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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Barbie Hsu's 'Low-Profile' Wedding

Wedding ceremony location
Bridesmaid & Groomsmen
The couple walked in

Although Barbie Hsu (Da S) said it's going to be a low-profile wedding, but in fact it's very high-profile one.

Da S and Wang Xiao Fei's wedding is one of the anticipating weddings this year and is finally held today. Friends and relatives from both families flied to Hainan the day before to prepare. In order to break away from reporters, the family told them a press conference would be held in a hotel. Reporters were waiting outside in the sun for hours and in the end realized they fell for Barbie's trap.

When they arrived Hainan, Xiao S, Blackie Chen, and other Da S' friends and relatives accepted interview from reporters. Da S then took this opportunity to get on the car. Although both families only had 80 people, but nearly a hundred police, security guards, and staff from the hotel in total were there to guard them. They blocked reporters from going closer to the family, some of them even treated reporters rudely.

The big day finally arrived (March 22) and originally Da S rejected reporters from reporting, stating she just wants to have a low-profile wedding. However, she then allowed Sohu to report their wedding live. That was the same to guests at the wedding, who weren't allowed to take photos at the wedding but in the end they broke the rule anyways.

The ceremony was held in the afternoon. Da S and husband Wang were in white wedding outfits. Bridesmaids and other accessories were in purple, which is Da S' favorite color. Although it was windy during the ceremony, but everyone could feel the couple's happiness.

It's rumored the whole event costs at least 30 million NTD. Plus everyone's attention are on them. What a "low-profile" wedding!

Source: Sina / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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