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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kevin Cheng Didn't Force Producer To Film Sequel

Source: ON.CC
Translated by: KAY
Kevin Cheng attended to a tennis event yesterday. As for the rumor that he forced producer Lee Tim Sing to film sequel for "A Fistful of Stance," Kevin felt the rumor is too ridiculous: "Actually besides me, other actors also said they want to film a sequel for it. But this is a decision that has to be considered by everyone. I can't decide on my own. They said I want to win TV King? Right now Tim Gor is filming anniversary series 'Rosy Business 2,' Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang are top priorities." Kevin also expressed he gets along well with actors and the crew from "AOF". It's a pity that the series only has 25 episodes. If it was to have 30 - 40 episodes, it might turn out even better.

Joey Yung, Chrissie Chau Are Attention Objects To 'After 90s' Girls

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Chrissie Chau, Joey Yung, and Angelababy became attention objects to young girls in Hong Kong. Lately YMCA held a survey about quality of young girls' charm. Out of 1821 participants, girls from middle school to high school said people they paid attention to the past 6 months through the media are mostly artistes (45.5%) then models (21.9%). Also, female objects that normal "after 90s" (people born after 1990) girls will pay attention to are Chrissie Chau, Angelababy, and Joey Yung.

Report pointed out some girls think Chrissie has high EQ and is optimistic and bold. Chrissie said: "I'm happy students don't only look at my appearance, but also look at my inner beauty. I'll continue to work hard, hope everyone can appreciate my good points besides my look." She disclosed she will go to Monte Carlo to shoot photos for her new photo album: "They have topless beaches there. (Will you swim in nude?) We'll see when we get there, if there's no Hong Kongnese then it's ok"

As for being the attention object for "after 90s" girls, Joey said: "I'm very happy. I thought only after 80s concern about me, didn't think after 90s also pay attention to me. I'll try even harder, hope to expand myself to children's market, sweep everything, yeah!"

TVB Series 'Fly With Me' Is Accused Of 7 Things

Although it only aired 5 episodes, but many netizens and viewers are already criticizing TVB's new series "Fly With Me" (飛女正傳) of copying other shows and movies.

No. 1: 99% alike
Plot and promotion clips of "FWM" and Uma Thurman's "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" are very much alike. Janet Bin (played by Ada Choi) is just like Uma Thurman in the movie, usually appeared in normal attire, OL look, but they will gain a perfect body and face and super powers after transformation.

No. 2: 95% alike
Janet Bin in "FWM" has super powers and can protect others without any weapon, which is similar to characters in "Hancock" and "Superman."

No. 3: 90% alike
The scene where Janet Bin used her hands to block bullets is just like the classic scene in "Matrix" where  Keanu Reeves did the same thing.

No. 4: 90% alike
The look of silver-haired doctor, played by Moses Chan, is exactly like the lead in Japanese manga "Black Jack." Also, Janet Bin's outfit is accused of copying Maggie Cheung in "The Heroic Trio"

No. 5: 85% alike
The scene where Ada an her uncle are talking in the hospital is like the scene where Leslie Cheung and Maggie Cheung were flirting with each other in "Days of Being Wild"

No. 6: 85% alike
Janet Bin in "FWM" got her super powers after falling off from a building, just like Catwoman in "Batman 2"

No. 7: 85% alike
Janet Bin received super powers because of genetic mutation, which is similar to Spiderman.

As for netizens' accusations, Ada replied: "Stories about super heroes are usual like that. But we added elements of Hong Kong women in this series, it's something different. However, netizens reacted means this series generated response." Moses felt his character's hair might be similar to character in "Black Jack," but sure that they didn't copy  it. Kenny Wong said: "I personally think there are many scenes where we paid special tributes to classic scenes. But if others have to think like that, it's ok, as long as everyone is happy watching it!"

Cheryl Yang Challenges To Play A Wicked Anchorwoman

Taiwanese female stars go to Mainland to expand their filming career often, such as Ady An, Timimi Chen Yi Rong, and Joe Chen Qiao En. A new wave of female stars went abroad lately---Cheryl Yang, Janine Chang, and Maggie Wu.

Janine and Cheryl both gained popularity in Mainland with hospital drama "The Hospital." Cheryl will film her first Mainland drama "Love With the Anchorwoman" (愛上女主播). The drama is based on the 2000 Korean drama "All About Eve" starring Jang Dong Gun, Park Chae Rim, and Kim So Yeon. The Mainland version consists of actors from Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Mainland, included Cheryl, Jang Hyuk, and Bowie Lam, etc.

Cheryl plays Kim So Yeon's villain character. Yesterday she attended to an event in Singapore yesterday and described filming in Mainland is like a "concentration camp." "The crew live together, and we concentrated in filming everyday." She said because she gets along very well with the team, it's happy working with them, thus she doesn't have homesick at all.

As for Janine, she played historic figure Huang Dao Po, who was a famous woman in the early Chinese textile industry, in "衣被天下". It was her first time filming an ancient series. In the series, she made new breakthroughs: bath with women and expose her shoulder.

Maggie Wu is currently filming 天堂繡" in Mainland with Korean actress Han Ji Hye and Mainland actor Lu Yi. In order to portray her character well, she spent 10,000NTD in clothes. But clarity of speech is her biggest problem, especially the team there is strict in pronouncing words clearly, she has been working hard in practicing scripts every day.\

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment   


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