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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

Check out who won big in this year's anniversary awards! Congratulations to all winners!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Liza and Gods Anniversary Charade Episode 2 Recap

Episode 1 Recap HERE

Another fun Saturday night! The Gods continues to bring laughter in this week's episode. They play with more disputes and rumors (Sheren Tang & Charmaine Sheh, Charlene Choi & William Chan, etc). Sorry If I spoiled anyone :) Here is the recap of Episode 2:

Intro: In the beginning of this week's episode, the Gods play with Wayne Lai again and recreates the supermarket scene (Wayne was said attracted lots of attention when he shopped at supermarket earlier). Johnson Lee is Wayne, Wong Cho Lam is the son, and Louis Yuen is Wayne's wife.

My MV: This week Wong Cho Lam and Louis sing two classic songs---A-Mei's "Listen to the Sea" and Candy Lo's "Garbage."A-Mei's love song turns into a mom's song and Candy's song is now about plastic surgeries.

Series: Remember the scene where Professor King (Raymond Lam) apologizes and breaks up with Tsui Siu Lai (Tavia Yeung) in "Mysteries of Love"? Johnson is playing with this scene in this episode! How you like Johnson's Professor King look?

My MV: Johnson again! Now he's playing with William Chan & Charlene Choi's relationship in this funny version of "Taxi." He even mixes in Angelababy in the lyrics, how clever!

Series: Then Louis in anniversary series "Can't Buy Me Love"---he plays Susanna Kwan's character and refuses to let other people to use their family's toilet.

Entertainment News Report: They report the TV Queen competition between Sheren Tang and Charmaine Sheh. Wong Cho Lam as 9 Mui and Johnson is Charmaine's character in upcoming series "Colorful World of Sister Fa" (tentative name).

Series: Lastly, Wong Cho Lam plays with "No Regrets" again! Not "Pork Rib Boy" this time but Sheren Tang's 9 mui! He (or she...) wants Wayne Lai's character to die because he shoots too many commercial and always win on the mahjong table.

Liza and Gods Anniversary Charade Episode 1 Recap

They are back for the Anniversary month!

Liza Wang, Johnson Lee, Louis Yuen, and Wong Cho Lam teamed up together again to bring more fun to us audience. The show is mainly playing with this year's TVB series and has the following segments: My MV, "Every Move You Make" spin off, series (the Gods recreate significant scenes from TVB's series), entertainment news report, interview with artistes (a mix of "Sat in the City" and "Big Boys Club"), and special MV (with the 3 Gods).

They made four special episodes for TVB's 43rd Anniversary and the the first two are aired last week and today. Missed the grand premier of Episode 1? Take a look at the following recap!

My MV: Louis Yuen plays with the ending theme MV of sitcom "Some Day." Then Wong Cho Lam dresses up as a woman and sang the theme song of anniversary series "Gem of Life" (P.S: he didn't shave his armpit XD)

Series: In this episode, the Gods play different characters in this year's anniversary series "No Regrets." In the first segment, Wong Cho Lam plays "Pork Rib Boy" Pierre Ngo in the scene where the gang is looking for him. Great editing indeed! It's intense and funny at the same time (if you get the jokes he's talking about).

"Every Move You Make" Spin Off: Each God plays the role of Yiu Sir (Bowie Lam) in "Every Move You Make" and questions different characters/objects. In this episode, Wong Cho Lam is a hot-pot item of Eric Tsang and he accuses Eric of making him over-cooked.

Series: In the second segment, Johnson Lee plays "Gwan Yeh" (Sheren Tang's dad in "No Regrets"). The scene is about the family voting in early episodes of "No Regrets."

Series: In the last segment, Louis Yuen plays the notable villain in "No Regrets"---Leung Fay Fan (Evergreen Mak). The scene is when Wayne Lai leads his police mates into Leung's house to capture Leung. They pretty much related TVB Anniversary into these stories LOL. Very funny indeed! A Bird, B Bird, C Bird, Gong Bird XD

Big Girls Club: Handlababy, Big Ex, and Hungry return with Liza Wang to create interview show "Big Girls Club." They interviewed TV King favorites of this year Wayne Lai and Moses Chan.

The 47th Golden Horse Awards Winners

Best Actor: Ethan Ruan - "Monga"

Best Actress: Li Liping - “City Monkey"

Best Director Award: Ching Mong-hong - "The Fourth Portrait”

The Best New Director: Ho Wi-ding - “Pinoy Sunday.”

The Best Supporting Actor: Wu Peng-fon - “Seven Days in Heaven”

Best Supporting Actress: Hao Lei - “The Fourth Portrait.”

Best New Performer: Gina Li - "Juliet"

Best Feature Film: “When Love Comes”

Best Short Film: "Magabahai"

Best Documentary: "Hip-hop Storm"

Best Original Screenplay: "Judge"

Best Screenplay Adaption: "Seven Days in Heaven"

Best Cinematography: "When Love Comes"

Best Visual Effects: "Detective Dee"

Best Art Direction: "When Love Comes"

Best Makeup & Costume Design: "Bodyguards and Assassins"

Best Action Choreography: Sammo Hung - “Ip Man 2"

Best Original Film Score: "Spring Fever"

Best Original Film Song: "Taipei Exchanges"

Best Film Editing: "Spring Fever"

Best Sound Effect: Tu Du-Chih - "Monga"

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year: Lee Lieh

Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year: "The Fourth Portrait"

Life Achievement Award: Hsu Li-gong

Special Contribution Award: Sun Yue

Best Actress & Actor Winners

Ethan Ruan Gets Golden Horse Best Actor Award

Taiwanese model turn actor Ethan Ruan and the cast of Taiwanese movie "When Love Comes" had plenty of reason to celebrate Saturday night after emerging as the big winners at this year's Golden Horse Awards.

