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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Raymond Lam has to pay about a million for tax

Raymond Lam, who just returned from Shanghai, attended to a Christmas event held in Ma On Shan yesterday. He disclosed he will go to the US next week. After that he will hold a mini concert in Malaysia. Asked whether his income this year is more than last year, he said, “Definitely, also I have to pay more tax this year. It’s almost the doubled of last year, about one million.”

[Mingpao, K]

Prudence Liew shows off lace bra

Prudence Liew appeared at 善心滿載仁愛堂 with a deep-v dress, showing off a sexy black lace bra. She became the center of attention, beating all the young singers. She said, “I don’t know who designed this dress. But only matching like this [with the bra] will look pretty.” Asked why she didn’t go braless, she said she couldn’t accept it. Said she won over the young female singers, she laughed and said, “I’m not afraid of cold weather. The temperature in San Francisco is around the same, about 10 degrees Celsius.” Reporters also found her boyfriend was waiting outside the studio.

[Mingpao, K]

Lollipop hope to have ‘disband show’ in Taipei Arena

Lollipop’s manager, Andy, will start a new company and he picked only Wang Zi/Prince and Xiao Jie/Liljay from Lollipop. The other four members will sign Golden Typhoon. The group went to Hong Kong for a Christmas lightening ceremony, missing out Xiao Jie due to a passport conflict. Asked Wang Zi why Andy signs only him and Xiao Jie to the new company, he said, “I didn’t ask him anything. Maybe we all have different directions; some want to host or some want to film.” William then assured fans Lollipop won’t disband and it won’t affect the upcoming concerts in Guangzhou and Beijing in December. Asked whether the concert in Beijing will be the last show, Xiao Yu/Fabien answered, “Hope the last stop will be at Taipei Arena.”

In addition, Owodog was praised for speaking Cantonese better than other members. Asked whether he was taught by rumored girlfriend, Theresa Fu, his face changed and said, “We are only good friends. There are many inaccurate reports and we are impossible to be in a relationship.” As for Theresa’s contract lawsuit with Golden Typhoon, he expressed he might call or MSN her about it. William next to him immediately said Owodog’s MSN status is always “Appear Offline”. (To avoid Theresa purposely?) “No.”

[Singtao, K]


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