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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Album Is Sold Out, Peter Ho Says Sorry

Source: UDN / Translated by: KAY @ kay-entertainment.blogspot.com
Hasn't release new album for 3 years, Peter Ho has outstanding performance in acting. His popularity in Taiwan arose quickly with idol drama "Summer's Desire." Originally worried about preorder period for album "Remember Loved" is only a week and he doesn't have time to promote it. He only released a limited 3000 copies of preorder version with a little bag as gift.

However, it already sold 2791 copies in a week, shocking the record company. Stores hope they would release more copies but Peter's manager expressed the production fee for little bags is 70NTD, plus time is not compatible, so they can only say sorry to fans that they won't release additional copies.

Peter is called "Shao Ye" (master) in "Summer's Desire." His abs and muscular body caused Xiao S (Dee Hsu) to name him "Da Diao" (big eagle). This title spread to Mainland. Da S (Barbie Hsu) even posed his topless photo on Weibo as a birthday present to sister Xiao S.

When Peter returned to Taiwan, he was welcomed by tourists and they wanted him to take pictures with them, kindly calling him "Shao Ye," making Peter very happy. But then a airport personnel shouted: "I took a picture with da diao!," making him embarrassed all of a sudden, doesn't know whether to be happy or shy.

Angela Chang Steals Ariel Lin's Title of 'GTV's Top Actress'

Source: UDN / Translated by: KAY @ kay-entertainment.blogspot.com
 Since Ariel Lin agree to star in GTV idol drama "Extravagant Challenge" (華麗的挑戰) three years ago, she has been supporting it even there are changes in high executives, scripts, and male leads (Jerry Yan, Wu Zun, and Super Junior's Donghae and Shiwon). Lately there are rumors of Angela Chang is fighting to star in "EC," stealing Ariel's title of GTV's top actress. GTV's internal organization even split to two parties, either supporting Ariel or Angela.

Ariel's debut idol drama "True Love" and well-known drama "It Started With a Kiss" all produced by GTV, plus she won Golden Bell Best Actress with "ISWAK," making her have greater bond with GTV. But it's known after "Coffee Prince Shop Taipei Stop" decided to use Ariel as their lead, GTV internal organization appeared many disagreements like "too much Ariel Lin" etc, they even suggest why not use Angela, who once paired up with Wu Zun in "Romantic Princess," to be the lead.

Yesterday GTV's spokesman Tsai Fei Chiao expressed: "Of course we still hope it's going to be Ariel Lin, but it's still early to say all these, have to wait for people in Korea to tell us Super Junior's schedule, then use this schedule to find compatible female stars." That means "EC" now SJ's Donghae and Shiwon are the important ones; Ariel, who has been waiting for this dram, became the person who waits to be picked.

Angela's record company director Wu Yi Fen said yesterday, as her manager, it's a pity that Angela doesn't act, but these past two years the company rejected 20+ dramas because every time she filmed, all parties are upset due to tiresome and messy schedule. She denied Angela is fighting to be in "EC" and expressed her next semester would be focusing in preparing for new album; she might be able to act again at the end of the year.

The ironic thing is, Ariel sets her new album preorder date in August; the two would first come across with each other in the music industry. Ariel's manager Chou Mei Yu said: "Everyone sees how much Ariel has done for GTV, now just have to wait for them to confirm the male lead, then we would talk about whether she would star in it or not."

Cecilia Cheung is Banned to Have Kids

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
After Cecilia Cheung gave birth to her second son, her comeback project has been concerned by others. Although it's rumored that director Derek Yee would direct Cecilia's first comeback film, but several days ago Cecilia and Lucas announced would give her comeback's "first time" to Stephen Chow.

Derek accepted an interview by a Mainland medium and expressed confidently: "That's singing, her comeback film is my film. I have been waiting for her." He also said actually two years ago he already planned to film Cecilia's comeback project, but it fell apart because she has to have kids, so Derek disclosed when he officially sign a contract with Cecilia, he would add a special section: "When I return to Hong Kong a few days later, I would sign a contract with her, there is a special section, which is she must take contraception."

As for Cecilia's manager, she admits Cecilia is discussing collaboration with Derek: "In fact this section (contraception) is understandable, we would respect director."

Bernice Liu Wants to Have 7 Kids

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Bernice Liu attended to an event in a mall yesterday. She wore a tight red dress, showing off her career line. But her chest measurement seems shrunk, as for that she joked: "Really? Don't know how much it shrunk. I'm learning wing chun right now, they said wing chun is women's kung-fu. I thought it doesn't involve big movements, but in fact it's quite hard to do a horse stance. I sweat a lot, plus lately I started choreographing, so I got thinner." Bernice expressed she learned wing chun for about half year so far, Yip Chun is her master's master.

Bernice would start to film new series <<居家兵團>> soon. In the series she has a three years old kid, she joked: "It's time, I'm in my 30s, actually I really want to have kids. When I was five, I already want to have babies, want to have seven kids." Asked whether she just have to wait for someone to say yes? She pretended she doesn't understand immediately: "Who? (Cecilia Cheung also continue to work after giving birth!) But she is married."

Gigi Leung Breaks the Ice and Celebrates Father's Day With Her Dad

Source: Singtao
Translated by: KAY
Gigi Leung went to Metro Radio Station to promote new song <<夏花秋葉>>. Her new album would release in early July. She said the song describes life is changeable and the lyrics touched her a lot, so she suggested to her company with sincerity and tears that they should make this song as the album's first single. Gigi also received support from China Mobile; her new song can be downloaded from the internet legally. She said production fee for this new album reached nearly 2 million HKD, hoping everyone can support her, don't just focus in watching World Cup and forgot to buy her new album.

This father's day, Gigi broke the ice with her dad, who divorced with Gigi's mom for more than 10 years. She expressed since her parents got divorced, she hasn't seen her dad for many years. This year Gigi decided to break this barrier and asked her dad to come home and eat dinner. Later, she would invite her brother and dad to celebrate Father's Day together. She believes this is the best Father's Day present.


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