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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Toby Leung: Dream

Toby Leung said "iDreamation" can be translated into "My dream". This is a dream she craves, but it's so far away from her.

She's into acting and is supported by the family. She's lucky that opportunities keep on coming. "I really love acting. But there are many times people ignored my effort because of my family [father is TVB's producer, mother worked in TVB before]. Just like lately they said I didn't act well in 'In The Chamber of Bliss'. I will accept criticism and do better next time." Already positioned, Toby has to accept this fact no matter what.

Although denied, Toby won't give up and understands the principle of "nothing good lasts forever." She wants to abandon herself from her parents' shade and rely solely on her own. The key to success is to be independent.

"I was inspired when my sister got married. Every bride wants to have a perfect wedding. So I worked with several friends and invest 10,000+ dollars to the business of wedding planning, helping others to achieve their dream." Once hoping to get married soon, now Toby only wishes others good luck. She hasn't find the one who can give her happiness and so she wishes to help to others to accomplish a memorable wedding.

"A step towards perfection", the 26 year old Toby tells us she will achieve this 'step' on her own.

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Anniversary Awards Ceremony to Praise Chan Hung Lit

Chan Hung Lit had been in the industry for more than 40 years. It was informed that TVB will include a section to praise Chan's contributions in next month's "Anniversary Awards Ceremony". "Thank you everyone who supports Lit Gor. TVB will consider carefully and make proper arrangements."

"Dai Yim Shan" will leave due to heart attack

"Off Pedder" will broadcast its final episode in January 2010. "Dai Yim Shan" is supposed to go to prison for his daughter, Florence Kwok; but he will come back after serving his sentence. However, because of Chan's sudden death, "Off Pedder" producer announced the following after an urgent meeting, "Lit Gor already filmed about 10 episodes for his part. Including other episodes, it can broadcast safely for another month. TVB decided to make 'Dai Yim Shan' to pass away due to heart attack. It will be explained by others in their scripts." (Is it too cruel to let actors to experience Chan's death once again?) "I believe TVB actors are all professional. It's tough for screen writers to write this scene. It's tough for everyone. But this arrangement won't affect much as a whole."

Chan's wife, his children, and sister appeared in the hospital around 2:30pm. They didn't answer any questions from the reporters. Chan's sister said, "Won't answer anything. Please leave us alone after you're done taking pictures."

[The Sun]

Anita Yuen to save ratings by turning on more TVs

Anita Yuen and other "Born Rich" actors, Ray Liu, Jamie Chik, etc. attended to a charity event. They passed out rice to seniors and played games with them.

Anita expressed she couldn't do anything to help "BR"s rating and joked she needs to turn on more TVs at home to help ratings. She also said hoping her death in the series will help. But she admitted it's hard for the plot to stay interesting and rich from the beginning to the end.

Jamie Chik pointed out she doesn't really mind about ratings. She's satisfied as long as it received good feedback from the audience and most importantly, good feedback from her picky husband, Michael Miu.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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