Fans like your current look?) "Hairstyle is adjustable, but I don't want to be that girly."


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ah Sa is confident in herself, not afraid of Baby stealling Ronald Cheng

It's said that there's a change in the relationship between Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng; William Chan's rumored girlfriend Angelababy is stealing Ronald away. Ah Sa attended to an award ceremony yesterday and she disclosed she fell off from the bed one night during her sleep. Someone suggested to ask Ronald to sleep next to her, so she won't fall again. Ah Sa smiled sweetly immediately. Asked whether she would complain to boyfriend when she's stressed, she said, "I usually complain to Joey Yung by MSN. I don't really talk about work with Ronald, we usually talk about random things." (It's rumored that he's with Angelababy.) "Wonderful! I mean Baby is wonderful!" (Encountered a strong enemy?) "There are a lot of rumors in this industry, I'm always confident in myself!"

Asked whether she has to look after Ronald more, she said confidently, "No need to, it's yours if it's meant to be. To handle Baby? No need to, many things are fated." She's questioned again whether she and Ronald trust each other, she said, "It's about destiny. Many things happened in this industry and I'm experienced enough to handle them. No need to talk about it every time." (Trust Ronald completely?) "I trust myself!"


93lbs G.E.M.'s eyes glow when she sees food

G.E.M., who lost a lot of weight for her first concert, attended to an event with Ella Koon. G.E.M.'s eyes glowed when she saw the Christmas dinner on the table. She said, "Although my weight dropped to 93lbs, but I'm still chubby. I don't want to have bye-bye fat, and my legs are the worst area that the fat will bounce for 4 seconds when I shake my legs!" Ella suggests everyone to take environmental protection seriously and she said, "I want to have 3 kids. It's said that 2012 will be the end of the world. I don't think I'm lucky enough to have kids before 2012. I will consider after the end of the world; I want to get married before 35!"

In addition, G.E.M. attended to a school show with HotCha and she expressed she filmed a clip, where she dressed up as Santa Claus, and put it on YouTube, "My album has a USB version. I signed 100 of them as Santa Claus, hope my fans can buy them!" As for HotCha, who just came back from Malaysia, they said they ate a lot, as much as 8 meals a day their stomachs are bloated.

[The Sun]


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