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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fahrenheit Holds 'All You Can Touch' Fans Meeting

Fahrenheit (飛輪海) held a "Super Hot" fans meeting yesterday. Every ticket is $700 and all 2000 seats were full, making Fahrenheit earn at least 1 million NTD. Although ticket price is expensive, but the four joked: "Today is all you can touch, you paid 700 dollars, it's time to touch them back." They also expressed this album won't be their last album.

Organization arranged 4 fans to the stage and danced with their idols. Some fans said: "I don't know how to dance. I just know 8 beats." Aaron Yan joked: "Welcome to this all you can touch event." Jiro Wang even said let fans to touch them. Originally the fan that matched with Wu Zun was too shy to touch, in the end Calvin Chen grabbed her hand and put it on Wu Zun's chest, causing other fans to scream.

Finally releasing their 4th album after a year and 8 months, Fahrenheit still need to face disbanding rumors. W Zun said: "I'm used to it, won't get embarrassed." Jiro said: "I will think on the good side. This represent we're all good even on our own, very happy."

Don't worry this woman is Aaron's mom!! LOL

Source: UDN, Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Maggie Cheung Man Yuk Can't Wait to See Carina Lau

Turning 46 on September 20, Maggie Cheung is still a shinning star. She immediately became one of the focus when she arrived to Venice Film Festival. Although she is just staying 2 days, but she would be busy going to all kinds of event. Appeared in causal attire at the premier of her short film "Better Life," she accepted interview from reporters: "I would only stay two days, because I have other work to do. (Boyfriend Ole Scheeren didn't come?) No. (Would you go to watch Carina Lau's <<狄仁傑>>?) Of course."

Rumors of Maggie hooking up with Tony Leung Chi Wan exposed after they worked in "In the Mood For Love" in 1998. Two years later, Tony even appeared on the red carpet with Maggie and girlfriend Carina at the same time. The three men appearance is very rare and it was even rumored Maggie was banned to attend to Tony and Carina's wedding. It's hard to avoid outsiders judging there is a change in their friendship.

This time openly supporting Carina, Maggie has a high chance appearing with Carina together today. This is definitely an anticipating scene for the media.

Maggie went to visit friends John Woo, Lau Wai Keung, Stanley Kwan, and Tsui Hark etc when she arrived Venice. Shawn Yue even got to meet Maggie and he was like a little fan who longs a group picture. When reporters went to ask him how did he feel, he appeared embarrassed and blushed. He just said: "Not telling you!"

In addition, Maggie expressed she is picking new screenplays but no important work has been confirmed. She is happy to continue being someone free.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Raymond Lam Appears in Neck Brace & Stays in the Hospital

After Raymond Lam held his second concert, recently he is filming new series <<>> and develop a romantic relationship with Charmaine Sheh in it. He has been working non-stop and doesn't really have time to rest.

Yesterday, Raymond suddenly appeared in HK Sanatorium Hospital. Wearing a mask and neck brace, he seemed to be feeling pain. He didn't stop to accept interviews. He expressed on the phone later: "I didn't go to the hospital because I'm injured. It's just because my neck and shoulder hurt. They are old injuries. Maybe I didn't get enough time to rest, so I went to have a check up today." He expressed doctor arranged MRI and he needed to stay in the hospital yesterday; today he would do a full body check.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Danson Tang Celebrates 26th Birthday With Fans

Danson Tang turned 26 recently. Around 400 fans from Korea, Hong Kong, Italy etc came to Taipei yesterday to celebrate their idol's birthday. Danson secretly practiced piano and played a song he composed <<灰色河堤>>. However, he worked out too much, causing inflammation on his right hand. But he didn't want to disappoint fans so he continued to play piano. He was nervous that he "shook 10 times every second."

Danson was moved to see fans are still supporting him over these years. He didn't mind interacting closely with fans, even acted out mini dramas with them. School started recently and some fans came in their uniforms. Danson reminded them to study more and won't allow them to follow celebrities by skipping classes.

Danson made his wishes: good health, continue to stay on the stage and have a stable financial base, give better life to mother. As for the last wish, he kept it in secret. Others asked whether it is related to love? He said mysteriously: "Of course, you will know by looking at my English name." Everyone was confused and he explained he is a "single Tang" [Danson sounds like Dan Sheng, which means single in Chinese] and wants to fall in love.

Fans gave him many types of gift. Besides cakes and birthday peaches, they sang Chinese, English, Japanese, and other versions of birthday songs together. Knowing Danson likes photography, he received expensive camera tools and he was very moved. But he hopes fans don't spend too much again.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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