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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goo Hye Sun Searches Wu Zun's Topless Photos Online

It's confirmed that Taiwan is shooting their TV version of Japanese manga "Absolute Boyfriend," a love story between robot and human, and the leads are Wu Zun, popular member in group Fahrenheit, and Goo Hye Sun, South Korean actress better known in the K-version of "Boys Over Flowers."

Yesterday the two idols met each other the first time in the press event for their new drama. Perhaps into his character already, Wu Zun was "behaving like a robot" in contrast to Goo's frank personality. Wu Zun wants to give a good impression since it's his first time working with Korean actress. But he was too polite that he even asked Goo's translator shyly "can I put my hand on her shoulder?" when reporters request the pair to stand a little closer.

Nudity is something pretty much everyone is concern about [In 'Absolute Boyfriend,' there are scenes where the robot Nighto appears topless, even naked. Of course, important part is covered!]. After watching the Japanese version of the drama, Goo immediately go to search explicit photos of Wu Zun had taken in the past, and she is very satisfied. "He has a good body, plus he is handsome," the actress praised. "And I'm very excited to see scenes of him going naked." That scared Wu Zun and he told her she doesn't have to answer questions like that.

Source: UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Ah Gill Replies Coldly to Edison Chen's Comeback

Once said he will retire from Hong Kong showbiz indefinitely after the controversial photo scandal, Edison Chen now officially making his comeback to the music industry on October 7, releasing his new song "Mr. Sandman" only in a sport's clothing store.

As for opinions of Edison's comeback, Gillian Chung (Ah Gill), one of the victims in the scandal, faced it with coldness. Yesterday she attended to a beauty event and stressed she doesn't want to know what Edison said in public events. "Comeback? Pretty good," she only said. She didn't give further opinions to Edison breaking his retiring announcement and said will let her company handle everything.

Asked Edison's new song is releasing soon, whether she wants to listen? "I haven't listened music for a long time. The only song I listened is Rene Liu's 'We Are Not Together,'" she said, seems to hint that she and Edison weren't a couple. But she didn't reply directly and explained she just think the song is good. "I think it's a good song. I'm not done recording my new songs, so my company hires people to write a song that has a similar rhythm for me," the singer said.

In addition, recently someone opened a Weibo account pretending he is Edison, and Ah Gill immediately pointed out it's fake. Yesterday she stressed she was just afraid her colleagues are being tricked. Asked why she is so sure that it's not Edison's real account, she explained, "Because that person's friend list is very strange, plus he (Edison) doesn't know Chinese. I don't know whether he has a Weibo. Sina comfirmed it's fake."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB Ratings Report (09/27-10/03/2010)


Some Day  天天天晴 (Episode 74-77) - 23 pts

The Comeback Clan 翻叮一族 (Episode 6-10) - 25 pts, peaking 29 pts

Can't Buy Me Love 公主嫁到 (Episode 25-29) - 35 pts, peaking 37 pts / Episode 30 - 34 pts, peaking 36 pts / Episode 31 - 42 pts, peaking 45 pts


Who's the Hero 胜者为王 (Episode 11-15) - 3 pts

Esther Kwan Answers Pregnancy Questions With A Smile

Since she gave birth to daughter Brittany in 2006, TVB actress Esther Kwan always want to have another baby, especially a baby boy; however, it could be little tough to get pregnant again in mid 40s. Earlier, husband Nick Cheung even exposed Esther had two miscarriages. Nick also want another kid, but recently he expresses will let fate decide.

Earlier reporters spotted Esther shopping in a loose dress and flats. Arms of the 46 year old appear "fatter" than before and her hip is getting wider---and these are signs of a pregnant woman. She was picking clothes for her 4 year old daughter and even picking newborn baby clothes. When she walked to the cashier, a fan recognized her and the two started sharing tips of taking care of children. When Esther was leaving, reporters approached and asked about her pregnancy rumors. She just smiled and didn't reply. Asked whether she celebrated with husband, who was crowned "Best Actor" again earlier, she just said with a smile, "I'm leaving!"

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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