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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cyndi Wang's Image Is Ilegally Used in Mainland, Endorses For Abortion

Source: Nextmedia
Translated by: KAY
After living in a low-key life for 2 months, Cyndi Wang will start to record for her new album next week. But it's known that Baiyun Hospital in Mainland illegally used her picture in their painless abortion advertisement. At least two Baiyun Hospitals in Guangzhou and Hunan took off the advertisement after the news broke out. Cyndi's record company won't take further action and Cyndi expressed: "It's very immoral."

Many well-known female stars like Chiling Lin and Stefanie Sun became spokesperson of abortion advertisement in Mainland with no reason at all. This time it's Cyndi but fortunately her company handled it immediately. The hospital also took her picture off and didn't let the chaos grow.

As for her body wash commercial, it generated good feedback in Mainland and Hong Kong. She signed a two year contract with the brand with a 20,360,000NTD pay. She supposedly to expose her back in the commercial, but after the final one was broadcast, she didn't really expose much. It's known during filming she doesn't have to wash herself in front of the camera. The crew just had to spray water on her skin and her body was covered by animated flower petals in later production. There are three bra company who want her to be their spokesperson, but she cannot overcome the fear of appearing in front of the camera only in her bra, so she rejected them.

Alex Fong Will Marry Stephy Before He's 35

Alex Fong and Stephy Tang's rumor has been on for seven years. Although the two denied their relationship man times during these years, but lately they're spotted having their little home in Lai Bik To and intend to get married at the end of the year. Even their cars are parked outside that house. But Stephy and Alex denied getting married through their company. Stephy even expressed because she doesn't have a place to park at her house, so that's why she has been borrowing the spot in Alex's place.

But last night, reporters discovered Stephy, who said only borrowing parking spot, drove her white BMW to Alex's house, and didn't leave even until late night.

Alex attended to Mark Lui's clothing store opening ceremony along with other stars such as BIG FOUR Andy Hui, Dick Cheung, Edmond Leung, and William So, and Aarif Lee. Alex was asked about he and Stephy's wedding news, he denied it as usual, and said has to protect personal relationship, won't publicize it directly. He said: "Recently I moved and live with my family. Stephy lives nearby, we didn't live together, but she doesn't have a place to park, I have an extra spot so I lent it to her, because we know each other well, it has been these many years." He also said they know each other's parents and his dad likes Stephy a lot. Asked when will he get married? He said: "Doesn't matter to me, but I would worry about having kids. Stephy is 26, I'm 30, right now it's a period to work hard on our career, hope to wait until we have more time to take care of kids then will get married, my goal is before 35."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Huang Xiao Ming Plans to Break Out From Asia

Source: Singtao
Translated by: KAY
Huang Xiao Ming is currently filming Chen Kai Ge's new filming "Orphan of Zhao" (趙氏孤兒) and he believes this film is a turning point in his acting career because it caused a change in his acting. Huang also praised Wang Xue Qi, Ge You, and Fan Bin Bin's acting are stunning and he is very happy working with them. Looking at his future, he hopes to work with more big directors and team. He wants to participate in international films the most and break out from Asia. As for his personal wish, it's to travel around the world and live with family until they're old.

In addition, Huang disclosed he bought the copy right of fiction "Huan Cheng" (幻城) and "Zuo Dan" (做單) and hopes to make them into films/TV dramas.

Ah Jeh Has No Difficulty In Cleaning the House and Toilet, But Is Afraid of Taking Care of Babies

Liza Wang (Ah Jeh), Har Yue, Kevin Cheng, and Bernice Liu etc attended to the costume fitting for new series "Home Troopers" yesterday. Har Yue even brought his daughter to TV city. Ah Jeh said chores like cleaning toilet and house etc are no difficulties to her, because there wasn't a maid in her house when she was little, so she is very experienced in doing house chores. Now is husband the one doing chores? She said: "Maid will help us, but will still look after on our own, I'm a little mysophobic." Ah Jeh then said taking care of kids is actually a new challenge: "Tried holding kids before, but I really don't dare to hold little babies, I'm afraid of hurting them."

Kevin, who will play Ah Jeh's son, expressed cleaning toilet isn't a difficulty to him. He said: "I think anyone knows how to do house chores, just whether they're willing to do it or not. If it's too dirty and can't wait for others to help, you still need to do it yourself." First time working with Ah Jeh, Kevin expressed he doesn't have too much pressure. He praised Ah Jeh is easy to get along with and being on time isn't difficult for him. Bernice will play a bad girl in this series and will partner with a 3-year-old kid as her son. Bernice expressed her character's nature isn't bad, but just experienced many ups and downs.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Nancy Wu and Selena Li Won't Admit They're 'Ma Ming So'

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
It's said after Kenneth Ma (Ma Ming, his Chinese nickname) broke up with Nancy Wu, he sparked up with Selena Li during filming. Two "Ma Ming Sos" attended to a soccer event yesterday and the organization arranged the two to stand next to a Kenneth Ma cardboard cutouts, making the two couldn't help laughing.

When Selena heard "New Old Ma Ming So," she immediately denied and looked at Nancy and said: "I'm not! Are you?" Nancy said embarrassingly: "I don't even know, that's how they reported, but it was in the past." Selena said she was rumored with Kenneth, she wasn't in Hong Kong. She felt confused after hearing the rumor.

The two were asked whether will fall in love with the same man? Selena said: "Probably won't, I don't like to fight for the same guy, it's troublesome, rather leave." Nancy said: "We don't like the same thing in general." As for rumors are being discussed in the event, Nancy expressed she was notified before the event that this topic would be involved, she said: "In fact when we're filming before, many people keep reporting already, plus lately Kenneth plays an unfaithful man in 'Mysteries of Love,' let's treat this like a promotion for that series!"

It's said if Selena didn't break up with Patrick Tang, it would be a four triangle relationship. Selena said embarrassingly: "Nothing is related." Nancy thinks rumors are just gossip topics and he's good friends with Kenneth. Asked whether they're still good friends after parting their ways? Nancy stressed again that they're good friends. Selena expressed she doesn't want to think about romance, let it be.


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