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Friday, May 28, 2010

Gold Typhoon Signs Four Female Newcomers

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: KAY
Gold Typhoon just signed four female newcomers and held a media meeting event last night. These newcomers are ViVi Chan Sze Tung, Erika Lee Yuet Kwan, Linn Cheung Lin, and Takki Wong Yeut Kei. They each performed on stage and in the end, the company let media to vote the singer who shouldn't release an album this year---ViVi had the highest votes.

When she introduced herself on stage, ViVi said she loves to listen to Chinese music since she was little. Asked whether she's upset for losing the poll? She couldn't hold her tears and cried. She expressed it's okay, maybe she really isn't in a right time to release an album, she will try harder.

Gold Typhoon expressed they will release an album for the four in July, then they will let fans to pick the singer who shouldn't release albums. Asked whether she's worried to be eliminated again? ViVi said she doesn't know, the company might hold a meeting to decide. Talked about whether she picked the wrong style of music? ViVi said maybe the company wants her to change her music style. She's a traditional girl who listens to her parents and behaves well. Although she didn't receive good feedback this time, but she expressed it's a power that she will try even harder. As for what should she improve? She said maybe the way she sings and image, maybe it's too conservative and traditional, but she won't plan to switch it to sexy.

In addition, high executive from Gold Typhoon Chan Fai Hung was asked whether it's very cruel to hold such poll, he stressed it's not cruel. The company can also reflect how to strengthen newcomers and let every newcomer to cherish what he/she has. He believes the four must have rooms of improvement. He also said the four didn't know about the poll in advance because the company wants them to have a natural reaction. Because ViVi was the first to perform, she stood some disadvantages and didn't sing too well singing her first song. Although ViVi cried out of control, but he thinks there's no need to comfort her, it's a challenge to newcomers.

Theresa Fu Studies Porn To Learn How To Dance Sexily

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
After Theresa Fu switched to another company, she was supported by boss Wong Hoi Fung immediately. Although earlier Theresa was criticized for singing out of tune, but he still supports her. Lately he spent 500,000HKD to invite well-known dance teacher Jun Hong Bok, who has choreographed dances for Rain and Wonder Girls, to choreograph Theresa's new song. Yesterday Theresa showed up at practicing and boss specially came to support.

Theresa wore a black low-cut shirt, hot pants, and heels to show off her "career line" and long legs. She also dirty danced with male dancers. Reporters joked her "career line" is getting deeper, Theresa got shy and pulled up her shirt, she said: "No, I'm 26, it changed according to age. (C-cup?) Won't talk about it, normal, but definitely not E or G."

In addition, Theresa exposed the choreographer required her to watch porn to learn sexy expressions and facial emotions. She said: "He said I'm not sexy enough. (Will watch it together?) no, I'll try hard to study it." Once criticized for singing out of tune, Theresa said she's prepared: "I'll accept criticism, now I'm trying even harder to dance and sing."

Richie Ren Doesn't Want To Be Troubled, Prefers Low-Key Marriage

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
Richie Ren and girlfriend Tina have two children and they're always asked about marriage. Richie accepted an interview lately in Taiwan and said his daughter is 5-years-old, why people are still asking this question? Anyways they already have children, let him walk in his pace and talk about it after a while.

He said earlier when he attend to friends' wedding, he felt very troublesome, so it's good to invite friends in private and low-key. But he has friends in Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, in order to prevent missing anyone, he said he will try his best, but still doesn't have a schedule.

Alicia Keys Is Pregnant!

From People
Talk about music to your ears! Not only are private power couple Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz engaged to be married, they are having a baby.

The announcement comes after the two, together since fall 2008, attended Thursday night's Black Ball in London, which benefits Keys's Keep a Child Alive charity.

"They're very happy," says a friend of the couple, while reps confirm to PEOPLE the nuptials will take place "in a private ceremony later this year."

Rapper Swizz Beatz (real name: Kasseem Dean), 31, has produced music for Keys, 29, and worked with artists including Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani.

It will be the first marriage for Grammy-winner Keys – and their first child together. Swizz Beatz is father to Kasseem Jr., 3, and son Prince Nasir, 9, both from previous relationships.


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