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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

Check out who won big in this year's anniversary awards! Congratulations to all winners!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Amit (A-Mei Chang) is the Biggest Winner in This Year's Golden Melody Awards, Grabbing 6 Awards in Total

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
"God! It's very hard to win this award!" "AMIT is better!" As A-MIT, A-Mei Chang Hui Mei knocked out her competitors and became the biggest winner in this year's Golden Melody Awards, taking 6 out of 10 awards she was nominated. She is also the artiste to receive most awards in the Golden Melody Awards history. This is her first time not going for the usual love song route, and became the music producer and composer of this album, trying to edit old melodies of Taiwanese aborigines. Her uniqueness received acknowledgment from this year's judges.

Crowned as queen again, couldn't stop crying

Wearing a black suit exposing her boobs, Amit really did bring her many luck. After receiving "Best Song of the Year" and "Best Mandarin Female Singer" from good friends Chiang Hui and Na Yin, at the end she also received the award she wanted to most---"Best Mandarin Album." Last night she's the artiste who went onto the stage the most, specially when she won female singer award, she was crying, said emotionally: "This feels very important, winning this award, really makes me think it's right to hold on, it's right to change, it's right to love to sing." She also thanked all staff who worked on this album and family, including Ching Feng, who wrote the lyrics, and producer and manager Chen Chen Chuang: "Thank you all who are willing to listen to me saying unrestrained and imaginative things, supporting me to finish them."

Sitting under the stage for 8 years, finally

A-Mei this year really is lost in love but won in career. Although she denied and stressed she has them both, but she still won't admit she has a new boyfriend in Beijing. From the first year of her debut her record company forgot to apply "Best Newcomer" for her, and losing the competition after nominated "Best Female Singer" three years in the row, until at the 13th Golden Melody Awards she finally won her desired award. This year crowned as queen again, it's in everyone's expectation: "Clapping for 8 years under the stage, this year can finally come up to get it." She said in the celebration, she would make everyone drunk, either hugging the toilet or hugging the trash can.

In the industry for 14 years, David Tao once won "Best Newcomer," "Best Album," "Song of the Year," and 2 "Best Album Producer" awards etc, but he still missed male singer award. After nominated 7 times, he finally won this award this year. CEO of Golden Typhoon in Taiwan district took this award for David, expressing David is currently in a meeting abroad. When David knew he won, he expressed really have to thank everyone and thank Golden Typhoon keeps supporting him to make music, thank all musicians who contributed and worked hard for Chinese music, also have to thank all Chinese musicians.

The 21st Golden Melody Awards Main Winners List (click)

Suki Tsui Promises Husband to Go For A Rabbit Baby, Holds Hundred Day Celebration For Daughter

Source: Mingpao, ON.CC (pictures) / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Suki Tsui and husband Kenny Wong spent 6-digit to hold a 100 day celebration for their daughter Vianna. The event was decorated as a fantasy garden. There was a huge photo album placed at the entry and there are many naked photos of Vianna. Kenny said his daughter weights 14lbs now and is 62cm long; he thinks she looks like him. There was a pair of rabbit toys, asked whether Kenny wants to have another baby in the year of rabbit? He said happily: "Yeah! Next year is the year of rabbit, wants to go for a son, believe sister would care for her little brother." Kenny also exposed Suki is jealous of Vianna, because when he returns home, he would kiss their daughter first then Suki. So now he would kiss Suki first then Vianna, but Suki still complains when he kisses her, he would look at their daughter.

Kenny admitted he restrained his temper. Like earlier his car was hit by a car from the back, he didn't look into it more when he saw his car is alright, and is thankful daughter wasn't in the car at that time. Asked earlier he was involved in an assault case and assisted in police's investigation? he said he just assisted the investigation and isn't charged, and didn't receive a notice whether he would have to go to see the police again or not.

He also disclosed he prepared two skirts for daughter, one is given by godmother Jessie Shum, the other is a limited edition he bought from Japan. Elders gave gold and jade jewelries. Talked about funny things of his daughter, he said sometimes she moves her hands a lot, one time when he was talking to her, she actually punched him on the eye. Joked daughter inherited his personality? He said she has a pair of lobster arms.

After trying hard for 3 months, Suki successfully lost weight and returned to 99lbs. She wore a sexy low-cut dress, exposing her long career line. She said it wasn't hard during pregnancy and delivery. The family is happy to see the birth of her daughter. Husband said to have 4 children, wants to keep having cute babies at home, she said she would stop before she's 30. Said Kenny wants to have a rabbit baby? She plans to go for another kid at the end of next year. Kenny wants a son? She said there must be one out of four. Whether would ask for secret recipe of having sons? She said if her second child is a son then she won't ask.

Said Kenny is calmer after having a daughter? Suki supports Kenny and said he never have temper to family. She feels after he became a dad he is happier. Kenny exposed she is jealous of their daughter, she joked needs to balance, both have to be loved.

Justin Lo Admits Having A Girlfriend, But Doesn't Dare to Make Promises

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily (picture) / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Justin Lo held an album signing yesterday and celebrated his 34th birthday (July 1) early with fans. He said after 30 he won't have any special celebration. His birthday wish isn't anything special. Asked whether wants to get married? Justin said it's a good idea, hoping can make his first step this year. It's important to cherish people you're with and things you have now. He admitted he has a girlfriend, but doesn't dare to make too many promises, afraid if he cannot fulfill them he would become a bad guy, it's practical to take action.

He also disclosed he would return to the US to visit family and friends, but girlfriend won't come along. He won't bring girlfriend to see relatives easily.

The 21st Golden Melody Awards Main Winners List

Best Mandarin Male Singer
David Tao - Zero to Hero / 陶喆 - 《六九樂章》

Best Mandarin Female Singer
A-Mei - A-MIT / 張惠妹 (阿密特)- 《A-MIT阿密特 張惠妹意識專輯》

Best Band
1976 - Manic Pixie Dream Girl / 1976 - 《不合時宜》

Best Singing Group
Da Xi Men - X / 大囍門 《大囍門X專輯》

Best Newcomer
LaLa Hsu - LaLa Hsu Chia Ying / 徐佳瑩 - 《LaLa首張創作專輯》

Best Song of The Year
Come If You Dare - A-Mei / 《好膽你就來》 - 張惠妹(阿密特)

Best Mandarin Album Award
A-MIT - A-Mei / 《A-MIT阿密特 張惠妹意識專輯》 - 張惠妹 (阿密特)

Best Single Producer 
Mavis Fan - Innocent / 范曉萱 - 《赤子 innocent》

Best Album Producer
Adia- A-MIT / 阿弟仔 - 《A-MIT阿密特 張惠妹意識專輯》

Best Composer
Chen Hsiao Hsia / 陳小霞 - 在樹上唱歌 《在樹上唱歌》

Best Lyricist 
Albert Leung - Open Door See Mountain / 林夕 - 開門見山 《A-MIT 阿密特 張惠妹意識專輯

Best Arrangement 
Martin Teng - A-MIT / 《A-MIT阿密特 張惠妹意識專輯》

Best Music Video 
Daylight - Daylight of Spring by Soda Green / 日光 - 《春.日光》 蘇打綠

*A-Mei is the biggest winner in this year's Golden Melody Awards, winning 6 awards in total! I really like her A-MIT album the first time listening to it. Congratulations!!!


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