Hailed as the Oscar-equivalent to the Chinese language film industry, the star-studded award ceremony is the most prestigious and highly regarded among movie makers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

The highly acclaimed family saga "When Love Comes, " which tells the story of a polygamous Taiwanese family, was named the Best Feature Film of the Year among the five nominated entries.

The 107-minute movie directed by Chang Tso-chi focuses on an uncharacteristic Taiwanese family in which the father, played by Lin Yu-shun, marries into his wife's family.

When his wife is found to be infertile, she permits him to take on a concubine whose eldest daughter ends up getting impregnated by an irresponsible boyfriend.

Though it won only three of the 14 categories in which it was nominated, the movie received rave reviews at the recent Pusan International Film Festival, where critics called it "a leap in aesthetic and artistic sophistication."

Heartthrob Ruan was the other big winner Saturday when he was honored as Best Leading Actor for his role in the blockbuster Taiwanese mafia movie "Monga."

Though his win was not a major surprise, Ruan successfully beat out three prominent Chinese actors for the honor in his first movie role, in which he plays a gangster on the streets of Taipei in the 1980s.

Chinese starlet Lv Li-ping trumped three well-favored contenders, including Taiwan's Sylvia Chang and China's Xu Fang, for the Best Leading Actress award for her role in "City Monkey."

The battle for Best Director left "When Love Comes" director Chang Tso-chi in utter dismay when the award was nabbed by Chung Mong-hong, the brain behind the tearjerker "Fourth Portrait."

The film also produced this year's Best Supporting Actress, Hao Lei, who played an estranged mother.

First-time actress Gina Li, who rose to fame in 2007 after being a contender on a television talent search show, won the award for Best New Performer for her role as a traveling show girl in "Juliet."

Taiwanese actor Wu Peng-fon scored one of the night's few upsets when he beat out Hong Kong heartthrob Nicholas Tse in the Best Supporting Actor category for his role as a Taoist priest in "Seven Days in Heaven," one of the year's biggest blockbusters.

"Seven Days," which delves into the parent-child relationship and the way death is seen in Taiwanese culture, also won the Best Adapted Screenplay category.

The 82-minute film "Hip Hop Storm" received the Best Documentary award for telling the inspirational tales of two generations of dancers and the uphill battles they faced in remaining loyal to their dreams despite all odds.

Director Ho Wi-ding bagged the Best New Director honor for his first feature film "Pinoy Sunday, " a comedy that deals with Taiwan's foreign labor force and the issue of emotional isolation faced by migrant workers in the country.

Television actress turned movie producer Lee Lieh was named the Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year for her work on the gangster movie "Monga."

Though one of Taiwan's biggest box office hits of the year, "Monga" was not nominated for Best Feature Film or even Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year, an award that went to "Fourth Portrait."

The Lifetime Achievement Award this year was given to Taiwanese director and producer Hsu Li-kung, who received a roaring standing ovation for his contribution to the Taiwanese film industry.

Hsu, 67, is considered to be an important mentor to many famed Taiwanese movie makers, such as Oscar winning director Ang Lee and Tsai Ming-liang.

"To us, Hsu is not only our boss, but our teacher, our best friend, and our most dedicated fan, " said Lee, saying it was Hsu's unwavering support and willingness to bet on him that was instrumental in shaping him into what he is today.

The night's second standing ovation was for Sun Yueh, the country's best-known volunteer and humanitarian, who won the honor of Special Contribution Award for his accomplishments in the film industry and for his devotion to various social causes in Taiwan.

The octogenarian started his movie career in the early 1950s when Taiwan's show business industry was just beginning to take off.

Sun quickly became a pillar of the industry by winning numerous domestic and foreign awards for his work. Upon his retirement in 1989, the former chain smoker became active in the country's anti-smoking campaign as well as many other social causes, such as hospice care, suicide prevention, and advocacy for abused children.

By: Jenny Hsu / From: Focus Taiwan

Fashion Police: The 47th Golden Horse Awards

Dresses time! This post only has photos of female stars on the 47th Golden Horse Awards red carpet since males always wear the "boring" suits. Any favs you have here?

Hosts of this year's Golden Horse Awards Dee Hsu (Xiao S) and Kevin Cai Kangyong was the first pair to walk on the red carpet. Xiao S was very elegant in her white long gown, while her partner put a bird's cage on his head---definitely attention grabbing!

Although she didn't get nominated in this year's Awards Ceremony, Taiwan's top model Chilin Lin still dressed well to attend to this big event! Sexy and classy at the same time

Also in black, our "Autumn's Concerto" star Ady An showed up in a short dress, showing off her long lean legs.

While there were some good black dress-wearers, the following two stars' dresses...Elva Hsiao's looks more like an art project, while Janine Chang's polka dot dress is seen as too casual (some even said it looks like something a grandma would wear)

Now let's take a look at the whites. Star of Mainland film "Aftershock" Xu Fan was very pretty in this long gown, classy goddess.

But these two...Vivian Hsu and Tiffany Hsu didn't receive that much praises. While some said Vivian's doesn't look like a dress, some pointed out Tiffany seemed to have just put on a bathrobe on her.

The purple team! Kara Hui & Li Kangyi.

Zhang Jinchu, star of "Aftershock" shocked us with this floral strapless dress. It's pretty cute

Do you agree models have a better taste? Look at the following trio, so cute! Maybe I just like ruffles...

Lastly the blues! Obviously I'll pick the right (Li Bin Bin) for Best Dress...Lin Ruo Ya's blue dress looks like it's from several decades ago.


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