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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Vanness Wu Back With Ex Arissa?

Guess you can't forget your old love that easily.

Vanness Wu dated Singaporean girlfriend Arissa Cheo in 2006 but the two broke up after a year. Then the "Autumn Concerto" star openly announced getting back with his ex this April. However, the 'AV' (Arissa-Vanness)-love ended again and Vanness wasn't willing to confirm the reason for the split.

Although Vanness told the media that he only wants to focus at his career at the moment, but yesterday he was spotted at an airport in Taiwan with Arissa. The couple arrived Taiwan from Hong Kong and walked out from the gate together. They kept a distance from each other to avoid attention. But fans still recognized the actor and he stopped to chat and take pictures with them.

Then Vanness got on the car Arissa was in and they drove to his house in Keelung, Taiwan. Arissa was still keeping a distance from her boyfriend after she got off the car. The couple then went into the house together.

The singer's manager Katie didn't confirm whether the he's back with his ex again, only saying they're still good friends. Perhaps to avoid media attention, this time Vanness decides not to make his relationship public to protect his privacy.

Source: Liberty Times / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Ah Sa Already Meets William Chan's Parents

William Chan and Vincy Chan attended to a Christmas event yesterday. William said earlier he held a 60-people Christmas party. Besides family and friends, girlfriend Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) also attended. Asked whether he took this opportunity to bring girlfriend to see his parents, he said Ah Sa already met his parents earlier. He expressed Ah Sa even helped out that night to clean the floor when a guest made the floor dirty. Asked whether he feels Ah Sa is a good woman to marry, he said: "Won't count until she's willing to marry me. Girls decide these things."

William expressed he draw out condoms given by band Mr. at another Christmas event. Vincy said: "I saw William went 'WOW' when he saw the gift. I draw a regular gift, it's a bag."

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Kay Wishes You a Merry X'Mas :)

Hello! ^.^ :D

It's the first Christmas Kay's Entertainment is spending with you guys XD 聖誕節快樂!! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday with you love ones, family and friends. Hope you get some great gifts :P Eat well (yummy Christmas dinner) and sleep well (be in bed as long as you want! break!)!

Even if you are spending the holiday alone (unfortunately), we're here for you~ Don't get frustrated like the pic on the right (LOL). Even if you're frustrated, I hope everything will be better soon for you. We all have hard times that others might not understand (or you shout "You just don't understand!"), but hope you understand getting upset at your frustration won't make anything better. Life is short if you don't cherish it well. Be happy and smile and laugh when you can. Live your life with no regrets.

What are your plans while off from school/work? Travel?? Visit family? Or just chill? Mine...not much -.- But I'm happy I can watch dramas without worry it would affect my studies XD

Really appreciate you coming here. Make your vacation awesome and enjoy it! Share with me if you want!

From: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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