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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stephy Tang celebrates birthday; no Theresa

Stephy Tang's friends outside the entertainment industry held a party for her, celebrating her 26th birthday. Alex Fong, Kary Ng, and Siu Fay from the same company also attended. Stephy and Alex Fong also appeared in lover's clothes unintentionally. At the request of reporters, Alex also hugged the birthday girl to be photographed.

Wish to have less trouble

Asked what's the birthday wish? Stephy hopes to have a good health and have no trouble in the up-coming year. Said whether can have less trouble now since Theresa already left? she answered, "Not at all, maybe I caused troubles easily, unpredictable." (whether keeping an eye on the case between her company and Theresa?) From my understanding, both of them already let the lawyers to handle, so its' unsuitable to speak too much, but as part of the company, I hope things will resolve as soon as possible, don't want anyone to be unhappy." Said lately she seemed to imply Theresa is greedy on her blog, she cleared up immediately that she is reading a book in simplified Chinese called "舍得", just wants to share the chapter within, there's really no other implications. As for whether she invited Theresa to the party two nights ago? She said her friends held it for her this time, nevertheless, she always invited Theresa in the past, but she knows Theresa doesn't like to go to noisy places. Being said that as the "yat jei" of the company, the birthday party this time can test out her relations with others. She laughed, saying, "It's kind of stressful, because I didn't invite on my own. But I also invited Paco, don't know if he's coming or not, but Chan Fai Hung is not in HK."

Alex Fong congratulated with hugs

Alex Fong denied appearing as the role of a host. Because this time everyone pooled money to have this party, so he just came earlier to eat. Asked what birthday gift did he gave to Stephy? He said, "The hug just now is the gift. Wish her successful in the future and everything will go smoothly." (Whether come to support Stephy?) came to celebrate her birthday. Doesn't mean I don't support her if I don't come. Also doesn't mean I only support her if I come." Asked how many birthdays have he celebrated with Stephy? Stephy next to him then rushed to say 3 years. Alex also said didn't intend to wear black along with Stephy, her clothes are always black and white. Talked about the case between Gold Label and Theresa, Alex counter-asked, "Really have to sue her? But it's the company's business, not mine."

Kary said doesn't have time to buy a gift, but agreed with Stephy's wish, need to reduce trouble. She said, "I know Stephy the longest, sometimes I can feel she's not happy. But less contact with Theresa." As for Theresa is at law with the company, Kary doesn't know why it happened to be like that, hoping to resolve soon. Kary's contract will end at the end of the year, already talking about renewing the contract, she believes the company's change in personnel won't affect her much.

[Takungpao/translated by K@PA]

Justin Lo appears without M-shaped head

Justin Lo covered his M-shaped head hardly with his hat ever since his debut. Although involved in a street brawl with Gary Chaw earlier, the way how his magical hat didn't fall became a well-known story. But it's understood that Justin already intended to shave his head before the incident, will appear with a hat-off look. Gold Typhoon praised to his new look, it will be the new image for the new album, and the company will support him to become the Gold Typhoon "yat gor".

Pursued for several days, reporters finally saw Justin with his shaved head last night around 8pm, appeared to the studio in San Po Kong, own by Mark Lui. Appeared and accompanied by a male assistant, Justin expressed to be generous when saw the reporters, didn't resist at all for showing the real appearance. Putting down his worry of the M-shaped head, his mood seemed to be relaxed, not mad at photographed. Asked whether Justin get used to his shaved head, he touched his head, laughed, saying, "It feels a little chilly." Thereafter he expressed he can only leave the studio after recording until midnight. Afterward he left with his assistant. Don't know whether his head is sensitive after shaving, Justin's head has several small red sores.

It's informed that Justin shaved off his head shortly after the drunken incident, absolutely not for the possibility of taking off his hat for court nor being the guest for tomorrow's "Miss Macau", it's for an all new start. He already shaved his head when attended to a function earlier, but wasn't noticed because he was still wearing a hat. Satisfied with his shaven head look, it won't eliminate the possibility that his new album will use it as a new image, implying an all new start, start from the beginning again. Gold Typhoon will support him greatly to become the "yat gor" of the company, will also hold a concert for him in the HK Coliseum next year.

[on.cc/translated by K@PA]


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