Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kevin Cheng Denies Getting Back With Charmaine Sheh

Lately a magazine reported Kevin Cheng has gotten back with former 'girlfriend' Charmaine Sheh. The two reconciled for two months already and the new TV king even promised to buy houses. Yesterday Kevin was filming the finale of "Ghetto Justice 2" with Myolie. As for rumors, he said: "Of course it's not true. You don't have to congratulate me now. We are just friends. Thanks, for concerning my love life. Anyway, we are just friends. I have to clarify it every time."

As for the house, Kevin said: "I already bought the house last year, as an investment for mom. It's my business."

Many people are positive about them dating, Kevin said: "Why? Do we look like we match each other? Thank you for your concern. Nothing is happening in my love life. No need to guess more."

Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment
Source: Mingpao


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