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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vincy Chan Breaks Out With Her 'Swimsuit'

Source: ON.CC
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Vincy Chan performed along with other EEG artistes in the 10th Anniversary concert. She danced on the stage wearing a fitted black leather swim suit and red leggings, catching lots of attention. Vincy expressed she bought this "swimsuit" in the US: "Never have a chance to wear this until tonight. I'm afraid to wear it actually. I worried heavy dance moves might cause the buttons on the back to break off." She said she didn't a lot in order to look slim in this swimsuit.

TWINS Reunites, Tries Hard To Hold Tears; Cut Off Scenes of Edison Chen in 'Girl School Boy Students' MV

TWINS reunited to perform for EEG's 10th Anniversary Concert. They were the last to perform and their performance was the climax in yesterday's show. Gillian Chung (Ah Gill), Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), and fans who have been waiting for 2 years were very emotional that some fans even cried. When they were singing "女校男生" (Girl School Boy Students), its MV was playing on the big screen, but Edison Chen, who was the male lead in the MV, was cut off.

Fans screamed immediately when TWINS appeared on the stage. The two sang many of their classic songs such as "風箏與風" (Kite & Wind), "女校男生" (Girl School Boy Students), "戀愛大過天" (Love Bigger Than Sky), etc. They greeted fans with excitement after singing: "We are TWINS! Haven't scream out this slogan for a long time!" Ah Gill said: "I'm touched, very happy, thank you everyone."

Ah Gill Doesn't Want To Talk About The Past Again

TWINS accepted interviews after they performed. Ah Sa said: "I'm relieved. I noticed Ah Gill's eyes were teary, and I wanted to cry that moment as well." Ah Gill agreed: "I wanted to cry when I spoke my first sentence, but I hold my tears. My confidence returned when I felt fans' enthusiasm. They've been waiting for us to sing on the stage for a long time." As for Edison's part was cut off from "女校男生"s MV and Leo Ku sang one of Edison's songs, Ah Gill said: "I didn't see it, it's just a memory from work. Don't bring up the past again." Ah Sa said: "This is past tense, past already, must continue to move forward."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

Theresa Fu Avoids Setting Hair With Stephy Tang In The Same Hair Salon

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Stephy Tang went to a nearby salon after she attended to an event in Central. Shortly after she settled down, her rumored boyfriend Alex Fong arrived. Within 30min, Theresa Fu and her assistant walked into the same hair salon. Perhaps their hair stylist tried to avoid embarrassment, he went to have a little chat with Theresa immediately. But Theresa turned around and left before the stylist finished his talk with her assistant. She waved to reporters when she saw them taking pictures, and left with her assistant soon after.


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