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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Kay is going away for a few days, so there won't be any new updates until the end of the week. Thank you very much! :)

Lindsay Lohan to Serve Only 9 Days in Jail

It's known Lindsay Lohan "LiLo" could be out of jail after serving just 9 days, revealed by jail source to The Sun.

The troubling actress was sentenced 90 days in jail for breaking the terms of her probation for a 2007 drink-driving charge. Then it was revealed she would serve about 23 days due to prison overcrowding.

However, after she entered Lynwood Jail in California, police documents showed she was likely to be free in 14 days. And last night a jail source told The Sun he expected the actress to serve just 10% of her original sentence.

He said: "The sentence keeps shrinking. The new estimate is she will be released after 9 days if she behaves herself."

Lindsay is also allowed to take several prescription drugs in jail, including Adderall, which is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

90 --> 23 --> 14 --> 9 = Is Lindsay Lohan this lucky? Or is the American justice system not fair enough?


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