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Friday, December 24, 2010

Miriam Yeung & Real Ding's 2nd Wedding Banquet

Miriam Yeung and Real Ding just held a 48-tables wedding banquet recently and they held another one on Christmas Eve to welcome guests and friends who were not able to come that day. Those who attended to the second banquet including Shu Qi, Cecilia Yip and her husband, Pakho Chau, and Miki Yeung etc. But Miriam's old boss Leon Lai, who is rumored of not getting along with Miriam, was still absent. As for this, Miriam said: "I sent out invitations of both wedding banquets. They will show up if they can. But Mr. Lai did joined other colleagues to give us a gift."

While Miriam was well-dressed in a silver deep-v dress at the banquet, her husband Real wore a casual tee with black suit. Miriam said: "Of course you're more well-dressed to attend to weddings than to awards ceremony, but my husband's is more like casual attire."

The two kept on kissing on the request from reporters. As for having kids, Real said: "No need to rush, it only happen when my body is at the best shape." Miriam joked: "Yeah! He gets up at 6AM everyday to run!"

As for there are reports saying the couple earns from the wedding, Miriam said: "How do you earn by holding wedding? I received a lot, but not money, they are 70 photo frames, 20 crystals, and china, they're valuable, kindness from our friends" Real added: "Plus 100 pregnancy tests, and many toilet products, right products for us."

Source: Mingpao & Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Edison Chen Sings New Songs, Audience Reacts Coldy

Is the photo scandal still affecting the singer?

Edison Chen is officially back to the showbiz and his new album "CONFUSION" is releasing in December 30. Yesterday the singer attended to an opening ceremony event as guest and promoted his new album.  He rapped 2 songs but the audience was not too ethusiastic; only Edison's good friends cheered for him.

There are 15 songs in the singer's new album and they are about his experiences from the past 2 years. The only Cantonese song "Reboot" talks about starting over again and "Salute" is inspired by the aftermath of his explicit photos scandal. He said he wants to salute to people who support and did not support him over these 2 years because they gave him strength to do well.

Edison admits he is nervous about his official comeback: "I'm afraid I can't rap anymore. I'm not that worried facing several thousands people in Shanghai. But it's Hong Kong here, but after today I have nothing to worry about."

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jolin Tsai's Back to the Taipei Arena

Jolin Tsai is back on the stage of Taipei Arena after 4 years!

The singer's 3-shows "2010 myself Concert" at Taipei Arena kicks off last night. The dancing queen began the show with "Butterfly" and she performed in a very sexy corset mini dress. Not only she performed her latest voguing dance with famous dancer Benny Ninja, she also performed a special dance with male and female dancers for her homosexual fans.

Jolin sang nearly 30 fast tracks and already changed into 5 different outfits for the first 5 songs, changing 11 outfits in total. It is known the singer practiced changing clothes in 20 seconds for her concert.

The "Honey Trap" singer did not speak until the 10th song. She said she wants to talk less like singer Faye Wong: "But producer of my concert didn't like it. After all Faye's a music queen." Her fans' reply "you're too!" made the singer laughed happily.

Many of Jolin's friends sent flower baskets to wish Jolin a good show, including her ex Jay Chou. Jay even writes on a card: "Still a good show without Double J. Zero empty seat, zero awkward moment." But good friend Wilber Pan purposely teased her. His message on the card "you sure it's only gonna be yourself?" [the name of Jolin's concert is 'myself'] teases Jolin's rumored relationship with model Vivian Dawson.

Source: Liberty Times, UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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