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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Linda Chung Praises Raymond Lam is Perfect

Source: Mingpao
Translated b: KAY
Raymond Lam was said to have done plastic surgery---his chin is more elongated and got taller that he resembles a shrimp dumpling (har gau). Rumored girlfriend Linda Chung attended to a po leung kuk event yesterday. She was asked has she see 'har gau jai' lately, but she mistakened 'har gau jai' as Kelly Chen's son, and praised him very cute. After knowing reporters mean Raymond, she joked: "Ah! You guys are talking about the one with prince disease!"

Linda said she read about that report, she said the pictures they posed have angle problems, and stressed sometimes she can be seen with a shrimp dumpling-shaped chin.

Then whether she believes he got plastic surgery, she said embarrassingly: "That's his choice, I don't know. I haven't seen Raymond for a long time, but I believe he didn't get anything done, he's very perfect already, no need to!" Asked whether she likes boyfriend to have a shrimp dumpling shaped chin? She said happily: "I think it's pretty cute." Raymond got plastic surgery for her? She smiled and said "silly," then pointed out many foreigners also have that type of chin.

Linda said she likes children a lot and just sponsored a child through po leung kuk, but no chance to meet at the moment. Since she likes children, how many of them is she planning to have in the future? She said: "Always want to have more than 2 kids, maybe 3! Boy or girl? Doesn't matter, but I think grandmas likes to have a grandson." When to become a mom? She expressed she still have time: "One every year, I still have lots of time! Technology is very advance nowadays, you can still have kids when you're old."

Raymond attended to "The Voice" concert, asked about the rumor of him getting his chin fixed? He joked: "I think the report is very funny, maybe if I train to have bigger chest muscle, they will say I have breast implant, trying to become E-cup god."

Kara Hui Exposes She Was Once A Beggar

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: KAY
Kara Hui was appointed by Po Leung Kuk as one of their promotional ambassadors. Kara exposed that she once lived in po leung kuk for several months. She was once a beggar in Wan Chai and became a hawker when she was about 8 or 9, the police arrested her and sent her to po leung kuk and she lived there for 3 months. Kara said: "We had 5 children in the family that time, the judge doubted whether my parents can support these many children. Fortunately the judge felt parents love us, only let us to sell goods outdoor because of poverty, so I was allowed to return home."

She remembered during her days in po leung kuk, she received many educational opportunities. Although she wanted to continue learning, but she also wanted to go back home to live with her family. She expressed when she grew up, she wants to pay back. Besides doing volunteer work, she also sponsored 11 children, but over these years they only communicate through mail, never meet in person, she said: "Besides po leung kuk, I also sponsored many children from Mainland and Africa through World Vision, I forgot how many there are. I once asked whether I can adopt, but actually I'm not qualified, because I have be married in order to do so. If I got married in the future, I won't have children myself, can only adopt."

Myolie Wu Fights Back The Title of 'Out-of-tune Myolie'

Source: Mingpao
Translated: KAY
Myolie Wu attended to "Super Voice Concert" as performing guest last night. She hot danced with first season's Austan Lam Sze Kit, Alfred Hui Ting Heng, and Daniel Chau Chi Hong. When she performed "芳華絕代", it seemed like she's out-of-tune and also her voice was overshadowed by the three guys. She was crowned with "Out-of-tune Myolie." Yesterday Myolie wrote on Weibo, she knew it wasn't a perfect performance, but it wasn't that bad to get this title. She said: "Really want to cry, I've been in the business for 11 years, everyone may think I should've transformed, but it really is hard!"

"芳華絕代" is a very low-key song. In the beginning she was afraid she couldn't handle it, during practice her assistant once told her that her voice couldn't be heard, but Myolie can hear it on her headphone. She cannot believe others would say she's out-of-tune and tripped, making her hard work seems a waste. She doesn't mind others criticizing her flat body, but she really likes to sing. No matter how much difficulty she has to overcome, she would continue to work hard, hoping to be perfect, but she wants to say: "I'm not perfect."

Although contestants from "The Voice 1" were the focus that night, but the Gods from "Fun With Liza and Gods" caused climax. Besides dancing and singing, they also exposed their photos from the past and old-fashioned costume photos. Seeing the audience responded enthusiastically and supported the Gods to hold a concert, Louis Yuen asked Virgina Lok on the stage: "Ms. Lok, then we should hold a concert, ticket can be 480 dollars per one." He also joked he found his dream.

Another performing guest Raymond Lam sang "Let's Get Wet" with Alfred and Austan. During the performance, Raymond hugged hot girls, self-touched, and also touched chest muscle of topless male dancer, causing many to scream.

Ah Gill Promotes 'Ex,' Refuses to Talk About Her Ex

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Gillian Chung (Ah Gill), To Yu Hong, Chan Ka Heng, and Philip Ng etc went to promote TV series "Legend of Kungfu" yesterday. Been learning wing chun for a year now, Ah Gill said: "I've been busy in filming lately, plus recording music, don't have much time to learn, but I'll be in Mainland to film TV series soon, also have martial arts elements!" As for former rumored boyfriend Juno Mak's new romance, Ah Gill joked although now it's in the promotion period of EEG movie "Ex," but she doesn't want to talk about anything about her ex-rumored boyfriend: "I don't gossip, I stress and stress and stress again that I don't pay attention to these types of news."

As for being said dreamed about her ex-boyfriend, she said it's a mistake: "I was interpretation a dream for my friend on Weibo, because I dream a lot all the time, so I bought a dreams interpretation book. (Troubled all the time so you dream a lot?) Not much in the past, this past year have been filming and filming, pretty stressful."

Stephy Tang Learns to Watch Soccer For Alex Fong

Stephy Tang attended to a world cup event yesterday. She expressed although she doesn't understand soccer much, but every world cup she would enjoy it with family to feel the excitement and happiness. Stephy also said rumored boyfriend Alex Fong loves soccer so she has to learn about his interest: "Alex and his friends like to talk about soccer and video games, girls have to purposely remember names of soccer stars in order to join the conversation."

Earlier it was rumored she and Alex were preparing for their wedding, she denied it again. As for a magazine pointed out she and Alex went to hotel to discuss their wedding, she said a friend asked whether she's married, she said no, but that friend didn't believe her and called the hotel to question.

Stephy stressed again that marriage is something far away right now, she didn't plan anything. As for having kids, it's not too late to wait until 35 years old. As for Alex's mom said Alex and her kids would be pretty babies, Stephy laughed happily but didn't reply to that.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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