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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tavia Yeung is criticized: "Give me time to become evil!"

"Beyond The Realm of Conscience" & "Born Rich" have average ratings of 34 points and 32 points at their first broadcasts two nights ago. They're the series that received the highest ratings in six years for their first episodes. However netizens felt "BTROC" is boring with no new ideas at all, also criticized harshly the series is a combination of "War & Beauty", "Rosy Business", and "Jewel in the Palace".

One of the netizens, '黑幕重重', sadly expressed, "Counterfeit, it embarrassed the whole Hong Kong, can't watch anymore! Very ugly, how can it sell?" Other netizens purposely compared "BTROC" to "JITP", pointed out Charmine Sheh is Seo Jang Geum, Tavia Yeung is Lee Yeon-saeng and Choi Geum-young , Kevin Cheng is Min Jung-ho, etc. As for the storyline, Charmine Sheh's Lau San Ho's father is demoted, mother is killed at a young age. They scolded the storyline is just like "JITP". Tavia Yeung, whose villain role is considered to be a hot shot for TV Queen, is already criticized harshly for its part in the first five minutes by netizens, saying her acting is not enough, voice is weakly soft, also her heavy make-up is quite scary, feeling she is rather victimized than supported.

Netizen 'k8964' left a message on the TVB website, expressing, "Her role as a villain is praised to be good, but it's highly rated, is it a little 'loving her becomes harming her' ?" Tavia Yeung said she looks at the ratings more respectably than awards, also hoping sincerely the audience to wait patiently, "I become evil gradually. Yesterday is only the beginning. Please give me more time to become evil."

As for "BTROC" arouse such feedbacks, producer Mui Siu-ching said will accept criticism, but she denied copying, " 'JITP' is talking about meals, ours is about the four departments in the imperial household bureau. It will mainly talk about the making of jewelries and sewing. We already tried hard to avoid the topic of meals. People already said I'm copying ideas when I filmed 'Forensic Heroes', it's unavoidable. Anyways, it will be improved continuously.'' She also supported greatly Tavia is doing a good job, "This is not the most evil scene, she will start to become evil later. I myself really appreciate the performance of actors."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Charlene Choi A cup against bikini girls


Movie "Beauty On Duty" ("美麗密令") held a press conference in Panyu, Guangzhou, yesterday. Female leads Sandra Ng and Charlene Choi were clothed a little conservatively, the limelight was stolen from the bikini girls Lin Jia Ling, Jeanette Leung, Samantha Ko, and Maggie Lee unfortunately. When getting photographed, the flat chested Ah Sa was placed in the middle, making her embarrassed. Her elbow accidentally hit the chest of Samantha Ko's. Asked how she feels, Ah Sa defended herself, saying, "I have them also, I have A Cup!"

Ah Sa disclosed will be wearing bikini and will have body contacts with the four girls in the movie, such as putting her face tightly on their chests. Asked how does she feels, Ah Sa said, "Soft and warm. I won't feel embarrassed." Asked whether feeling being compared acting with all the sexy girls, Ah Sa immediately used Sandra Ng as a shield. She said, "I'm not scared if Sandra is here!"

Ah Sa couldn't help to be shocked when she saw the girls wearing bikinis. She also tips off director Wong Jing isn't around usually, but will appear when filming scenes with them wearing bikinis. Ah Sa said, "Once they wear their bikinis, Wong Jing will look very closely........at the movie." Wong Jing said with a laugh, "This is the usual me, no problem, Wong Jing still wants to be a gentleman?"

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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