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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ethan Ruan & Joe Chen to Reunite in Fated to Love You 2?

SETTV's idol drama "Fated to Love You" once reached ratings of 10.91 points, peaking 13.64 points. Leads of the drama Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen Qiao En successfully become the A-class actors. But after they starred in this drama, they left and moved on to the big screen. Although ratings of SETTV idol dramas aired after "FTLY" are still at the top of the ratings chart, but they're only around 2s [except Autumn's Concerto, which received a high rating of 8.23 points].

In order to reach high ratings again, yesterday SETTV announced their plans of shooting new idol dramas <小襄的美麗人生> [rough translation: Xiao Nang's Beautiful Life] and <醉後決定愛上你> [rough translation: Decide to Love You After Drunk] next year. <醉後決定愛上你> is planned to be the sequel of "FTLY" and the company also planned to pair Ethan with Joe again.

GM of SETTV Su Li Mei expressed they will invest 4 - 4.5 million per episode as production fee and she frankly said that they has yet officially ask Ethan and Joe. "Because afraid of being rejected," admitted Su. "We are prepared though. But still hope they can star in this drama." Ethan's manager expressed they still need to plan according to Ethan's schedule and the scripts.

Source: Liberty Times / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Ady An Refuses to Pair With Mike He?

Ady An was crowned "idol drama queen" after starring SETTV's "Autumn's Concerto." She returned to filming movies after she's done with the drama. Recently she was invited by producer Ke Yi Qin to star in new drama <我愛查沒樂>, but it was said she turned it down when she knew her partner is Mike He.

Producer Ke's new drama <我愛查沒樂> just announced its leads to be Mike He and Cyndi Wang and all actors went to a costume fitting yesterday. "Director said will make Cyndi as cute as possible, and Mike as hot as possible!" said the satisfied Ke.

However, the drama was originally set to be Joe Cheng and Joe Chen Qiao En, but Qiao En decided to film new film with Chow Yun Fat. Then female lead switched to Ady An, but this time Joe has a problem and he was replaced with Mike. Because Mike's "Calling For Love" didn't do well, Ady refused and said no to Producer Ke.

Ke frankly admitted things like this happened before but not in this idol drama. She said she never asked Ady and just asked about her schedule. Joe's manager also denied the rumor. "Ady is an excellent actress. But our schedule really couldn't fit." Mike expressed he likes the scripts and also turned down a movie for it; he knows nothing about the rumor.

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Leila Tong Continues to Deny Pregnancy Rumors

Has been keeping her love life in low profile, Leila Tong finally announced she's getting married. It's also rumored the 28 year old is pregnant.

Earlier around 4:30PM, wearing a hat, black loose dress, and shorts, Leila left her apartment and when she discovered reporters were following her, she stopped and got off from her car. Reporters asked where is she heading to and she accepted interview. "I just returned from Mainland. Originally wanted to go to my mom's house and eat, but now seeing reporters are following, I changed my mind and will go back home to cook noodles. Plus I don't want to affect neighbors near my mom's place." As for rumored being pregnant, she continued to denied. Talking about her marriage, she expressed she will have a low key wedding.

In addition, when she attended to a Wan Chai event yesterday, she replied pregnancy rumors again while drinking cold orange juice, "In fact I didn't even want to announce that I'm getting married. But my family doesn't want to hide it," she explained. Asked she is still drinking cold beverages? "I always drink them. (Not afraid it's bad for the baby?) I'll tell everyone if I'm pregnant. I really don't want to talk too much of y personal things."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Tony Leung Buys Couple Jewelry to Make Wife Happy

Director Wong Kar Wai announced filming new film <一代宗师> in 2002, but it wasn't until last year that he began filming. Male lead Tony Leung Chiu Wai seems being fooled by his good friend. He didn't know when the film will be done filming, and often have to fly back and forth from Hong Kong to Mainland.

Tony's wife Carina Lau of course isn't too happy about it. Earlier when she promoted film <> in Beijing, she first said box office of <> definitely can't be better than <一代宗师>, then she pointed Wong is slow at making films, and may not get it done in time by New Year. It's known her sharp comments surprised Tony, but he doesn't want to offend his good friend nor wife, so he prepared some surprises to make Carina happy.

Tony returned HK recently and was photographed showing up at a jewelry store in Central. Tony didn't have time to pick the perfect gift that when the sales brought out a bracelet, he didn't look at the style closely and already told sales to wrap it. He didn't take 10 minutes to finish buying the gift. He had to go back to Beijing right away and it's believe he will have a short meeting with wife over there.

In fact, <一代宗师> held a press conference 8 years ago and Tony even went to learn Wing Chun from son of Ip Man, master of Wing Chun. However, many obstacles occurred. When the film finally started filming last year, Tony's left hand broke during practice and they had to delay filming. James Cameron took 10 years to finish Avatar, is Wong trying to break that record?

Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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