Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Myolie Wu Announces Breakup With Bosco Wong in Tears

At a drama promotion event yesterday, Myolie Wu talked about her break-up with Bosco Wong again, this time she dropped tears at least three times.

"We're together for this long, and we are in the showbiz. So there's a need to tell everyone. We broke up for real, and it was a few months ago."

It's said Myolie finally couldn't stand Bosco's romantic rumors with other female stars. The actress didn't answer whether who brought up the split, nor the reason of the split. She cried emotionally when reporters asked her that question.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry...I don't want to make it sound like he is a bad guy. Please give us space."

Reporters asked whether she felt insecure dating Bosco, she said she doesn't know how to reply. Then she dropped tears when she hears Bosco would rather die to protect if she gets hurt.

In another radio, Bosco talked about his feelings with the break-up. He said there is no special reason behind the breakup.

"It's not about third party or the Mainland actress I worked with," he said. "I only filmed with her for two days."

The actor admitted he once saw Myolie as his future partner. He didn't want to break up in the beginning, but still painfully accepted the reality. Even though they are separated now, he will still care for her.

"I will protect her [Myolie] by all means," he said. "Write about me however you want. We are no enemies. She is very good girl."

By: Kay @ Kay's Entertainment


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